Indie Game: The Movie - Indie Game: The Movie
Hi Everyone,

We are super excited to announce something we’ve been working on for quite awhile now: Indie Game: The Movie - The Special Edition.

You can read all about it here on our site.

Releasing July 24th, the IGTM Special Edition is an anthology collection of completely new material. It is the ultimate version of Indie Game: The Movie.

Through the Special Edition, find out what happened after, discover new stories & developers and dive deeper into the film than you ever could before.

Steam DLC

The Special Edition will be available as DLC on Steam for $5. It will feature...

- 100+ minutes of new short films.
- Epilogues & ‘What Happened After?’
- New Team Meat Commentary (on the short film anthology)
- New Directors Commentary
- Available tomorrow!

Limited Edition Three Disc Box Set

There is also a box set version that contains an extra 300+ minutes of new material. It contains everything in the Steam DLC version plus much more.

Barely fitting into three full DVDs or Blu-Rays, the Special Edition Box Set is housed in limited edition packaging with artwork by Edmund McMillen.

It is a limited edition release, read all about it here and available here if you're interested.

The Special Edition is something that we are very proud of and excited for. Personally, it represents the end of a life-changing, 3-year odyssey with this film, and is likely our final word on Indie Game: The Movie.

We worked really hard on it to make it worth the wait and worth the support that you all have given the film over this time.

We hope you like it.


Lisanne & James

p.s. Oh! And tell a Friend! :)

Indie Game: The Movie - Indie Game: The Movie
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that IGTM is taking part in the Steam Summer Sale. Obviously a ton of great games to pick up, but if your interested in owning IGTM or possibly gifting it to a friend, now's a perfect time.

INDIE GAME THE MOVIE is currently only $2.99 (70%off)

While you're shopping, you may be also be interested in...

Super Meat Boy 50% off
Braid 50% off


FEZ - not currently on sale, but might be worth keeping an eye on...


-James & Lisanne
Indie Game: The Movie - Indie Game: The Movie
Hey Everyone,

Game Informer recently caught up with the subjects and creators of IGTM to see what they're up to and what their lives are like post-film.

It's quite odd to think the film can be spoken about in a retrospective-ish terms, but it's an interesting read. You might want to check it out...

Where Are They Now?

And if you're interested in more follow up & extra content, keep watching this space. We have some announcements/updates coming soon.


Indie Game: The Movie - Indie Game: The Movie
Hey Guys,

I'm sure you definitely heard by now, but just in case you missed it:

FEZ is out on PC and is available on Steam

Check it out here!


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