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ONWARD Hotfix V1.7.4 Changelog

(Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update)

Weapon Audio Upgrade
  • Weapons now have eight different firing sound variants per weapon, and which sound is used depends on several factors: if the weapon is suppressed, if it is indoors or outdoors, or if it is close or far away from the listener.

  • Did a large pass on the audio reverb areas in each map. In general you should notice more realistic sounding environments.

  • Firing mode selector clicking noises now vary on a gun to gun basis.

  • LMGs now have three different sounds when interacting with the bullet belt, and separate sounds for opening and closing the top hinge.

  • There are now multiple sounds for inserting shotgun shells into guns.

  • There are now specific sounds when shotgun shells eject and hit the floor.

  • Tweaked the volume of firing mode selector clicking and bolt forward and back sounds.

  • Improved the performance of how we look up weapon sounds.

General Changes
  • Restored the warning before joining competitive lobbies that will let people know that a higher level of skill is required for them.

  • Throwing pickups takes less of the player’s velocity into account now, so if you are holding an item, run forward, and let go, the item will no longer launch forward.

  • If you are the only player in a Shooting Range lobby, downing yourself will no longer break the lobby.

  • Falling off of cliffs in Free Roam will no longer cause you to spawn in place, which would result in an endless loop of you falling to your death forever.

  • The host is now always shown in the list of players in the server browser, so the list will not be empty as the game is being created anymore.

  • When the game mode is displayed in the spectating screen and server browser, it now shows the actual name, not the internal name.

  • Fixed the location of several attachments on the M39 EMR.

  • Decreased the magazine capacity of the Makarov pistol from 9 rounds to 8.

  • Adjusted the brightness of Reflex and Holographic sights for easier to use contrast.

  • Polished hand poses for holding pistols.

  • Various bug fixes on Shooting Range, Snowpeak, and Tanker.

  • Fixed the first time user experience questions ignoring the choice the user makes regarding proximity grip or button press grip.

Custom Content
  • Clicking the workshop icon on maps in the map selection screen will now allow you to update or delete individual maps that you have installed. Clicking update will focus that specific map in the workshop screen.

  • Attempting to join a server on a custom map that you do not have will now focus on that specific map in the workshop screen.

  • If the lobby has custom maps enabled, and has any of them in common, then at least one custom map is guaranteed to appear in public map votes now.

  • Increased the number of custom maps that get placed into the pool of maps chosen from to vote, meaning they will be more common if people have them.

  • Fixed votes for custom maps in public map votes applying to all visible custom maps, rather than just the one you clicked.

  • Maps that custom content creators are working on will no longer appear in the server browser.

  • The map preview image in the server browser will no longer flicker when viewing servers on custom maps.

  • Fixed the AI not using their lasers or flashlights on night maps.

  • AI have many more names now, drawn from our credits screen.

Known Issues
  • Downfall Day's building interiors are dark. This will be fixed very soon.
Onward - DownpourDev
ONWARD Hotfix V1.7.3 Changelog

Custom Map Voting

  • There is now an option to enable or disable custom maps on your server. This determines if custom maps show up in map votes. It is forcibly enabled if you start on a custom map.

  • The tent map vote screen now supports the display of custom maps.

  • The custom map option will try and find custom maps that everybody on the server has downloaded the same version of. These maps that people have in common will show up randomly alongside stock maps in public game map votes.

  • In private game map votes, an assortment of these maps will also be available underneath the stock maps.

  • You can move seamlessly from stock to custom map in this manner, or from custom back to stock. There are no limitations here.

  • Custom maps no longer show the round reset screen, they show a full map vote screen like any other map.

  • If you see a blue hammer in the server browser, it means that server supports custom maps.

  • If somebody happens to connect to a server that is in the middle of voting on custom maps that they do not have, then the vote will be refreshed automatically.


  • Download speeds in the workshop have been improved on average.

  • The spawn jail time is now added to the round time, as it was before.

  • Status icons in the server browser are now color coded for easy recognition.

  • Smoothed out some performance hitches immediately after loading into a level.

  • Fixed a performance hitch that could occur when a grenade touched the ground for the first time.

  • Fixed Assault boundaries not rendering properly on top of the map in the tablet.

  • Fixed game mode names showing improperly in the server browser.

  • Fixed the player getting stuck in the custom map loading screen if asked to load a map that he does not own.

  • Fixed tutorial panels occasionally fading incorrectly.


  • Continued our tuning of the AI’s reaction times, turn speeds, and vision timeouts based on player feedback.

  • Difficulty modes in operations are now color coded to signify how hard they are.

  • Further decreased the chance for AI to speak...

  • ...but gave them more things to say.

  • AI can no longer see through foliage on Turbine, Snowpeak, and Abandoned.

  • Fix instances of bloodthirsty AI ruthlessly attacking players that are no longer a threat.

  • Moved AI spawns on Bazaar Day, Bazaar Night, and Turbine Day to be further from player spawns.

  • Limited the number of AI that can think each frame, should mostly help people that are having low performance.

  • Made performance improvements to pickups that are being held by AI.

  • Made improvements and to AI performance and fixed several issues when they respond to alerts.

  • Fixed AI firing certain semi-automatic weapons very quickly, like the SVD and the SKS.

  • Fixed AI appearing upside down in the sky momentarily as they spawned.

  • Fixed AI snapping to strange rotations sometimes when facing a target.

  • Fixed some potential instances of AI spawning in walls in custom content maps.


  • Brought back the infamous propane tank on Cargo.

  • Fixed a potential performance issue on Cargo.

  • Improved performance on Downfall.

  • Fixed a car on Downfall from disappearing at longer distances.

  • Fixed impenetrable metal gratings on buildings in Bazaar.

  • Fixed a bulletproof window in Bazaar.

  • Fixed a bulletproof window in Suburbia.


  • Adjusted the width of the shield to match how wide it used to be.

  • Adjusted AKM scale and fixed a hole in it.

  • Fixed the G17 pistol showing two frames.

  • Adjusted the scale of the M39 EMR.

    Known issues

  • AI will still be able to spot the player through ground bushes/ferns on Jungle
Onward - DownpourDev
Patch v1.7.2

Version 1.7.2
  • Added new loading screen specifically for custom maps, which properly updates its loading progress.
  • In custom maps we now show a screen that shows who won before resetting the game.
  • Fix AI not firing at the player if the player is repeatedly peeking around a corner. No more cheese.
  • Fix loud noises after loading into custom maps.
  • In response to that fix, and player feedback, all vision and reaction times for the AI have been tuned. They are generally harder than before.
  • In Hunt mode, lowered the distance AI can start from the player.
  • Fix AI being more talkative than intended.
  • Fix the map icons on tent maps and spectator maps not being in the right locations on custom maps.
  • Fix guns disappearing in your hands while playing certain game modes.
  • Fix friend icons not appearing in the server browser, as well as the friends filter not working.
  • Fix some users with long usernames not being able to access the workshop.
  • Fix downloads not terminating properly if you leave the main menu while they are in progress.

Onward - MrDeath
Hello Onward community, we are pleased to announce the release of update 1.7, bringing workshop support, new and improved AI and more to Onward! Below is a list of new features and their details, along with information on how to create your own custom maps for Onward. We hope you will enjoy the myriad of new gameplay experiences available to you with 1.7. Thank you for supporting Onward!

Take a look at the v1.7 update trailer :

Workshop Support Added
Custom Content: Custom maps can now be created by community members (or us) and played in Onward. We’re excited to see what you guys come up with! To begin on your custom map journey and submit your own creations for all to play, visit the Onward Discord or jump right in with the Onward Custom Content Guide.

Workshop Browser
To get custom maps, you will visit the workshop screen in the new main menu. On the workshop screen, you will have many options to filter and sort through custom content and find what you are looking for. Once you find it, you can download it and create a custom server using your new workshop map. After you’ve played it, you can let the community know how you feel about it by giving it a rating (ratings take 24 hours to appear).

Full Creativity
Custom maps support all of the game modes that you are used to playing in Onward, including core modes like Uplink, cooperative modes against the new AI, and even social modes, which we’ll get to in a bit.

In order for other people to join your multiplayer server, they will have to have the same version of a map that you have. The workshop screen will tell you when a map needs to be updated, and the new server browser will let you know if a server is using another version of the map.

Initial Custom Maps
The following custom maps will be available right now on the workshop!
Outlet an official Downpour custom map: “Radio chatter indicates this shuttered mall in rural America has been occupied by a Volk cell. MARSOC has just entered it's dilapidated halls on a search and destroy mission.”
Mansion - Set in an estate with a dark secret, by community member Spike.
Metropolis Set in a war-torn urban area under siege, by community member Koiz.
H Mart Set in a retail store and parking lot, by community member Koiz.
Old Town Set in a picturesque village, by community member Snooper Fax.
Trespass Set in a volk-controlled urban sprawl, by Storm(Unyun).

New AI Added
Four classes for the AI
Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Snipers, and Close Quarters. Each class has a different set of actions, stats, and equipment to attack the player in a variety of new ways.

Five types of Squads
Rifle, Sniper, Assault, CQB, and Light. You’ll fight different combinations of squads depending on the difficulty levels, squad counts, and operation type. AI within a squad work together to attack the player and will call for support from other squads if the fighting becomes too heavy.

Four levels of difficulty
Rookie, Experienced, Veteran, and Elite with the options to select how many enemy squads you want to take on in Hunt. As the difficulty level goes up, AI react faster, more accurately, and more appropriately to the players actions.

Navigation and cover
The AI are no longer on set patrol paths nor do they spawn in the same place every round. AI will move to cover to react to players, initiate an attack, or to protect themselves from grenades. Rifle squads will patrol between choke points and intersections. Snipers will move to overwatch positions and take cover to wait for players. Assault, CQB, and Light squads will hunt players down.

Vision and Hearing
AI sight is now based on how much of the player can be seen, how far away the player is, and how loud the player is being. Gunshots, explosions, and nearby impacts are all heard and remembered for different amounts of time. Night time and sand storms will affect sight, hearing, and movement speeds.

Other Notes
Up to 32 AI hunting you.
AI can now use any weapons and attachments that players can..
Smoke grenades are used to conceal AI advances when they are taking fire.
Fragmentation grenades are used to kill players in cover, take out groups of players, or finish off downed player.
C4 needs to be hidden from them.

Social Modes
Private Social Matches: Starting immediately, all of our social modes (including Gun Game, One in the Chamber, and Spec Ops) can be created at any time as private matches.

Featured Social Mode
For ten days out of every month, one social game mode will become the featured mode, allowing it to be played in public matches. The upcoming mode for the next month will now be shown in the new menu, so you know what’s coming up.

New Menu
Connected: In addition to the workshop, we have added a new home screen. This screen will allow you to see all the latest events in the Onward community, or jump right into the game.

Almost all of the new menu screens are fully scrollable. They are also for the most part composed of larger visual tiles, which are easier to click and interpret in VR.

Map selection menus in the new multiplayer and singleplayer screens now expand and scroll to facilitate new (custom or official) maps. These menus can also be filtered specifically for stock or custom maps, and also allow you to delete custom maps.

Other Features
Angled Sights
Angled sights are now available in the loadout screen for various weapons. These secondary sights are canted off to the side of your main sight, giving you a backup option for surprise close quarters combat situations. These sights are fully compatible with the virtual gunstock - simply rotate your wrist to swap which sight you want to look through.

New Models
The following items have had their models visually updated: G3, G3 Auto, Commando 552, AKM, Shield, Holographic Sights, and Grenades.

Cosmos Support
Onward now has a set of default SteamVR bindings for the Vive Cosmos!

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Fixes for all maps in the game for many issues including collision, lighting, floating object and z-fighting fixes.

  • Added additional configuration settings when creating multiplayer games, including round length and number of rounds, for game modes that support it.

  • Added improved dialog boxes to the main menu that can pop up to inform players with detailed descriptions.

  • New server browser that allows for more granular filtering, and shows many more details about the server, the map and mode it is on, and the players within it.

  • When in desktop (novr) mode, the new main menu fully supports the mouse.

  • Fixed the tablet map sometimes showing on other cameras, and fixed a memory leak in it.

  • The main menu is now more responsive to the player losing their connection. The appropriate screens should immediately disable themselves, if the player is viewing these screens they will be sent to the home screen.

  • Cancel round starts if there is nobody ready when the round start timer ends.

Originally we announcement more features to come with the v1.7 release. These features will be expected soon with a followup update.

Coming soon after v1.7
  • flip up magnifier
  • updated gun sounds
  • new models

Coming later
  • volk land drone
  • player stats
  • Shield damage states

We're extremely excited to hear your opinions on this update.
- the downpour team

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!
Onward - MrDeath

In this months sitrep we will put more focus on the the community and share what you guys have been up to! We’d also like to remind you of the current Community Contest where you can submit new objective locations with a possibility of having them implemented in game! And to end the community section we remind you that we’re looking for testers for the upcoming custom map support!

But first, we will start off with update v1.7 content, showing you a fresh new model of the AKM alongside a video showcasing some of the new audio that will be coming to all the guns in Onward! We’ll also give you a peek at the upcoming menu UI redesign.

We’re still looking for Quest testers! Info on this can be found on the bottom of the Sitrep!

Click here to read the sitrep!
Onward - DownpourDev
Patch v1.6.8.2

Patch v1.6.8.2 is out!
Fixes for several maps, performance fixes and no more shiny attachments!

  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn inside geometry on Turbine.
  • Fixed a bug where an uplink on Turbine could spawn partially inside geometry.
  • Potential fix for loud footsteps when elevators transport players.
  • Fixed water in Jungle not drowning the player when submerged.
  • Adjusted the grass wind animation in Abandoned.
  • Adjusted LODs on various maps for better transitions.
  • Potential fix for Bots being able to see through ferns in the map Jungle.
  • Changed evac mode helicopters in Abandoned to hover while picking up players, instead of landing.
  • Improved performance of magazines by hiding interior bullets at great distances.
  • Transparent magazines now become opaque when no bullets can be seen due to distance.
  • Improved performance when bullets penetrate objects.
  • Fixed overly-shiny sights and other lighting issues with various weapon attachments.
  • Optimized the way lens flares get rendered.
Onward - MrDeath

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our fourteenth sitrep!

In this months sitrep we look back at the revamped maps that were added in patch v1.6.8 and are providing a form for the community to leave feedback on those maps. We’ll also be showcasing some of the new models and textures for gear in update v1.7. Custom Map support will be coming soon, and we are looking for beta testers to give us feedback on our SDK as well be the first to release custom maps on 1.7s launch; a sign up sheet is located below. And last but not least we are announcing our 2nd Community Contest, where players can compete for special prizes!

Check out the latest sitrep in the following link.

See you on the field!

If you have any tips or suggestions for improving this series, let me know! You can contact me on either : Reddit, Steam discussions or the Discord.

Stay updated on Onward, converse with the community, test builds, and participate in organized competitive events by joining our Discord!

For additional information, visit our wiki.
Onward - DownpourDev

We apologize for the delay, we hope you enjoy this update!

V1.6.8 Changelogs
  • Added Turbine, a new map set on a hydroelectric dam with unique strategic chokepoints.
  • Brought Jungle, Abandoned Day, and Snowpeak Day up to the standards of visual quality and performance expected from version 1.6.
  • Added night map variants: Abandoned Night and Snowpeak Night.
  • Significantly lowered load times, and lowered memory usage by between two and four gigabytes on average.
  • Added new smoke grenade visuals that look and perform better than the current ones.
  • Fixed players showing through smoke grenades and sand storms in many instances.
  • Fixed some bulletproof fences on Bazaar.
  • Levels: Miscellaneous bug fixes & optimizations.
Onward - DownpourDev
Hey everyone,

We are just about ready to release our remaining maps - Turbine, Snowpeak, Abandoned, and Jungle. Expect a full release on Wednesday evening, September 4th! Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield.


The Downpour Team
Aug 21
Onward - DownpourDev
Hey everyone,

We've been working hard on fixing bugs and we hope this hotfix release will bring a more stable experience to the battlefields of Onward.

In the next hotfix (v1.6.8) we'll see the long awaited maps coming back to Onward as well as some huge RAM/memory gains! We expect the improvements to reduce RAM usage on each map by roughly 3-4 GBs.

Also as a sign of good faith to our competitive community, future updates/patches will only be released on Wednesdays (unless an urgent fix is needed). That way we can react quickly to any issues introduced so weekend matches can go smoothly.

V1.6.7 Changelogs
  • Performed various optimizations and fixes to several maps.
  • Fixed explosions killing players out of range.
  • Rebalanced the MP5 by decreasing its recoil.
  • Fixed molotovs hitting invisible walls.
  • Fixed syringes not working on bleeding players.
  • Holsters now hold the proper number of shotgun shells.
  • Optimized away large performance drops immediately after loading a new map and smaller performance drops when spawning from the tent.
  • Renamed “Uplink Assault” to simply “Assault”.
  • Adjusted the descriptions of Uplink and Assault to be more informative to new players.
  • Fixed the VIP’s game freezing when playing competitive Escort mode.
  • Fixed Escort modes not properly ending and awarding the defending team when the round time limit expires.
  • Changed multiplayer playlist percentages to be based on actual player count instead of lobby count.
  • Made the sky texture in the Snowy main menu look consistent for both eyes.
  • Grabbing helmets in the tent is now more consistent with grabbing other objects in the game.
  • Moved the helmets on the loadout table closer to the center of the table.
  • Fix players being inaudible over the radio if they disconnect from an Assault match and reconnect while it is in progress.
  • Fixed a strange black square appearing on the tablet map after the player is downed.
  • Moved “CORE” above “CO-OP” on the playlist menu.

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