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We’re counting down the days to the Sim Formula 2020 event. Did we mention that the entry for this event all four days is absolutely free, except for the esports convention on Thursday evening. You can get in via a special, free “Sim Formula Only Entrance”. We are co-hosting this event with InterClassics, so if you already bought a ticket for that event, you can also access the Sim Formula section. From exhibitors showing off new hardware and gear to challenges and a final series of races on Sunday that will be broadcast live, Maastricht is the place to be from 16-19th of January!

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rFactor 2 - marrs
On the day of the release of the real car, we are proud that for our newest release we were able to team up with the race fanatics that are BMW Motorsport to bring the newest and hottest automobile from the Bavarian manufacturer to the virtual tracks everywhere in the world. Tested to perfection on the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife, the BMW M2 CS Racing is the up and coming Cup class that will have drivers right in the action of multiclass endurance racing. Front engine – rear wheel driven, the formula for a thrilling challenge no matter where you race it!

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rFactor 2 - marrs

As the weather gets cold all around Europe and the northern hemisphere, everyone at Studio 397 is currently in motion and working on exciting projects cranking up the heat! It’s already November, but we’re not finished yet bringing you updates and new content for rFactor 2 this year. Next month we’ll look back at the year, but for now we are dedicated to working on the future of simracing and bringing everybody together for exciting and thrilling digital motorsport action. So get off the track, slow down and park your cars in the pits for a while and let’s talk about what awaits you in the rFactor world this coming month. Spoiler alert: before the clock strikes twelve, you will have heard back from us at least three more times! That’s how much we have planned to end the year on a high. And as you will see, we are already announcing a big event in 2020!

Read all about it here: https://www.studio-397.com/2019/11/roadmap-update-november-2019/
2019. nov. 22.
rFactor 2 - marrs
It’s Friday everyone! Not yet ‘Black’ Friday, and not yet Roadmap time… But hey, never a wrong Friday to get some spontaneous rFactor 2 content updates!

We’ve added the three new layouts we promised for the Nürburgring: ‘Sprint’ is a short version of the GP layout, it detours the Ford, Dunlop and Audi curves, and instead swoops back quickly transitions into the Michelin curve. 'Sprint No Chicane', same as the ‘Sprint Short’ version but with a more flowing last sector. The chicane is replaced with a more flowing S style turn that making it a bit less technical. And 'Endurance' the monster layout you all have been waiting for. Used religiously in 24hr endurance, this is one of the main events of the modern Nürburgring / Nordschleife calendar.

The Porsche 991 GT3 Cup gets an exciting update! The Endurance Package, kitted out and ready for full attack on the Nordschleife. Consists of different dampers and 2 sets of softer springs, compared to the Supercup specification. The Endurance package also comes with ABS system and aerodynamic package: front fender flares + rear wing 10 mm gurney flap and restricts the engine power output to a nominal 413 PS. Additionally the Endurance package also comes with a possibility to refuel the car, with fuel tank capacity lowered to 95 L, compared to 100 L with the Supercup specification. The car also weighs 30 kg more.

Nissan GT500 got updated to new materials, adjusted the windows in and out GMT so it can be skinned, rim LODs fixed smoothing groups, adjusted smoothing groups for all tire LODs, added proper icons and updated Templates.

Aston Martin Vantage GTE got a minor fix to show proper GTE badge on steering wheel.

The ever so very popular Reiza Studios Pack is still going strong, with a good amount of updates to share based on user feedback. On Imola we fixed various reported wall collision issues and holes in 1988 & 2001 versions. Metalmoro AJR: adjusted aero pitch & yaw sensitivity, slightly downgraded Judd V10 performance to better match that of other engine variants, added turbo model to AJR Honda Turbo variant. Metalmoro MR18: Added turbo model, adjusted aero pitch & yaw sensitivity. MCR 2000: Adjusted aero pitch & yaw sensitivity, slight graphical height correction.

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2019. szept. 26.
rFactor 2 - marrs
Located in the Eifel region of Germany, the Nürburgring can easily be described as one of the most – if not the most – iconic race locations on the entire globe. Built right into the trees and the ups and downs of this lovely countryside, the Nürburgring offers a challenge even to the absolute best of the racing world. The two circuits, Nordschleife and Nürburgring GP, have seen the greatest of motorsport over the years, but they are also places for amateur drivers from all over the world to get their dose of track driving and to follow the same roads their heroes did or do.

Bringing such an icon to rFactor 2 is a real honor for us. Just like our playerbase, we always dreamed about taking the virtual cars onto the Nordschleife or Nürburgring and just enjoy pure driving. Experiencing this track during development was absolutely special. Every motorsport fan knows this track and has seen plenty of footage, especially from the remarkable 24 Hour event. Working on bringing it to life in our very own simulation and then being able to even drive on it was a breathtaking moment for the studio. Bit by bit the wireframe turned into the best playground we could think of. The laserscan we used is from 2018, making it the most accurate and modern representation of this holy grail of motorsport history and also modern times. Like so many other simracers, we visited the track during Simracing Expo or even just in our free time, being captured by the mythos and the feeling you get just by being close to it. And now it’s finally in rFactor 2, for you all to race on and enjoy.

Read all about it here: https://www.studio-397.com/2019/09/welcome-to-the-ring/
2019. szept. 8.
rFactor 2 - marrs

Roughly a week later than normal, we bring you the monthly roadmap for August. Obviously we were at the SimRacing Expo last weekend, where we met a lot of you and showed off a pre-release version of the Porsche GT3 Cup car and the Nürburgring. Both are scheduled for a release in roughly two weeks from now, pending final approvals. But we have a lot of other news to share with you too, so let’s get started!

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Releasing a new rFactor 2 build is typically something we do with a classic bulleted changelog, but this time we felt it deserved a bit more than that.

During our recent rF24 event, technical issues cropped up that left us no alternative but to red flag the race. We decided to immediately regroup and redirect our priorities towards dissecting and fixing what turned out to be long standing issues.

Read all about the new build here:
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When it comes to Motorsport, Great Britain can easily be identified as a key player. It's not just the home to many renowned racing teams in different series, it's also the nation with the most winning Le Mans 24h drivers, an achievement that does not come easy. When you’ve got a lot of talented and respected drivers in your country, there is a natural urge to also deliver some of the most thrilling sports- and race cars to show the rest of the world why Motorsport is at home in the UK.

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2019. jún. 27.
rFactor 2 - marrs
Another big announcement! We are incredibly excited to be releasing another stunning set of cars. This time, SIX awesome current-gen single seaters from Tatuus, which form the first two steps of the FIA ladder to Formula 1 – the proving grounds for speed, racecraft and passion.

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2019. jún. 25.
rFactor 2 - marrs
Our monthly roadmap update largely centers around the summer sale, but that's not all we have to share. We have some new and free content for you coming later this week!

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