Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle - Göksan
Hentai Jigsaw Puzzle 2 is coming soon on the 8th day of November 2019!
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Here are some important updates in the new Hentai Jigsaw Puzzle game:
- Much better Japanese commentator and subtitle support for 13 languages
- Timer and references are now optional
- Various background images
- 20 new girls with 3 nudity modes: dressed / half-naked / naked (60 puzzles in total!)
- No more stars, now there is a score system and a Steam leaderboard

We really hope you people like and enjoy it!
Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle - Diver
Our 1v1 and 2v2 local multiplayer volleyball game is coming soon! Wishlist now!
Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle - Diver
Overall brightness is increased as a quick solution. We will add a brightness bar to enable players manage their own settings soon.
Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle - Diver
Several background colors added for providing better contrast with various puzzles.
Dark Fantasy 2: Jigsaw Puzzle - Diver
We are happy to announce that the game is ready and released!

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