Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
New Features
  • Added extra camera distance to options, this adds extra max distance to the camera (When you are zoomed out).
  • Added the ability to choose between graphics style you prefer to the new game options, this allows the player to choose which effects they would like on by default.
  • Tripled the length of Blaiz (archer) arrows.
  • Arrows are destroyed by terrain more effectively.
  • Fixed Blaiz (archer) arrow not drawing aggression of enemy units.
  • You can no longer leave the tutorial area without a full party.
  • Tutorial for using menu moved to just outside the tavern.
  • Added Tutorial explaining you need to find your allies before leaving town.
  • Intro cutscene modified.

Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
New Features
  • Left / Right sliders speed up more when held down
  • Camera sensitivity options added to the in-game options menu
  • Level up button moved to the top of the status page
  • Crafting tables can now craft equipped items
  • Golem mouse facing during punch changed
  • Save statue minimap icon changed to gold
  • Misc lightning and game fixes

Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
  • Dialog choice with a mouse, functionality restored
  • Misc changes
Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
New Features
  • Fix main menu mouse bug.
  • Changed default attack bindings.
  • Fixed bug when changing difficulty in the menu.
  • Changed default camera zoom level.
  • Improved default joystick camera speed.
  • Improved scroll wheel zoom speed.
  • Changed default joystick horizontal camera rotation.
  • Added invert joystick camera option to in-game menu.
  • Misc gameplay related changes.
  • Misc lighting improvements.

Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
New Features
  • Fixed Item Menu Scaling
  • Removed delay on the in-game menu first being shown.
  • Other Misc

Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
New Features
  • Added new graphics options to main menu and in game menu options. You can now disable / enable FXAA, Bloom and SSMS (If you feel your game is too dark try disabling SSMS)
  • Controller D-pad can now be used for all menu items
  • Right mouse button third person camera improved
  • In-Game menu enhancements

Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
We have just replaced Act 1, the first act of the game. If you have saved in the previous Act 1 you will be loaded into the new one. More options for graphics settings coming soon!
Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
We have just added more binding options for keyboard camera control!
Check it out in the main menu options.
Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
This is just the beginning!
We hope everyone enjoys the game!
Have fun :)
Grand Battle - ❤❤BLAIZ❤❤
Good news everyone!
We have recently updated the camera.
You will need to unbind your right mouse button if you have played before this update in the main menu options. Change it to left control etc.

You can now control the camera with the right mouse button and the scroll wheel. On Gamepad you can control it with the right thumbstick!


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