11. Dez. 2012
Krater - Valve
1.1.04 Fixes
- Updated Polish Strings
- Fixed an issue with Russian keybindings
- Fixed a bug where items were disappearing in co-op
- Quicklooted cash now displays properly
- Fixed an issue where certain achievements weren't working as intended
2. Nov. 2012
Krater - Valve
1.1.02 Fixes
- Added missing polish coop strings
- Fixed an issue with weapons being mixed up for clients in coop
- Added new music tracks for the bar. Tweaked boss music for Electrobert
- Targets and their Health Bars are now displayed on mouseover
- Better feedback when selcting new targets and when interacting
- Park Zoo bossfight damage tweaks and added sounds
- Potential fix for rare revive crash
25. Okt. 2012
Krater - Valve
1.1.01 Release Notes

- Fixed the save wipe bug
- Fixed Key binding crash
- Added Steam offline mode functionality
- Client crash when server clicks click to continue, when client is in join pop up window
- Fixed a state where the client could potentially get the coop start hub as startarea for singleplayer
- Fixed dialog manager popup glitch
- Fix for waiting for server message
- Respawn area added to Park Zoo level
- Fixed a number of ability crashes in coop
- Temporary replace missing Polish strings with English
23. Okt. 2012
Krater - Valve
Krater 1.1 Release notes

Krater version 1.1 is the first of three major free content updates that Krater will get within the next few weeks.

Main features:
- First step towards a fully-fledged coop feature. It is kept relatively small to make sure that we have resources to handle any issues or bugs that might arise when large numbers of players are playing it. Krater v1.2 and v1.3 are going to expand on this.
- Support for handling several profiles with different saves connected to your Steam accounts cloud saves. Your old save is labeled Default in the profile list.
- Engine upgrade for improved performance and better stability.
- We have looked over player stats and their effect on damage, armor and abilities.
- New achievements added.
- The game is now translated into Russian, Portuguese and Polish. The single player content is translated into German, German coop strings are still to be added (shortly).
- Enemy AI is also being looked over and tweaked

- Loot drop rate and epic item generation is also being reworked; the first changes are implemented already in the 1.1 build.
18. Okt. 2012
Krater - Valve
Krater version 1.0.18 Hot Fix 1 - content revision 23785



This patch is preparing the game for the coop update October 23. The Coop Menu (accessed with short key K ingame) is disabled until that date. Your old save will be named Default in the new profile list.
If you are experiencing any issues with the new save and would like to restore your old saves you can do that by:

1. Right Clicking the game in your Steam Library
2. Choose Properties
3. In the General tab write, click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS
4. Write reset_save in the field
5. Start the game and press Restore Save button in the bottom left corner. This will delete all your progress from this update (non-reversible)

Main features added
- Support for creating several profiles with different saves
- Polish language support
- Engine upgrade for improved performance

Overhaul in the following areas:
- Loot drops and item generation
- Menu and HUD
- Enemy AI (aggro ranges and threat generations)
- Added timer to revive (to make it coherent with coop gameplay)
17. Aug. 2012
Krater - Valve
Co-op beta testing starts next week.

Version 1.0.11

- Increased character rotation speed values

- Added 2 encounters in the world map

- Fixed mp3 tags in the Soundtrack
- Added release trailer song Stealing Horses to Soundtrack folder

19. Juli 2012
Krater - Valve
Version 1.0.10

- Increased droprate for purple items
- Most Ranged enemies will now attempt to move away from player Soldiers
- Added navigation functionality to the world minimap
- Changed tooltip for Intelligence on Character Screen
- Fixed a bug where ALT loot was allowed in combat
- Weapon DPS is now properly calculated and damage numbers will be colored green if the weapon has bonus damage

- Isenor's Cave, Bohemian Retreat and Eldritch Old Cave now have better layout

- Fixed issue with some mission items that would stay in inventory after completing quests

- Added recipes for threat level 10+
- Added crafting material for threat level 10+
- Fixed a bug in the crafting system generating low level random properties

- Now deals 150% weapon damage (up from 120%)
- Cooldown changed to 5 (up from 3)
- Now generates threat equal to damage dealt x 2.5 (up from 1.5)

Ground Pound
- Cooldown changed to 3.5 (up from 2.5)
- Now generates threat equal to damage dealt x 2 (up from 1.5)

- Now deals 175% weapon damage (down from 200%)
- Cooldown changed to 8 (up from 5)
- Explosion delay changed to 1.5 (down from 2 seconds)

- Now deals 180% weapon damage (up from 130%)

- Hitbox range is now 8 (up from 6)

- Now deals 50% weapon damage every 0.5 seconds (up from 20%)
12. Juli 2012
Krater - Valve
Version 1.0.9
- Added option to sell soldiers at the bar.
- Compass added to world map.
- Quick selection using q,w,e now handles multiple selection.
- When pressing ALT you can now see what's in the loot piles on ground, and right click to pick it up.
- When pressing ALT in world mini-map the names of all locations are shown.
- When too far away from loot you will now walk up to it.
- Inventory now remembers item placements.
- The list of blueprints at the crafting table is now sorted and have a new font.
- Gadgets are now removable.
- Camera now remembers rotation when switching team.
- Tweaked soldier prices at the bar.
- Added a friendly level at deep cave level 45.
- Added mini-map icon for boot camp's.
- Fixed respawn at last friendly location bug
- Fixed so that mouse over locations in world mini map works correctly.
- Fixed annoying bug where shift-looting miss click on ground would start queue up move commands.
- Fixed bug where camera could sometimes get locked to your soldiers when swapping team members.
- Fixed bug where camera sometimes would fly away when pressing space.
- Fixed annoying bug where hud clicks sometimes didn't register.
- Fixed a bug when rearranging abilities did not work properly in some resolutions.
- Revive icon no longer shown when whole team dies.
- Shift loot now shows correct text, and is shown a bit longer.
- Fixed mouse over on buffs and stats.
- Fixed random crash when using mutant regulator tag ability on freak bombers.
- New deployment system for builds and patches (smaller and faster patching).
5. Juli 2012
Krater - Valve
Version 1.0.8
- Made deep cave truly deep and crazy hard. Try and reach the bottom and say hello to Sluggo. We couldn't.
- Added health bar to the Team Management screen.
- Decreased weapon damage on all weapons found in areas above threat level 7.
- Increased health on all enemies above threat level 7.
- Changed the drop rate of loot to better reflect the threat level it was dropped in.
- Fixed the timing on the Mutant Bruisers chop ability to better match the animation.
- Increased the radius of the Mutant Medikus's healing orb ability to better match the designated area.
- Increased the width of the Mutant Slayers Strike ability to better fit the effect.
- Decreased the duration and increased the cooldown on the Human Regulators Slow Field.
- Fixed some localization errors.
- Decreased the cool down on the Mutant Slayers open wound ability.
- Increased healing done by healing Gadgets.
29. Juni 2012
Krater - Valve
Version 1.0.6
- Mutant healer ability is now fixed.

Version 1.0.5
- Added more new NPC dialogues in major locations.
- Fixed an issue with infinite rewards when accepting the quest "Trials of Torgny".
- Removed some loitering questbound characters. Unfortunately this will only affect new saves.
- Fixed some rare issues with implants and blueprints.
- Fixed material outlines for bears, hounds and moose so that they now show as red when behind objects.
- Soldiers can be upgraded in bootcamp with left click.
- Fixed an issue with booster/implants being locked on soldiers not in current team when upgraded.
- Fixed leech.

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