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Hey everyone!

Maui is now in the Steam library of over 25,000 people! That's mind-blowing and wer're so grateful to everyone that's taken the time to try the game so far.

We just pushed update 1.01, which includes the following fixes and updates:

“Uncharted” achievement now works correctly
Added functionality for controller to press “B” to go back in menus
Added music to the intro splash screens
Updated water coloration
Clarified “Restart” in Pause Menu to “Last Checkpoint”
Fixed an issue where putting down offerings anywhere other than the altar would warp them to the altar
Fixed an issue where Maui would sometimes become stuck in the ground after coming out of a menu screen
Fixed an issue with the water texture being unnaturally stretched

Thanks, everyone! We hope you keep enjoying Maui!
26. Apr. 2016
Maui - kokuagames
Hello everyone!

Maui is published! Thanks to everyone who has played the game so far!

We're already seeing great screenshots. It's an amazing feeling to see people enjoying the game.

Unfortunately, a few of you have experienced a bug in the opening tutorial involving the bubble shield. We're very sorry this kept some of you from playing the rest of the game. We have issued a hotfix for this issue. If you have experienced this issue, please update and enjoy!

Thanks again to everyone who's played the game so far!

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