Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
This winter on Soma brings and early present for everyone:

Two brand new prophet classes to unlock and play! And of course these come with a set of brand new leader cards. And then there's a host of other tweaks and changes to the cards and game! Read on to find out more!

The Seer
Quiet and introspective, the seer has the talent of sight. A seer can glance through space and time to stay one step ahead. A gift and a burden at once.

Mechanically the Seer's give of sight is done with Locate. Locate is a brand new mechanic that allows you to select a card from up to three presented to you. By default these cards are pulled from your deck and allow you to get what you need, when you need it.

Precognition is a simple card that allows you to locate a card from among your next three leader cards.

However the Seer also has a more sinister mechanic: Sacrifice. By sacrificing your own units (which will not wound them) you can get even more value out of your people.

Eye for an Eye, which was changed in this update, is one such card. By sacrificing one of your followers you can destroy a random enemy follower. This can set up quite favorable traits, if you manage to control the battlefield enough.

To unlock the Seer, all you need to do is meet the hermit Shree Kha in his cave and get him to join you.

The Spider
A friend to machines, the spider has mastered speaking to the things made of metal. This makes him an excellent ally, if a tad unpredictable.

The spider is a strange recluse that works well with the machines of Soma. He combines well with the drone keyword followers.

Crash Protocol which was updated and now buffs a drone for +2/+0 and makes it fight against a random enemy target. That's great for just one Energy but since the drones are unpredictable, you can never know what it'll go up against.

This unpredictability also makes his way into the Spider's mind and actions. Many of his effects have random targets and effects, like:

Mind Shredder, which deals 2 damage to a random unit. And it does that for a total of 8 times. Note that it is truly random and might hit your units as well!

To unlock the Spider you need to leave a follower behind at the fallen star's sibling.

Class tweaks
Apart from that a number of the other classes got slight tweaks to their starting decks and level up cards. Here's some of those:

No big changes necessary
• Legendary: Replacing Bury with Bold Strike (was an Echo card)

Strengthening the debuff (-x/-x) presence in the echo's cards
• Common: Replacing Quick Reflexes with Infect
• Rare: Replacing Crippling Strike (was Mind Break)

Improving the Stun combos in Echo
• Rare: Point Blank replaced by Slash
• Rare: Slam adjusted to kill targets if they are already wounded
• Legendary: Bold Strike replaced by Stun Symbol

Starting Deck more in line with changes
• Blackout changed to Infect
• Mind Seize replaced by Slice
• Slash replaced by Choking Fog

No big changes ncessary
• Legendary: Coordinated Tactics replaced by new card Loyalty Shift

Starting deck adjusted to strengthen discard
• Infect replaced by Bolder
• Rally replaced by Riot (changed to sometimes force discard)

Strengthened control through mass damage cards
• Rare: Unstable Weaponry replaced by Mind Seize
• Legendary: Battlefield Trance replaced by Mind Break

Starting deck adjusted accordingly
• Blessed Strength replaced by Static Charge
• Decoy replaced by Guard
• Unstable Weaponry replaced by Secure
• White Noise replaced by Mind Seize

The small stuff
And here's the various smaller changes, taken straight from the changelog:

Tweaking leader cards
• A number of leader cards were changed and twewaked to harmonize with the new classes
• Riot: Now discards and draws cards
• Eye for an Eye: Ssacrifice a follower to destroy a random enemy follower
• Desperate Action: Only does two damage and draws a leader c ard
• Heavy Slug: No longer draws a leader card for the enemy
• Juggernaut: Now refreshes the target
• Crash Protocol: Targeted drone now fights a random enemy target
• All sacrifice effects now no longer deal a wound

More stats tracking
• A larger number of interesting gameplay stats are now being tracked by the game
• Your current and overall stats are now be visible in the collections stats and cargo screens

• Reduced requirements for convoy perk unlocks to 20 fights (was 50), 5 milestones (was 15) and 8 bosses (was 25)
• All classes had their level up and starting decks tweaked slightly
• Feral Guide to 5/3 (was 6/3)
• The Tempest to 6/7 (was 6/6)
• Hired Gun to 3/4 (was 4/3)
• Sweeper to 5/4 (was 5/3)
• Chatri Matriarch to 5/5 (was 5/4)
• Rabid Lizard to 3/5 (was 3/4)
• Reclycer to 4/6 (was 6/4)
• Berserker to 4/4 (was 3/3)
• Caste Overseer to 5/7 (was 6/6)
• Matyr reduced to 4-cost 4/3 (was 5-cost 5/3)
• Company Agent reduced to 4 5-cost 4/5 (was 6-cost 4/7)
• Anointed inquisitor reduced to 7-cost and 3/8 (was 8-cost 7/6)
• Strategist reduced to 4-cost 2/2 and gained Stealth (was 7-cost 7/7)
• Shadow to 2/3 and gained Stealth (was 5/3)
• Lumbering Chambal to 3/6 (was 2/6) but only gains +3/+0 on Fury (was +4/+0)
• Savage Aibhana gained Brawl
• Protector now adds armor on revenge
• Deceiver now steals followers permanently
• Siege Breaker was set to rare by mistake, has been corrected to legendary

• Fixing a large number typos in UI text and events (Thanks to Ophidian for the event checks and everyone for the reports!)
• Can now click on the deck piles to look into the decks (only your own) and discard piles (all)

• Tea luxury item now heals properly again
• Ruster Lifter now heals over his starting HP again
• AI can now properly play Brawl followers
• Removed a few erroneous Attack tags from cards
• Can no longer spend two Focus points on one card by double clicking
• Wild shot can now also target obstacles as intended
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
Alright everyone! It's time for another update. This is all about the Steam support. The cloud, the cards and some other changes!

This update finally enables steam cloud support. This means your save files will be saved on Steam's servers and you can synchronize your data between different machines. Now you're able to continue your run from one machine, and your overall progress will also carry over.

Since this had not been enabled previously you might get a "conflict" popup the first time you run on your second machine. Steam will ask you whether you want to use your current cloud date or whether to overwrite it with the local machine.

It is recommended that you keep the save files from the machine that has more overall progress. Runs can be restarted more easily than unlocks can be regained. So if you choose something in that popup make sure you're picking the right option!

Also, if you had steam running during this update you might have to close and restart the steam client for it to work properly!

And alongside the cloud we'll have some cards. The Nowhere Prophet trading card content contains 6 badges, with a total of 7 collectible cards, 8 unlockable backgrounds and 9 steam emoticons!

Here's some previews of the content!

And lastly there's some minor changes to the game, mostly some interface and balance tweaks and some small bugfixes.


• Reduced required days for the wilderness wanderer achievement from 14.600 to 7.300
• Crippling Strike tweaked to deal -2/-1 and -4/-2 respectively (was -2/-0 and -4/-0)
• Slight tweak to available follower factions in recruiting locations
• Increased battery gains on Doomed (now equal to Burdened difficulty)

• Updating French translation in parts
• Added bomb visual FX to Crash Geneer (replacing Knife)
• Added changes to save game system to prepare for Steam Cloud Build

• Fixing an issue with an option within the tower event of the botanical dome location
• Brigand description now correctly says (4/2) in all languages
• AI now better handles enemy obstacles with Taunt
• Time descriptions in options menu now update when language is changed

Aaand that's it for today!

- Martin
Nowhere Prophet - TinyPixxels
The Steam Awards are here, and what better time to look back at the amazing year Nowhere Prophet has had! From a wonderful beta-run through to all the new updates (with one right around the corner) we've had a tremendously busy year, and we couldn't have done any of it without you!

This Awards season, we needed to pick an award to suggest to you, and right from the very start, you've always talked about how much style the game has. Every card, leader and effect is brimming with it, and you've made sure we know which have been your favourites along the way! There's no better feeling than sharing some content only to have folks enthuse about it, so that's the category we've gone for!

Of course, it hasn't only been your favourites you've talked about all year. Your feedback from first-access through to the latest updates has been crucial to making Nowhere Prophet the game it is today - you've talked through strategies, posted videos and constructed essays(!!) that have helped us build and grow, and for that, we cannot thank you enough.

We were especially glad that so many of you joined us during the Discord meta-game, and crossed Soma with us on the run-up to the game's launch. Some of you were even lucky enough to be entered into some of the game's events, and created some new cards and convoys, which was an amazing experience to be a part of! We're always in awe of how passionate folks are at launch time, and this was no different!

We're constantly floored by your energy and enthusiasm for Nowhere Prophet, and undoubtedly we're carrying that forward with us to a bright future - we've got an update for you that's JUST around the corner as well as some other secrets and topics that we're actively investigating, so there's plenty more to come - We hope you love them as much as we do!

Thank you for an amazing year, it's been wonderful travelling with you <3

Martin, Mike, Dan, Arwyn & Pip xoxo

Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
It's time for the cloud!

I've finally had time to step back and take a look at Steam Cloud Saves and I managed to get it to work. That's the good news.

The bad news is that it requires some changes to the save game system.

But any tweaks to the save system are dangerous business. Your progress is important and should never be lost or deleted by the game. This is - in my opinion - one of the biggest sins a game can make. That's why I tested these changes on Windows, OS X and Linux and found them to work.

However this is something I want to handle with care so I will first roll out these changes in PREVIEW. If you are playing in PREVIEW and want to be extra careful, do make a backup of your save game files before you launch the updated game.

You can find your save files here:
  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Sharkbomb Studios/Nowhere Prophet/
  • OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sharkbomb Studios/Nowhere Prophet/
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Sharkbomb Studios/Nowhere Prophet/

Also note that this does NOT enable cloud save. It is simply the changes made in preparation for steam remote storage.

Also, if you've played in the PREVIEW branch without any strange or unusual behavior, then please do let me know, preferably via Discord! The more people tell me it works the sooner I can roll it out to everyone and enable cloud syncing!

The Nitty Gritty
If you're interested in the behind the scenes code stuff, here's what I had to change and why:

There's two types of Steam Cloud: Automatic and Manual. Manual cloud gives me more control but also needs to put the save files in a folder relative to Steam. That's a problem because we already have a save file elsewhere. So either we convert all files with a lot of work or we keep two sets of save games at all times which is unreasonably finicky.

Automatic cloud on the other hand works great, but it has the issue that it only downloads files to your local drive, it never deletes them, even if the game did so. So if you play, some files got deleted. It syncs to the cloud. You play on your other system, it syncs but the last version of those deleted files still exists on this machine. That causes trouble.

As it stands the game deletes the save for your current run when it's over and it checks for deleted files to see if you have an active run. That's obviously not playing well with Steam Auto Cloud.

So the change I made is that on Steam it doesn't delete the files but instead overwrites them with very simple files that only contain one letter ("X") and then not only checks for missing files but, even if there is a file it makes sure that if it contains only "X" that it's considered to be nonexistent for the purposes of the Main Menu "continue" button and other things.

This change is to the game itself. However "enabling auto cloud" is a steam-wide feature that is either disabled, enabled for developers or enabled for everyone. But before I can enable it for everyone without causing deleted-file weirdness, everyone needs to have a build with the save game changes. And that needs to be tested first. It was tested internally and is now moved to Preview testing before it rolls out to everyone.

And then finally, can I enable cloud saves.

And that's the full story.

- Martin

Oh, and by the way: If you've read this far and haven't yet written a Steam Review, I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to do so now! Reviews are very important to Nowhere Prophet being visible on Steam and thus to the game's sales!
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
I've been busy working on this update for a while. Some of you might have played around with it in the PREVIEW branch but I finally have all the artwork here and in place so it's time to roll this out to everyone!

So, what's in it?

Fancy New Followers
This is the big one! Over 40 new units have been added to the game. Four for each faction (1 common, 2 rares, 1 legendary) plus two unique spawnables....

And just in time for halloween, some of these boys, girls, beasts and drones are of the creepy and spooky variety! Check out the thornhide skulker, a massive spider-like creature sporting a carapace reinforced with razor sharp quills. Or the wretched sadhu, a cultist that prowls burial grounds and wears the ashes of the cremated as decoration. And then there's the pious feeder. The devoted caretaker of his horrific master, the accumulator drone! This tentacled monstrosity consumes biomass of the living and the dead to steadily grow in strength, size and ferocity.

The goal was to add a set of units that enable and improve a number of different deck builds and playstyles. Give them a whirl and see what you can come up with!

New Keyword: Brawl
Brawl says: If this unit enters battle in a position from which it can attack, then it will fight the first target in the opposing row.

This is a pretty useful keyword, especially if you're behind in terms of board control. It's not quite as powerful as Charge, that lets you decide who to attack. And Brawl doesn't allow you to attack the leader, but it is very useful to set up some quick trades or get in that extra blow to break the enemies hold on the battlefield.

If you check out the new units you will see that it is very present with the Hilltribes, the Beasts and the Cultists.

New Keyword: Stoic
Our second new keyword is Stoic. It reads: If a unit with stoic is destroyed it suffers no wound.

This is great to create some more resilient units, make more judicious use of Revenge effect and to mitigate some of that damage you take in slower strategies and builds.

Note that no unit has unconditional Stoic in all cases, but there are a few units that gain (or lose) Stoic under certain conditions. And there's a few ways to bestow Stoic upon units otherwise.

Stoic can be found primarily on Union soldiers, lepers, Shiram crusaders and drones.

Recover Your Remains
Another big new feature is the ability to discover and salvage the remains of your previous run. If you played a campaign game and died, then some of your followers and items can be recovered on your next campaign run.

More will remain based on how far you made it and what you were using in your deck when you met you grisly end.

Can you make it to the quest node and recover some of what you lost?

The Big Balancing
A number of elements of the game were improved and rebalanced. Chiefly among them the enemy decks:

On lower levels enemy decks are less synergistic and they increase in strength more evenly as their level increases. Also some new cards have been added to the game and to the leaders to provide interesting threats that the player can play around. Watch out for traps, mines, automated weaponry and the occasional well-aimed boulder!

Besides enemies the cost of travel was also tweaked. General costs have been increased a tad across the board, while hope gain from luxury items has been reduced a tad. To make up for that reaching a milestone now grants a sizeable hope boost.

This makes for more focused and interesting decisions when it comes to travel without making travel to the next milestone harder. Together with that the chance for fights on the road has been dramatically reduced. Both these factors also help keep the length of sessions a bit more focused.

And lastly the chances for enemy surrenders were tweaked to make it a lot more manageable to force enemies into surrender if you can control the battlefield. This should make getting some of these unlocks a lot easier.

The Small Stuff
Of course there's also a lot of smaller changes to cards and effects. See the changelog for the full list but here's some of the more interesting tweaks:

The maximum size of the convoy deck was reduced to 24 cards (from 30). This change was made because 30 cards is usually an inefficient deck. Most fights can be won with a 10-15 card deck, only on long matches against bosses will you need more. To help players build a tad more effective and consistent decks the maximum was reduced. If you continue a game where you exceed this new maximum, then you will only be able to remove cards until you are below the new maximum.

The essential charge units (Cultist and Janwar Bear) were both tweaked down a tad by having their Strength reduced by 1 (to 2/2 and 4/2 respectively). This gets them a bit more in line with the other units while still keeping them strong and useful.

And that's it for this update! If you have any thoughts and feedback on the changes, please join the Nowhere Prophet Discord and let me know!

And now: Have fun!

- Martin
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
Hey everyone! It's been a quiet few weeks over here as I've been hard at work at the next big update for the game! This one coming with new cards, new features and lots of other tweaks.

Contribute in the Discord!
It not only took some time to build but was then extensively tested and refined in beta. This was only possible thanks to the help, testing and feedback of the Nowhere Prophet Discord members.

If you are interested in contributing to the further development of the game (and in playing early beta versions of updates), do join the Discord!

Specifically I'll soon be asking around for cool "entry lines" for the new legendary followers in this update. If you want to contribute, the Discord is the way to go! And even beyond this update, I'm already thinking about and discussing the next things (new class!) in there, so do join in!

The Preview update
Before I get started, the usual preview disclaimer: This is a PREVIEW build and it is obviously not polished. There's bound to be temporary artwork, untranslated text and other rough edges. Do be aware of that.

That said, if you're interested you can simply go to your game's properties on Steam and select the PREVIEW from the betas dropdown. It has no password so you're free to give it a try!

Now, what's the update all about?
  • Making more playstyles and strategies viable/possible
  • Making the difficulty curve more smooth and fun
And how are we getting there? Here's the big changes:

New Followers

Check out this glorious temporary artwork!

This is the heart of it all: 40 brand new followers, for for each of the ten faction for a total of 10 commons, 20 rares and 10 legendary dudes. Some of them doing brand new things like partially healing your leader or making use of the brand new keywords!

Stoic: If a unit with stoic is destroyed it suffers no wound
Brawl: If this unit enters battle in a position from which it can attack, then it will fight the first target in the opposing row

There's also a few new leader cards to discover!

Convoy Recovery

The convoy recovery event on the map

A big new feature is the fact that if your run fails you can now find the remains of your convoy in the second run. It will be a quest visible on the first map. If you make it there you can try and win back some of your old followers and items!

There's much more to the update but since the list of changes has gotten so big I'll just leave it to you to read up on the details via the in game changelog!

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try! And let me know what you think!

And while I have you here: It'd be great if you could leave a review for the game if you haven't already. Plus if you have some time on your hands: it would be very helpful for people to find the game if you could use the Steam Store tags feature to apply the tags you think appropriate! Thanks so much!

And in the meantime I'll be busy getting this thing rounded out and polished so it can go live for everyone soon!

- Martin
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
I've sneakily updated the PREVIEW branch last week with the first half of this change (convoy decks only) but now, with everything done, I wanted to let you all know and hear your feedback!

So, I've spent a few days tweaking the enemy decks (both leader and convoy). My goal was to make enemies a little easier on the lower levels, making them easier overall on Chosen but without taking too much bite away on Burdened and Doomed.

To that end I built some new tools to better visualize enemy decks, and I improved the control I have over their deveopment across difficulties and levels a bit.

I've also added 5 brand new leader cards to the enemies: 3 constructs and 2 other cards. And you may find some enemy decks now playing hazards and other obstacles!

In any case:

I've just updated the PREVIEW branch on Steam that allows you to test out some changes. If you want to give it a try, simply right click on the game in your steam library, go to beta and select PREVIEW.

Please note that on the new cards and effects, the texts are only available in english and some artwork may be temporary. Also be aware that the addition of new cards may make the savegame of a run in PREVIEW incompatible with non PREVIEW versions!

Basically: Work in progress, pardon the dust :)
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to Soma! I've been pretty busy and a few things have been changed, improved and added for Version 1.02! I'm excited to talk about the big changes:

Custom Game Mode
This brand new game mode (and the six new modifiers) will allow you to play the game the way you want to. Want to start with more resources? Change the rules of attacking? Stop your followers from taking wounds? Or maybe you just want them to die instantly.

Simply select up to four modifiers to change your game! Note that some modifiers are mutually exclusive and can not be active at the same time.

And this game mode is available to all players for free. All you need to do is to unlock it. And how? Simply complete three games - you don't even need to win. If you've already completed that many games, just completing one more will trigger the unlock.

So, if you have the game mode unlocked, what are the new modifiers?

  • Diamond
    Followers destroyed in combat do not take wounds. Followers are more expensive and less common to compensate.
  • Chased
    You can not travel towards nodes that lay behind you.
  • Affluent
    Your journey starts with +200 batteries.
  • Cornucopia
    Your journey starts with +200 food.
  • Unwavering
    Your journey starts with +200 hope.
  • Cramped
    You always bring all followers in your convoy into combat. (You can still put some in your deck for priority healing and protection from the wilderness)
  • Sloth
    In combat your prophet acts second by default.

The Pioneers convoy
They follow the ideals of the Union, no longer its leaders. Solidarity, equality and liberty lead them on their search for a new home.

They have three unlockable perks, which you can see above, and one unique always-on fourth perk (similar to the Hermit):

Battlefield Engineering
Each side of the battlefield has at least one row filled with obstacles.

These obstacles are appropriate to the environment and make the battlefield tighter for both parties. This means that decks that work with a lot of cheap cards to try and flood the board have a bit of a problem. This also ensures that there's always obstacles to destroy if you have any synergistic effects...

So how can you get the Pioneers? When you're in Pit Nine, don't simply follow the instructions of the Agents mindlessly, maybe try to listen to the rebel cell and support their cause...

Six new leader cards
And lastly the new leader cards. These have been added to help round out some items and as a start to strengthen comeback mechanics and slower tactics, something I'm thinking about a lot.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the cards:

  • Decoy Phalanx
    Fill a row on your side with Decoy constructs (0/2) with Taunt.
  • Blistering Blow
    Push target unit. It suffers -3/-0.
  • Blinding Beam
    Stun all followers
  • Surprise Attack
    Each friendly unit with Stealth deals its attack damage to the first target in the opposing row and loses Stealth.
  • Black Hole Trap
    When an enemy follower with active card text enters battle: That unit suffers blackout. (Construct)
  • Gear Up
    Increase the cost of target friendly convoy card by 1. It gains +2/+2.

And that's the big stuff. There's still a bunch of smaller changes. Check out the changelog below for more details.

Custom Game mode added
  • Finish three games to unlock the game mode
  • Select up to four game modifiers before you start your game
  • Six new modifiers added: Diamond, Chased, Affluent, Cornucopia, Unwavering, Cramped and Sloth!

Six new leader cards
  • Added Decoy Phalanx, Blistering Blow, Blinding Beam, Surprise Attack, Black Hole Trap and Gear Up
  • Added Blinding Beam and Decoy Phalanx to Banshee (replacing Crippling Mudra and Sabotage)
  • Leader cards added to items

New pioneers convoy
  • Added a new convoy focused on Obstacles and Armor
  • To unlock them you need to assist the rebel cell in Pit Nine

  • Warden changed to 3-cost 3/6 (was 2-cost 3/4)
  • Added Warden to Traders convoy
  • Bandit Executioner buff change: Now only triggers if you have no Energy left
  • Signalbearer is now Rare and triggers for +1/+1 at the end of each turn
  • Ordnance Runner is now Common and 2-cost 1/1 with Stealth, Blast (instead of 3/4)
  • Union Sapper is now 3-cost 2/4 (was 2-cost 2/2)
  • Expert Slinger is now 4/4 Sniper, Blast (was 4/2 First Strike, Blast)
  • Zealot changed to 5/2 that destroys a random follower on Fury
  • Demolitions expert changed to 1/4 that sets the health of all other followers to 1
  • Deplete cost is now 2 (was 3)
  • Janwar Bear changed to 4/2 (was 5/2)
  • Cultist changed to 2/2 (was 3/2)
  • Reduced cost of Arc Overload power to 1

  • Fixed text on Scratch cards to refer to enemy "targets" in the frontline (not "units")
  • Added new "thrown Bomb" visual effect
  • Added new logo intro animation

  • Hand card sorting issue fixed
  • Strain Chain & Buried Knowledge no longer waste triggers
  • Strain Chain only triggers once each turn
  • Fixed some faction-based fights using the right faction
  • Rage no longer triggers on non-killing Robust units
  • Disabled all hotkeys while using convoy cards text filter
  • Coordinated Swarm status effect can properly target enemy leader again

And that's it!

Thank you for reading and thank you for playing. Do join me in the Nowhere Prophet discord and please leave a Steam review if you enjoy the game!

And as always: Stay hydrated!

- Martin
Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
It's been a tad quiet around here while I was busy getting a nice update together for everyone. The upcoming version 1.02 comes with a new game mode, a new convoy and more!

If you're eager to play that before it's publically released then check out the PREVIEW channel and give these changes a spin.

But for now, let's have a peek:

Custom Game mode
This brand new game mode can be unlocked by playing three games. You don't need to complete them, you just need to make it to the final screen. If you have already played that many games, simply finishing one more will unlock it!

And what is Custom Game? Well, it allows you to select up to 4 modifiers to activate for your run. This means you can tweak your difficulty and flavor how ever you want it. And to make that even mroe fun I've added a few new modifiers, some of which will also be available in the Daily Challenge!

More details on these new modifiers soon!

The Pioneers convoy
Another new piece of content is a brand new convoy. The Pioneers are ex-members of the Union of the Five Fingers that have split off to build a new home free from the oppressive regime.

This convoy is all about armor and obstacles and will even feature a UNIQUE fourth perk that you do not need to unlock and that will influence every fight!

Six new cards
Aside from that there's also been 6 new cards added to the game, a lot of balancing changes and other tweaks. The final change log will become available on Wednesday and feature some more details!

Until then,

- Martin

Nowhere Prophet - Demozilla
Just a quick patch addressing some small issues:

• Missing Worker text added back in "Fury: Gain 1 armor"
• Spaceport "looking for work" follow up events show up again
• Targeting issue when dragging cards that are too expensive resolved

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