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Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto

Comrades, the Red Army is here!

Order of Battle: Red Star, the first expansion of a planned trilogy covering the full extent of WWII from the Soviet point of view, has just been released! Get it now and join the Soviet corps!


There's more! Thanks to a special sale starting today at 6 pm BST and ending on August 15th, you have the opportunity to get all the previous DLCs of Order Of Battle discounted for 50%, get them while you can!

Do you want to see Red Star in action? Then don’t miss Gamer 1745 playing today at 7 pm BST on our official Twitch Channel!

Order of Battle: World War II - Sharon

The Soviet Army is approaching.

Order of Battle: Red Star, the first expansion of a planned trilogy covering the full extent of WWII from the Soviet point of view, is coming on August 8th.

Be ready to command the Soviet Army through a new exciting theater of war! Red Star covers the battles of the Red Army in the years 1938-41.

Mark the date into your calendar and add Red Star to your wishlist!

Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto

Red Star is the new expansion for Order of Battle, introducing the Soviet Union as a playable faction for the first time.

Many Soviet units had already been introduced by the Winter War DLC, but of course Red Star brings it to a whole new level, adding brand new unique units for the Red Army!

Today we shall have a look at a few of these new units.

1. BT-7 A artillery tank

The fast BT-7 tank was produced in large numbers from 1935. While the standard version had a 45mm gun the specific BT-7 A variant was designed for artillery support, and equipped with a short barreled 76mm gun. Between 1936 and 1938 over 150 BT-7 A tanks were produced, and used against Japan, Finland and in the early stages of Operation Barbarossa 1941.

This provides the player with an reasonably armored self-propelled artillery unit that is much more mobile than the typical towed artillery systems of the Red Army at this point.

2. KV-1 m1940 heavy tank

The heavy tank KV-1 came too late for the Winter War, where only the prototype was tested. After a shorter series of the early m1939 version the KV-1 m1940 became the main production model, and was the most recent KV-1 version available in summer 1941.

While it was a well-armored tank that came as a nasty surprise for the Wehrmacht early KV-1 tanks had problems with poor visibilty and a weak transmission. Later the player can upgrade to improved models of this tank.

3. 76mm Su 1-12 gun truck

In the 1930ies the Soviet Union made massive efforts to mechanize the Red Army. Increasing numbers of tanks and motorized rifle troops required artillery units able to keep up in battle. An early attempt to solve this problem was to mount a 76mm m1927 howitzer on a GAZ-AAA truck. Produced in low numbers as Su 1-12 the weapon was used in combat against the Japanese. Most of these gun trucks were lost in 1941 though.

While armed with a 76mm gun like the BT-7 A this unit is cheaper, but also more vulnerable.

4. 122mm A-19 towed artillery

The Red Army has bigger calibers in its arsenal, but the long-barreled 122mm gun is still a highly effective gun, and was first used in combat in 1939. Later this type was also modifed for use in self-propelled guns, and finally developed into the D-25 gun used as main armament of the heavy IS-2 tank.

Players now have a choice to use heavier Soviet artillery that packs a bigger punch, or the A-19 gun, which has a better firing range.

5. Komintern prime mover artillery tractor

The Komintern artillery tractor was developed from the unsuccessful T-12 and T-24 tank designs to tow heavier types of artillery. Over 2000 of these were produced from 1935-1941. The rather heavy vehicle is slow and vulnerable, but being fully tracked it can actually perform better in bad weather and heavy terrain than wheeled trucks.

6. GAZ AAA truck with Quadruple Maxim MG anti-air mount

The Maxim MG m1910 was the typical heavy MG used in Russia during World War I, in the Civil War and in World War II. Additionally to the infantry version, aircraft-mounted and naval variants were developed. In the early 1930ies GAZ trucks were equipped with a quadruple mount of Maxims to provide an early self-propelled anti-air weapon, which was not overly effective, but at least it can provide some cover against air attacks.

7. GAZ MM truck with 25mm anti-air gun 72K

The light AA weapon was used as towed gun from 1940, but later mounted on a GAZ MM truck to get a self propelled version. Heavier towed Soviet anti-air guns were certainly more capable, but less useful in mobile warfare. As the player may find himself struggling with substantial Luftwaffe air operations in 1941 this unit may help him to protect his tanks.

8. Neman R-10 light bomber

Developed as KhAI-5 the aircraft entered service in 1937 as R-10 for use as light bomber and as reconnaissance plane. Ca. 500 aircraft have been produced. The R-10 has been used first in the border battles vs. Japan. Although outdated the R-10 was still in service in summer 1941, and flew combat missions beyond 1942.

This is the first Soviet tactical bomber available for purchase in this game.

9. Suchoi Su-2 light bomber

This more modern light bomber entered service in december 1939 and was build in over 900 pieces. When war broke out against Germany the more capable Il-2 had just entered service, and pilots and groud crews were rather inexperienced to operate the new plane, so the Su-2 still had an important role to fill. The Su-2 suffered heavily in combat 1941 and was increasingly replaced by the IL-2 from 1942.

10. Guards Infantry

Soviet Guards units were established after the costly, but successful Yelnya Offensive in september 1941. In Red Star those guards units are not simply purchased, instead the player can upgrade his experienced infantry units to more capable guards infantry units once he unlocked the required specialisation.

There are but a few of the new units coming with Red Star!
Let us know what you think on the forum!

Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto

Order of Battle fans, rejoice!

We have news that will surely interest you.

At the end of this week on Friday July 26 at 7 pm BST we will host a special preview stream on our Twitch channel featuring the new DLC of Order of Battle: Red Star!

Gamer 1745 will be leading the Red Army on the final attack against the Japanese at Kalkhin Gol in August 1939. Don't miss it!

Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto

Order of Battle: Red Star brings the Red Army as a playable force for the first time in the Order of Battle saga.

It covers the first years of combat of the Soviet Union, starting from the border clashes against Japan, then moving on to the Winter War in Finland. Then it will be the time to face the German aggression and defend the Motherland!

Today we're going to have a look at a few chosen scenarios from the new DLC.

Battles of Khalkhin Gol (scenario #2 and #3)

In 1939 Japan and Soviet Russia clashed in a conflict at the Khalkhin Gol river near the border between Mongolia and Manchuria, which escalated from early skirmishes in May to large military operations in summer.

In the second scenario the player needs to stop the main Japanese attacks in early July 1939. The IJA launched a determined strike with armored support against Soviet positions on the east banks of the Khalkhin Gol and additionally tried to cross the river in the northern sector of the battlefield to defeat Soviet defences behind the river line.

The player's core force needs to prevent the enemy from crossing the river while ensuring his comrades at the east banks do not get completey overrun by Japanese tanks.

In the third the player leads the decisive Soviet counterstrike in late August 1939 to finally defeat the Japanese. After the main Japanese attack had been defeated the Soviet side amassed significant armored forces to turn the tables. Attacking in two pincers at the flanks of the enemy the Red Army managed to encircle and subsequenly annihilate much of the Japanese force.

They are rarely portrayed battles in wargaming. They were fought with quite atypical equipment for the late 1930s from fast BT tanks to I-16 monoplane fighters, I-153 biplane fighters on the Soviet side and Type 89 and Type 95 tanks for Japan, as well as Ki-10 and Ki-27 fighters.

The 2nd Battle of Summa 1940 (scenario #7)

As many people know the Winter War vs. Finland did not went well for the Red Army initially. The Finns achieved several victories against superior Red Army formations, and were able to hold back the Soviet advance at the Mannerheim Line in Karelia.

Summa was the most fortified part of the line since it guarded the road to the important city of Viipuri. The Soviet 7th Army assaulted Summa in December 1939, but the attack was completely defeated.

Now in February 1940, still in harsh winter conditions, the player has to achieve a full breakthrough in a second attempt, while also taking key spots in the wider area around Summa to protect his flanks. But an assault against a line of fortifications backed up by artillery and mobile infantry may prove rather costly, even when the Soviet side is enjoying numerical superiority...

Battle of Raseiniai (scenario #9)

The first battle vs. Germany takes place right at the beginning of Operation Barbarossa in June 1941. As part of Army Group North the German 4th Panzer Group advances from East Prussia into Lithuania and clashes with two Soviet Mechanized Corps. This results in a large tank battle with almost 1000 tanks involved, over 700 of them Soviet.

While the battle ended in a German success historically the player has to hold off the enemy onslaught for some time at least. That is certainly no easy task, as he has to confront experienced enemy armor supported by effective Luftwaffe units.

To make matters worse many Red Army units at this point are still fielding outdated equipment and may suffer heavy casualties, so the player needs to ensure at least his own core forces are upgraded as good as possible to make a difference. This scenario is certainly one of the most challenging battles in this campaign.

Battle of Yelnya (scenario #11)

Following defensive action in the region of Smolensk the Red Army launched its first planned offensive of the war against Yelnya in late August 1941.

The Yelnya salient was a potential staging ground for further German attacks, and retaking this area was seen as crucial to slow down the German drive on Moscow. The Soviet operation succeed and retook Yelnya temporarily, albeit only after heavy losses.

This operation also led to the creation of Soviet Guards units, which can be activated later once the player unlocked a specific "Guards Infantry" specialisation.

The scenario puts the player into the offensive again after several defensive battles. But while the battlefield is rather limited and the enemy has no large armored force at his disposal driving well dug-in German forces from their postions around Yelnya needs coordinated attacks using tanks and infantry with substantial aerial and artillery support.

Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto
Set in a new theater of war, the new expansion for Order of Battle: World War II puts the player in charge of the Soviet army for the first time.

Red Star covers the battles of the Red Army in the years 1938-41.

The campaign starts with the Battle of Lake Khasan (July 29, 1938 – August 11, 1938), the attempted military incursion by the Japanese from Manchukuo, into territory claimed by the Soviet Union. It continues with the conflict of Khalkhin Gol, the decisive battle of the undeclared Soviet-Japanese Border War. Repel the Japanese and expel them from Mongolia!

Then, get transferred to Europe and participate in the Soviet invasion of Poland (as result of the so-called non-aggression pact with Germany). and win the Finnish forces moving your steps in the gelid Winter War!

The last stage of the DLC from summer 1941 deals with the German invasion of the USSR and ends with the battle of Moscow in Dec. 1941.

This expansion is the first of a planned trilogy covering the full extent of WWII from the Soviet point of view. Much like in the Weltkrieg trilogy you will be able to carry over your forces from one campaign to the next, so expect to be able to continue the fight!

Order of Battle: Red Star is due to release this summer on PC, Mac and Steam. We will be releasing more information on the DLC in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

We are currently looking for beta testers willing to provide us with feedback and criticism on the new campaign. If you would like to take part in it, please sign up here!

Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto
The Order of Battle developers, the Artistocrats, have been working on a new expansion!

As usual it contains a brand new campaign, new units and new specializations, and it features an unexplored point of view to WW2 in the Order of Battle saga.

They are looking for willing beta testers, so if you'd like to take part in it, look no further and click here.

And let the speculation begin on what the expansion will be about!
Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto
That's right! You might have heard this already but now it's official: Order of Battle is coming to console.

After three years and a half of development, Order of Battle is currently one of the biggest wargames available: thousands of unique units, hundreds of scenarios, many different playable factions, the ability to fight on many fronts of WW2, from the Pacific Ocean to Russia, from Finland to Burma.

We are glad to be able to port this huge game to console. It will be the first wargame of this kind available on console, and it will sport a brand new UI adapted to console gaming.

Order of Battle: World War II will be released on console as a premium game, containing the base game plus all contents from the U.S. Pacific DLC. All other DLCs will be released at the same time as the base game, for a truly staggering amount of content!

Order of Battle: World War II will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this spring. Stay tuned for more information!
Order of Battle: World War II - Alberto

The latest expansion for the Order of Battle saga is out!

Endsieg brings you to the last two frantic years of war, where you will fight on the German side.

The expansion is the third of a trilogy: you started the war in Blitzkrieg, and then fought against the Russian bear in Panzerkrieg. Now you can carry-over your core force to a new campaign and finish what you started.

It wlll be a desperate struggle to contain the Soviet advance in the east as well as the Allied offensive in the west, and you will need all your leadership and planning skill if you want to hold on your conquests.

Endsieg features a 16 scenarios long branching campaign - get ready for a few surprises! Will you be able to change history? It is a real must-have for all Order of Battle fans, also introducing new specialization options for Germany as well as over sixty new unit types!

Endsieg will be featured in today's stream by none other than general Agrippa Maxentius. Tune in at 6 pm GMT on our Twitch channel and stay with us!

Order of Battle: World War II - SlithFox
The time to reverse the tide is approaching. Endsieg, the latest chapter in the Order of Battle series featuring the tremendous last years of WWII, will be released next week.

On November 13th you will have the chance to relive the massive military operations – in the West as in the East - that ultimately crushed the Third Reich. Or, you can try to fight back with tooth and nails playing on the German side and, with the use of the long-awaited Hitler’s final weapons, break the Allied frontlines and repel them from the Fatherland!

If you are eager to see Endsieg in action, don’t miss our Preview Stream today at 6 pm GMT – 1 PM EST – 10 AM PST


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