Late'O'Clock - SleepyDawg
The game Late'O'Clock is now released and free for you to play on steam. The game comes equiped with 15 levels with 3 star challeneges to complete in each one. Though this is considered our release of the game I plan on updating the game soon and fixing as many of the known issues as I can, listed below. I'll also be looking into how to add steam achievements for those achievement-hunters such as myself. All in all this has been a great first experience creating this game with my team and releasing it professionally afterward, and we appreciate the support and feedback you all give us going forward.

Known Issues:
-Music in Trophy room and Credits is loud and is not sync'd with the volume in settings, brace yourself.
-Coin Toss is a little loud and is not sync'd witht the volume in the settings.
-Sometimes the "Game-Over" screen stays visable after restarting from a checkpoint. This can be fixed by pressing the checkpoint button again.
-Collecting more trophies than the maxium in a level turns off the Star challenge icon in the UI, but do not worry as you did complete it and it will save.
-Potiential freeze is known to happen at the start of "Level 13".
-"Level 9" checkpoints might bug on occasion and prevent the player from moving.

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