Play With Me - Airem
I'm working on the next update. If you have any problems with the game send me message (forum or email

Play With Me - Airem

The new version (1.38.53) is available on Steam:

- Fixed problem with mouse (ALT + TAB)
- Fixed problem with inventory (icon)
- Fixed Polish localization (text, dubbing)
- Added new hints
- Fixed screen options

* Linux (32/64 bit) and Mac will be updated tomorrow or day after tomorrow
Play With Me - Airem

Thanks for your help and feedback! If you have a problem with the game, let me know (forum or email
Play With Me - Airem

I have updated the engine, so if you have problem please report to me ( or forum Thanks!!!

+ Fixed Belarusian localization (thanks Aliaksandr "" Haradzetski)
+ Added gamepad vibrations
+ Engine update (better performance, more stable etc.)
+ Mac achievements / Steam overlays have been repaired *
+ Speed up ​​scrolling of objects (inventory)
+ Fixed a small problem with custom loading (music issue)
+ Fixed a small spoiler problem (Jail room)
+ SPOILER turned off for room 14 (secret)
+ Fixed problem with papers/notes drag (position)
+ Added shortcut to turn on / off the flashlight for the gamepad (L1 / LB)
+ Added shortcut for "quests", for gamepad (LT / L2)
+ You can exit from computer using B/O button
+ Gamepad fixes (mouse icon / cursor, etc.)
+ Gamepad improvements
+ From now on you can press the Y / Triangle BUTTON to delete the assigned numbers (before you had to press the REMOVE button)
+ Improved matches for gamepad
+ Battery position fixed (Boiler room)
+ Other fixes

* Mac will be updated in 1-3 days
Play With Me - Airem


- Belarusian location fix
- Gamepad fix + vibration
- Engine update (better performacne low-end etc.)
- Other fixes
Play With Me - Airem

In version 1.36.48 I added a "spoiler" (because you want

I received some messages from players that it is a bug... because SPOILER shows the password for a computer, chest, door etc., this is not a bug.

This is help for players if they get stuck somewhere (small fonts etc.).

Can I turn off the spoiler?
You can turn off the spoiler during the game, press ESC -> menu -> game -> choose difficulty to normal or choose TORTURE OF MIND before starting the game (if available, you have to finish the game).

I recommend completing the game on a normal level and then choose the "Torture of mind" mode. The new game is always different (puzzles are random, the position of objects, animations, etc. and the game has 5 endings + 1 hidden)
Play With Me - Airem

BIG THANKS for translation to Aliaksandr "" Haradzetski!!! To change language go to menu -> options -> game -> language (use arrows to change) and go to menu -> audio -> subtitles (use arrows to change).

More info about update here:
Play With Me - Airem

If you want to help, send me a message to I will give you more information. Thanks.
Play With Me - 'MC' Francis Beckham PL ㋡ ☂

The Steam Cloud service is now enabled. If you have a problem, send me a message
Play With Me - 'MC' Francis Beckham PL ㋡ ☂

- Play with Me is now available for MAC
- Fixed desktop icons (Linux / Mac / Windows)
- Gamepad problem (some devices) fixed
- Some new hints have been added
- Random item position fixed (room 15)
- Improved font size (note, room 5)
- Added a new option in the "statistics" (menu), press the SPACEBAR to see the endings
- Engine update
- Fixed window flicker (window mode - Windows 7 32 bit)
- Fixed one achievement (some players had problems)
- New secrets have been added
- Steam store website update (new trailers, etc.)
- Other fixes

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