Hey Runners,

let's slay some zombies in this modification of the mod "Running with the Dead" (in case this makes sense...).
Players can only join the survivors faction. Will you be able to clean out Moorland Apocalypse?
We don't think so ;)

Server: "RWTD Official Server"

Misc: NO DOWNLOAD REQUIRED from the workshop - just attempted to connect to the server and the mod should be acquired automatically. Note that you have to join through Steam to be able to play

Reward: 3x community boxes #4 will be given out to participants chosen randomly by the moderator team who will be also participating

communication: Join Discord for better communication and to get the rewards if you are chosen! (link for Discord in the game menu)

Hey Runners,

Our last major update was just a week ago yet today we want to celebrate with you Halloween with some fancy stuff matching the theme, "Man vs. Zombies"!
In this "Man vs. World" adaptation, we added some zombies because who doesn't like to shoot zombies? :)
Similar to "Man vs. World" which it is based on, you can play the campaign either solo or with a friend to which isn't a bad idea to watch each others back. Different types of zombies spices it up, from the low health very fast walker or the very high health Berserker. It's highly recommended to play in "Veteran mode" to get the most thrill, as it adds FoV mode which helps for the jump-scares!
In this gamemode, the enemies don't drop loot, you'll have to break the crates scattered around the world to loot for helpful equipment. Of course you can also buy most stuff at the armories.
The weapon range has also been adapted to better match a zombie apocalypse. From flamethrower to sawn-off shotgun to even a microgun, you should have enough fire power to meow them down!

On top of that we also made the occasional hotfix and added some new modding parameters, see the changelog below!

Happy Hallowunning,
Your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.75:

  • gamemode: NEW HALLOWEEN SPECIAL game mode added: "Man vs. Zombies" based on "Man vs. World"
  • gamemode: NEW HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2 player game mode added: "2-player Man vs. Zombies"
  • campaign: fixed grenadiers spawning without weapons
  • calls: changed A-10 comms marker handling
  • calls: A-10 launch time reduced from 12 to 10s
  • calls: A-10 damage increased
  • modding: added ai parameters following_target_range, following_target_slowdown_range, following_separation_range and squad_join_range
  • modding: squad_size added for character info
  • modding: added volume and position for play_sound
  • modding: added new result type: notify_script with key parameter, includes character_id, position, direction, and key on script side event
  • modding: added damage_as_probability in blast result
Oct 23, 2019
Hey Runners,

in update 1.74, we focused on fixing several bugs but also added a new radio call provided by the community, the "A-10 Gun Run"! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!
We also added new community goodies, see the section below.

Community Box #4

Our awesome community still has great fun contributing with custom made content. Say hello to our fourth community box which brings a dozen of new weapons going from faction specific grenade launchers being introduced by the new soldier class "grenadiers", a blowgun with poisonous darts, a compound bow which is a great long distance stealth weapon and a golden AK47 for yo running pimps out there! Only to name a few of them. We also have a new repair tank which will certainly help to support armored vehicles pushing through the front lines.

Community Edelweiss DLC interview

We decided to open the floor up to some community questions about RWR: EDELWEISS, inviting you to ask us what you wanted to know. We selected a few of these questions and have prepared some answers below. *We've shortened some of the questions to reduce length of text.

Unit G17 asks:
Tell me more about how the equipment sharing system between RWR:PACIFIC and EDELWEISS will work. For example if somebody only owns one of the DLCs, do the weapons from the other one still install to make the sharing system work (like PACIFIC weapons and equipment being installed for EDELWEISS-only owners)? Are they duplicated or stay in their respective folders?

Karl (Tremozl) replies:
Players who do not own both DLCs will still be able to play online in Invasion and access most of the content. All maps will be available to them in multiplayer; but only a limited assortment of weapons can be used in combat (such as basic Bolt-Action Rifles.) The rare weapons that they cannot use are still able to be carried in a backpack and placed in the persistent Stash, in case they choose to make the purchase at a later date to gain access to weapons they've acquired over time.

Chris (TheSoldier) replies:
Regarding modding, the folder structure has been overhauled. All weapons are stored in a 'ww2_base' folder now, rather than the Pacific folder in the past.


Unit G17 asks:
Tell us more about the tank battle map. Is the map open or does it feature bottle-necks? Are the tank numbers by chance scale with player/bot count? How much infantry play will be available?

Chris (TheSoldier) replies:
The map will be wide-with a few close-quarters areas where you'll have to watch out for infantry. There will be a significant number of tanks available to both sides - and though they might be the most powerful force on the battlefield, in the end, the infantry are the ones who have to be there to capture the objectives, so they still hold a vital role.


BulletMagnet asks:
Do all the maps take place during or after D-Day, or are there some before?

Chris (TheSoldier) replies:
At launch, there will be one map set before D-Day centering around the airborne side of Operation Husky - the invasion of Sicily.

Karl (Tremozl) replies:
Most of our maps take place after D-Day. They follow a general path along or around the major battles that took place during the Western Front's conflict, and many of them focus on the Allied Airborne operations (though not exclusively.) We go from Sicily to Normandy to the Netherlands, and finally end up launching a major incursion into Germany itself.


Fiesty asks:
Is there anything somewhat more personal that the devs included in the DLCs, maybe something from family history or even Easter eggs, funny AI comments that are inside jokes....etc etc?

Karl (Tremozl) replies:
There's a few Easter eggs (references) mostly in some of the voice-acting; or rather, the dying sounds. You might catch one or two. The title of the project itself is a subtle nod to a particular Television series about American paratroopers, in which one soldier remarks how the Edelweiss flower was a symbol of a 'true warrior'.


Fiesty asks:
Why did you choose the maps you did and what niche historical stuff can you tell us about that might be exciting in the game?

Chris (TheSoldier) replies:
We curated our map-list based on their significance to airborne operations of WWII, or those that involved airborne units. All the major Allied airborne operations of the Western Front will be present and accounted for.
The technology of the enemy will become increasing more sophisticated as you approach their homeland, and when you do reach it, expect them to come out swinging with everything they have...


Anoshi asks:
I've read reports that suggest a common sales figure of 5% for DLC when compared to the base title it belongs to. What are some of the stand-out elements in Edelweiss that you believe will convince existing RWR owners to purchase it and help you achieve (and perhaps even surpass) this figure?
Do you plan to include a discount on the base game as well, when the DLC is released?

Chris (TheSoldier) replies:
One of the downsides of the original PACIFIC expansion was that player rank and RP did not carry over from the base game due to how player data was saved. We sought to rectify that partially with the EDELWEISS expansion, which will share rank, RP, and stash with the PACIFIC accounts.


Lastly we wanted to share a bit of music from EDELWEISS with the community. EDELWEISS will have more music than either of our previous two projects, with a unique loading-screen cue for each level. The one we wanted to share today is for the map St. Marie du Mont; a small road-junction town in France which American paratroopers seized early on the morning of D-Day. Composer Karl Feuerstake had this to say about the music:

PACIFIC's theme was very well-received. It's catchy and epic, and adds certain instruments to the Orchestra such as the Taiko Drum and Shakuhachi Flute that capture the atmosphere of Pacific warfare well. For a European battlefield, these instruments would've been inappropriate; so I had to make do with something else. I decided to employ a bit more restraint with EDELWEISS' underscore. Battles in the Pacific were intense and brutal, but battles across Western Europe still left a good portion of the countryside undamaged and the beauty of nature remained. To illustrate this in the music I dialed back the intensity and laid greater emphasis on the colours of the Woodwind section; while thunderous Brass and Percussion still have their occasional place, there are many more delicate moments in the music of EDELWEISS.

See you on the battlefield and don't forget to join the community on Discord,
Your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.74:
  • calls: A10 gun run call added in invasion, BRRRRRT!
  • maps: fixes here and there
  • weapons: Milkor MGL can now reload 1 round at time again
  • weapons: Shotgun types got a small accuracy boost
  • weapons: Projectile speed of the elite paratroopers SMGs slightly reduced
  • weapons: Taser no longer damage any kind of vest/costume
  • vehicles: AAV7's GL damage per projectile has been increased
  • vehicles: invasion radar tank received new, ERA covered chassis to visually reflect it's increased armor
  • items: community box #4 added. More than a dozen of new goodies includes!
  • dominance: fixed dimensioning of the mortar tank mg damage
  • invasion: player faction set to brownpants
  • team elimination: made a few fixes
  • ai: new soldier class - the grenadier. Armed with a faction specific grenade launcher and a vest
  • ai: detectability of the standing still state being reduced while walking detectability being increased
  • ai: fixed a bug with approaching the entrance point when occupying a stationary weapon
  • misc: fixed XML tag issue on Dragon's Breath

Changelog v1.74 (PACIFIC DLC):
  • invasion: player faction set to USMC
Aug 8, 2019
Hey Runners,

Dominance (PvP) mode has gone through some balance improvements and bug fixing, and we're looking forward to organize a new Dominance event in the next couple of days. To be informed on time, feel free to join the RWR Discord; enter !subscribe there to be informed about the next events.

Another online related issue that has been fixed is about the recently added lonewolf snipers, which, unlike other units, didn't stop attacking even when the player faction had only one base left. This could lead to the last spawn points being locked and therefore making it impossible for the players to spawn.

While Edelweiss continues under development, Pacific is getting some minor changes to make beach landing maps easier to tackle. To address this we raised the performance of the Higgin's Boat's machine guns, allowing them to better secure a foothold and lock down the beach with heavy suppressive fire, both when controlled by the AI and players. Alongside this we've made some rate of fire changes to all Heavy Machine Guns to make them more akin to their real life versions; and damage performance was adjusted to compensate.

Changelog v1.73:

  • dominance: fixed a crash in the map rotator
  • dominance: increased the soldier capacity variance so that a faction with less bases than the opponent gets a slight soldier capacity boost
  • dominance: initial soldier capacity added so that the maximum soldier capacity (for a single base) is reached right at start
  • dominance: fixed map balancing issues on all assault maps which made one faction more defensive, while the other more offensive
  • dominance: vehicle distribution partially reworked
  • dominance: fixed dimensioning of some weapons which made them useless (Benelli M4 and Golden Desert Eagle)
  • man vs. world: fixed issue that AI soldiers could spawn with a suppressed weapon
  • man vs. world 2 players: fixed issue where AI soldiers could spawn on the player faction due to over capacity parameters of some vehicles
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • ai: return lonewolves back to own bases if attack percentage goes to 0
  • visuals: reduced flag marker size a little bit
  • modding: added spawn_y_offset for character specs
  • modding: exposed splat map effects layers via objects.svg with effect_splat_layer similar to terrain_layer objects with texture and scale control

Changelog v1.73 (Pacific):

  • weapons: M1919A4 on the Higgins Boat has been improved dramatically for balance, so that beach landing assaults are easier. Its stats now match regular HMG version of M1919A4.
  • weapons: M1919A4 (including vehicle-born versions) rate of fire raised 28% for greater realism, damage and velocity adjusted for balance
  • weapons: Bofors on the PT boat has raised sight range
  • weapons: Type 92 HMG rate of fire reduced 29% for greater realism, damage and velocity raised for balance
  • weapons: Type 92 HMG now has extended sight range since many were issued with high-powered optics
  • vehicles: Reduced AI vision with the LVT Water Buffalo machine guns from 1.3 to 1.15
  • vehicles: Pillboxes and Heavy MGs now add their crewsize to the faction Soldier Capacity so that factions do not lose attackers when they own a plethora of them
  • vehicles: Pillboxes now respawn every 10 minutes instead of 5
  • vehicles: Landing Craft now add some Soldier capacity to help with beach landings
  • vehicles: Landing Craft health raised 50% to allow them to survive one additional strike from infantry-based Anti-Tank weapons
  • vehicles: Destroyed Heavy MG's no longer block vehicles
  • vehicles: size of the Ka Tsu reduced by 15%
  • maps: Bougainville eastern beach has been slightly reworked (landing beach area increased and the coastal guns now hit less the terrain bumps around them but rather you :)
  • balance: Operation Downfall map has been re-balanced (made easier)
  • script: Operation Downfall phase controller script has been reworked to avoid situations, where the capture order became messed up

Happy running,
your Osumia Games
Jun 14, 2019
Hello Runners!

First of all: 환영합니다, 한국인 장병 여러분!
Indeed, with the help of the awesome community, RWR has been localized in Korean, special thanks to MarsCow, Leechrang and ith3322!

While the update is mainly focusing on this translation work, there's also a bunch of bug fixes and a new modified version of the map "Moorland Trenches" called "Moorland Apocalypse" included in online Invasion and as single-player quickmatch. The alternative take on the map is likely well known by people playing Dominance or the mod "Running with the dead".

In "Moorland Apocalypse", you start at the center of the map and need to push two enemy factions back who are encircling you. The third and outer faction is rather peaceful until you start messing with them. You can use this as for own advantage when you feel the timing is right.

Happy running,
your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.72:

  • translation: Korean (special thanks to MarsCow, Leechrang and ith3322!)
  • maps: Moorland Apocalypse (variation of Moorland Trenches) has been added to the invasion map rotator but is also available as quick match map
  • weapons: enforcer de-spawn time increased to match rare weapons
  • vehicles: Guntruck shooting itself with the front MGs fixed
  • invasion: fixed an exploit where you still got XP when repairing a destroyed vehicle
  • campaign: fixed a bug where in some cases the final missions didn't automatically unlock after annihilating a faction completely
  • visuals: fixed a shadow bug on DirectX
  • mac: fixed issue with ctrl key in inventory view
  • misc: Elite medics now have a small spawn score - not only existing as part of the elite paratrooper call anymore
  • misc: fixed a few typos
  • misc: fixed detonating multiple C4's with squad command modifier + throw key in fov mode
  • misc: optimized character animation loading
  • misc: moved c4 blast on blast to dominance only
  • modding: added soldier_group_name in character info query
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Apr 16, 2019
Hey Runners,

in update 1.71 we continued improving the game and added some new content which will please especially the online invasion players, but we of course also have goodies for the campaign!
For those who have the Pacific DLC, you should know the final map of the campaign, "Operation Downfall". We decided to convert it to be added to the vanilla online invasion map rotation.
There has been several changes to better match the vanilla experience. The challenge is tough and we tested it with a couple of beta testers the last couple of days and we loved it! :)
We also added a "reverse" version of the assault map "Rattlesnake Crescent" where you start at the Mosque without any combat vehicle while the enemy is constantly pushing with mass of vehicles - the freshly implemented Radar Tank being one of them!

In this update, we also added a special lonewolf sniper. He is equipped with a ghillie suit and a suppressed sniper rifle and tends to go behind enemy lines taking out enemies without them to notice. If an hostile enemy unit comes too close, he will crouch and retreat to the closest cover in hopes of not being detected.
At least they don't have any body armor under their ghillie suit and are therefore relatively easy to take out unless they notice you first! Sometimes, when they feel that stealth isn't helping as they would hope for, they might call Elite reinforcement, which is a new radio call, of course also usable for the player!
It paradrops 4 special units, 3 armored paratroopers with unique SMGs and an elite medic which can heal indefinitely (and fast) while having a very strong armored vest! It tries to stay back from the fights focusing on its duty but has a taser as primary weapon in case.

Community Box #3

The first 2 community box projects were a great success! This is why we launched a new modding contest to bring even more community creations into the game.
This time we focused more on useful and realistic items rather than goofy stuff. It's fine to run in a banana costume but it won't always help you during war :)
We at Osumia Games were especially pleased with the fact that some scripting efforts have been done to extend the boundaries of the average modding work that has been done so far for previous community boxes, nice!
This goes from repair crane vehicles that can (over)-repair vehicles to GPS laptops to locate strategic enemy locations on the map. We even have a repair kit to fix your broken vests but of course we also have some new and unique weapons, neat!
Here again, there has been more stuff submitted than what we expected, so we had to make a cut at some point, but those ideas aren't buried and rather get a new chance for the next Community Box!

See you on the battlefield!

Your Osumia Games

Changelog v1.71:

  • projectiles: activated projectiles such as the Claymores, C4, AT mines, etc. can be detonated with blasts
  • fix: disappearing flares on throw
  • fix: map defined paratrooper spawn flares don't respawn after being destroyed
  • fix: grenade class projectiles sometimes going through walls at high speeds (e.g. tank cannon)
  • fix: fixed item drop handling with disconnecting while stunned
  • fix: fixed periodic map legend flicker on screen when streaming with obs while playing online
  • localization: added some overall missing translations
  • quick match: assault maps with fixed starting bases now don't show the option to show the amount of starting base as it's fix anyway
  • maps: "Green Coast" map added to online invasion - a modified version of the "Downfall" Pacific map but suited for Vanilla gameplay
  • maps: added a variant of "Rattlesnake Crescent" in the invasion map rotation where you start at the Mosque with no combat vehicles at your disposal
  • maps: fixed minor pathing issues of the broken bunkers in Misty Height, also you can't jump out of the bunkers anymore
  • maps: few fixes here and there
  • weapons: Tracer dart gun despawn time increased to match other rare gun
  • weapons: M79 ballistics tweaked
  • vehicles: Radar Tank added to online invasion for 2 maps.
  • vehicles: Repair crane added on 2 maps maps
  • vehicles: Ice cream Van added in online invasion. 15% chance to spawn on each map, you can buy ice cream there (oh really?) but also lottery tickets
  • items: community box #3 added. More than a dozen of new goodies includes!
  • calls: new paratrooper call added: elite reinforcement consisting of 3 armored paratroopers and 1 elite medic
  • invasion: player faction swapped to Greycollars on official invasion servers
  • dominance: "Green Coast" map added to the map rotator
  • deathmatch: "Green Coast" map added to the map rotator
  • minimodes: adding some player AI reduction
  • ai: added lonewolf sniper behavior
  • characters: characters now automatically jump out from vehicle after surrendering
  • modding: added process_tires as vehicle tag parameter to disable wheel physics entirely
  • modding: added blast_damage_threshold projectile parameter so that activated projectiles (C4, mines...) can be destroyed with blast damage
  • modding: added kill reward XP multiplier parameter for weapons
  • modding: added blood effect control in character files
  • modding: added general foot_step sound key in character files
  • modding: fixed item buy_price and sell_price handling
  • modding: fixed xp and rp configs not reverting to default when left undefined when using copy_from with soldier groups
  • modding: added soldier_group_name parameter for resources query command

Changelog v1.71 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • weapons: Type 4 Rocket Launcher's area of effect now matches Bazooka (was raised.)
  • weapons: set Type 99 hi-grade rifle's text to have a blue colour like other rare weapons when on the ground.
  • weapons: outside of Online Invasion mode, the Type 1 SMG and Type Hei now have matching commonness (rather than Type Hei being far more common.) Invasion remains unchanged where the Type Hei actually is the rarest weapon.
  • items: Sentry Vest "0%" layer fixed to still provide some very minor benefit like all other vests
  • misc: edited tip regarding M1 Carbine being an effective side-arm for 'Bazooka crews', as Bazookas have been a secondary slot as well for a very long time.

join the community on Discord
Hello Runners!

Here comes the first update of 2019!
Not awfully much new and mainly balancing changes and some fixes!

Changelogs v1.70.3:

  • maps: fixed a few collision and pathing issues of ruins buildings
  • maps: added a stair between junkyard and TV station in Rattlesnake Crescent, to have a more direct path option
  • fix: removed unused animations in mortar weapons to clear warnings in the logs
  • vehicles: the ATV has the backseat passenger now turned by 180°. Driver now sits more upright
  • vehicles: fixed non-collideable vehicle respawn handling
  • vehicles: added collision damage for Machinegun, Minigun and Grenade Launcher deployables
  • vehicles: deployable sandbags are now easier destroyable on vehicle collision. Before only heavy vehicles could destroy them on collision
  • AI: made AI squadmate stay sitting in an additional seat in a multiseat stationary weapon
  • localization: fixed some typos

Changelogs v1.70.3 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • weapons: Type 99 "Hi-Grade" Rifle added - an elite version fitted with a monopod, anti-air sights, a bolt-cover, bayonet, and a quality wood furnish. The bolt action cycles very fast and accuracy is exceptional
  • gameplay: Veteran Difficulty now enables true Field of View for extreme challenge. You can set up a "Custom" campaign with similar values to Veteran if you wish to avoid it
  • gameplay: added Player Survivability Boost to Easy (+50%) and Hard (+20%). xp and rp modifiers also tweaked
  • gameplay: flatlined all weapon XP requirements to max at 10,000xp. Raised commonness of some of the super-rare guns. This will make these guns more accessible for single-run playthroughs (does not affect online Invasion)
  • single player: adjusted the Banzai Vest worn by AI soldiers to take damage much more reliably. Pacific Invasion remains unchanged
  • items: adjusted weight of most vests so there is more room for picking up loot when carrying reserve vests in your backpack
Greeting Runners!

First of all...

Year 2018 in review:

2018 is coming to an end and it has been another good year for Osumia Games. The RUNNING WITH RIFLES family has grown by another 280.000 members this year with 20.000 sales coming alone from the Pacific DLC! In 2018 we worked hard on the huge 1.70 update, also known as the "usability update" which took us a while to finish and we wanted to release all its new content in one patch. The long wait was worth it and the result proved to be very helpful, especially for new players. This new "tutorial" approach in the form of journal notes with images teaches you about events you encounter during your campaign, which should be easier and much more detailed than the former playground tutorial. Prior to that we also reworked the inventory encumbrance mechanics to have a better flexibility and to not lock the player down at snail's pace when carrying only a single weapon in his backpack.

This year we also extended our Chinese server realm in result of the increasing amount of players from the Middle Kingdom.
We also extended the "Man vs. World" mode to a 2-player version for those who prefer sharing this hard challenge with a mate.

Another new approach we started in 2018 was a cooperation with the modding scene in the form of "community boxes". The community worked on new items and we implemented them into the game if they reached a satisfying standard. This went from new combat vehicles to new gear, tons of weapons and some more or less silly items.
The 2 community boxes we released this year in new updates certainly weren't the last ones - hey this is the official starting shot for community box #3! :)

For the PACIFIC DLC throughout 2018 we also published several updates which included a new large-size map, a plethora of new firearms, some balance overhauls, and the addition of new vehicles and soldier types. This includes the more recent "Type 4 Ka-Tsu" - a massive amphibious personnel carrier used by the Japanese navy.

What's next?

For the future of our World War 2 development, we will be prioritizing our work on the upcoming Western-Front themed DLC "EDELWEISS". Some of the content from 'Edel' will be made available within Pacific, and we have some plans as how to make all your stash content and experience points transferable between the two theatres. So if you are a veteran of the Pacific Theatre, you will be able to bring your "Stinger" back to the Western Front to wreak havoc on the German army!

As to EDELWEISS' campaign itself, we have told you it will follow the story of Allied Paratroopers fighting their way across Western Europe. There will also be one unique map that will provide some relief from the Paratrooper missions - that of the assault up Hell's Highway, focusing on heavy armoured warfare. This will be Running with Rifle's first heavily tank-focused map, and will primarily center around usage of Medium Tanks such as the Cromwell and the Panzer IV (though other armour and types of tanks will be available). The fighting on Hell's Highway was all part of an elaborate plan crafted by Allied high-command to rapidly liberate the Netherlands - and arrive on Germany's western border before winter. This plan, known as Operation Market Garden, was ultimately unsuccessful and failed to achieve its objectives. British Paratroopers landed around and attempted to secure the bridge over Arnhem for the main armoured column to pass over; however, they were surrounded by elite German mechanized units and street fighting in the city broke out. The British armoured column attempted to reach and relieve the paratroopers at Arnhem by traveling up what they called "Hell's Highway", but were highly exposed to German ambushes, especially from well camouflaged tanks and anti-tank guns. In the end the relief column was stalled, and the paratroopers at Arnhem eventually surrendered. Arnhem itself would not be liberated until April of 1945. That is not to say the Allied armour did not make great progress; and for the sake of our game, the fate of the attack will be in your hands, though it will be the Axis campaign offering the 'authentic' outcome.

Lastly: yet another teaser as to Edelweiss' progress - showcasing another Medium Tank,
our Panzer IV, AAAAAAACHTUNG!! :)

Don't forget to join our RWR community on Discord if you have questions or want to gather with other Runners.
Feel free to leave us a review on Steam if you like the game, it always motivates us a lot to continue our journey with you guys!

Oh, and without teasing too much, we at Osumia Games also started working on something even BIGGER, but it's still too early to reveal more. Anyway, good times ahead!!

your Osumia Games
Hey Runners,

[drumroll] Update 1.70 aka the "usability update" is finally there! [/drumroll]

Usability Update

The lack of a solid tutorial explaining high level game elements has been an issue among new players and we decided to do something about it now. The little puzzle playground we had previously has been removed as obsolete. In the new approach you'll get informed about things you encounter while playing the campaign (or online invasion) in the form of journal notes, which are usually triggered by mousing over objects or by simply gaining XP. While there are still a few things you'll have to figure out on your own, this should definitely help players get into the game better!
A good chunk of the new text content has been translated in all supported languages, kudos again to the translating community! In no special orders thanks to BrodaTy, CandyMew, Lagia8, Tadler, Zahar Savelyev, RaioOriginal, Etsy and some proof-readers.

In the picture below there's a preview of what the journal system looks like:

In this update, we've made certain features more accessible for experienced players too. For example, deploying sandbags or heavy weapons on the roof only to see them fall over the edge from a slight misplacement of its position is finally coming to an end. Now, besides using improved collision models for the deployables, we also have a visual emplacement marker which turns red if the space in front of the player is not suitable for deployment. Alongside that, you can now order squadmates to man deployable weapons by giving them a move order over the gun! If (for some reason) you want to build 5 miniguns and 5 mortars side-by-side and want them all manned, no problem.

In the picture below you can see it in action:

We entirely re-balanced the campaign after making some changes to the commander AI logic in pursuit of an improved pace for the game. Once a base has been captured, the next attack doesn't begin immediately - rather the commander will regroup his forces to defend against a counterattack and also gather for a larger attack when it does occur. In addition, we seized the occasion to add a new "veteran" difficulty which has same settings as the "hard" difficulty but with FoV enabled, which makes for a much more challenging experience.

We also added radio call markers (visible on the map and in the game world) to provide better information for the players about where an allied radio call has been placed as well as an AoE so that you know in which radius you should not enter during the call in case it is a mortar/artillery strike. The subtle visual marker will hopefully lower the amount of unwanted teamkills happening when fellow soldiers run through the bomb showers.

Community Box #2

The first community box submission work was a great success and the modders had a lot of fun making experimental stuff and a good part of it made its way into the game. They had enough new ideas for another community project so here we go! In 1.70 there is a new community box with new exciting (and CRAZY) content!
Have you ever dreamed of running through the frontlines in a banana costume throwing banana peels at the enemy? Or having a riot shield but actually being able to shoot at the same time? From goofy to highly helpful in combat situations, with the help of the modding community, we have more than a dozen new items/objects/costumes/vehicles in the community box #2!

Dominance - PvP

The experimental "Dominance" (PvP) mode is coming out now too. The main idea was to remove most of the RNG by simulating a healthpoint system where there is no longer a kill probability system from bullet damage. Most weapons have a smaller bullet decay (apart from sniper rifles) and some rare weapons have also been included, such as the F2000, the XM-8, 44 Magnum and a few more.
As this gamemode is mainly about PvP, we removed stealth vests and added a special vest which is basically similar to the Vest Type II in vanilla, just that the top vest layers reduce bullet impacts more than the lower layers.
We also added the bandage item that allow you to heal yourself! You can also heal your special vest with it. Bandages can be found at the armory but are also dropped by some AI soldiers.
Keep yourself mobile and loot the bandages lying around to always be ready to engage the next fight!

Pacific Update

Pacific in update 1.70 aims to improve upon some of the major balance concerns in the community, as well as make the campaign more accessible, and to implement a few new weapons and units within the game. Some of the major balance changes include reducing the power of the Banzai Charge call-in, giving the USMC forces a better chance on the early beach-assault maps, and a lot of performance changes to the game's small-arms weapons. Specifically, most of the Common weapons (the starting guns available within the Armoury) have had their lethality improved in some way or another; reducing the large gap between their performance and that of Rare weapons. Some other changes include reducing the spawn frequency of the Armoured Sentry Soldiers, adjusting the performance of various armoured vests, and making Guadalcanal a bit more challenging with large numbers of players in an Invasion server (reducing the number of Friendly AI soldiers more per each joined player. This will not affect Solo Players and has very minimal impact on small numbers of players.) Lastly, there is an assortment of new weapons being added, from the iconic M55 Reising sub-machine gun to the pre-war experimental Type Hei automatic rifle. The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) have also been added to the game in the form of their Special Naval Landing Forces - essentially Japanese Marines. The IJN replace the IJA on Tarawa and Downfall, serving as a "Boss" faction within the US campaign, but also playable in the Japanese campaign. They use a few different weapons from the IJA and can call-in a Heavy Amphibious Tank - the Type 4 Ka-Tsu - a behemoth of a personnel carrier equipped with two 13mm Machine Guns.

Edelweiss News Update

In case you missed our last dev blog, we announced the next DLC set on the Western Front! It will go through the battles that paratroopers participated in, most notably Normandy, Market Garden, and the Battle of the Bulge. We're excited to show more about this DLC further down the line, but for now, enjoy this:

Don't forget to join our RWR community on Discord and leave us a review on Steam if you like the game, it always motivates us a lot!

Your Osumia Games

Check this sexy changelog for a complete list of changes in Vanilla and Pacific:

Changelog v1.70:

  • maps: new base added in Rattlesnake Crescent
  • maps: new base added in Keepsake Bay
  • maps: Power Junction rotated by 45° and Power plant base slightly reworked
  • maps: Airfield base in Vigil Island slightly reworked - new armory and radio jammer locations
  • maps: several fixes here and there
  • deathmatch: added map7 to the map rotator
  • deathmatch: script ported to AngelScript
  • minimodes: script ported to AngelScript
  • minimodes: FoV is now enabled on default
  • dominance: script ported to AngelScript
  • dominance: rework to get rid of the RNG by simulating a simple health system - experimental phase.
  • dominance: bandage added
  • dominance: some rare weapons added (had none so far)
  • man vs world: vehicles do not respawn to avoid spawn kills
  • server: fixed character_kill event crash
  • equipment: spawn flare XP requirement lowered from 3000 to 1500XP
  • equipment: Cover deploy XP requirement lowered from 500 to 250XP
  • equipment: EOD vest lethality vs bullets and movement speed equipped slightly decreased
  • weapons: stock machine pistols accuracy and effective range slightly increased
  • weapons: stock suppressed SMGs XP requirement in campaign/invasion lowered from 1500 to 1000XP
  • weapons: stock pistols XP requirement in campaign/invasion increased from 250 to 750XP
  • weapons: SPAS-12 - removed XP requirement in campaign/invasion which used to be 500XP
  • weapons: PKM XP requirement in campaign/invasion increased from 0 to 500XP
  • weapons: PAW-20 rate of fire increased by 27%
  • weapons: Benelli M4 with suppressor stats increased
  • weapons: Scorpio Evo-III bullet falloff time slightly increased
  • weapons: QCW-05 bullet falloff time slightly increased
  • weapons: Stoner 62 accuracy increased/recoil slightly decreased
  • vehicles: mobile armory acceleration and max speed slightly increased
  • vehicles: most vehicles have been re-scaled (made smaller)
  • vehicles: re-spawn times for most combat vehicles increased by 20 seconds - also including mounted stationary weapons
  • vehicles: special cargo reward delivery bonus increased from 400 to 1000RP
  • vehicles: become un-steerable below 5% health points. Need repair or explode after some time
  • vehicles: deployables configured to lose health on vehicle collisions+
  • items: community box #2 added. A dozen of new goodies includes!
  • calls: airdropped vehicles now have a visual parachute attached
  • calls: visual markers for friendly mortar/artillery strike and paratroopers added
  • calls: artillery (8x16) fixed - now launches 8 salvos instead of 10
  • AI: vanilla campaign commander now issues an attack break after capturing his target base, for better pacing
  • AI: squad leader player can give command to AI squad members to occupy static weapons such as deployable MG, mortar, etc.
  • AI: improved the way AI considers usefulness of a static weapon, also with ability to abandon it
  • AI: now considers occupying static weapons while fighting
  • AI: fixed some issues with combat vehicle driving
  • AI: made AI aware of min_health_to_steer with vehicles
  • campaign/invasion: complete re-balance
  • campaign: veteran difficulty added (same as hard but with FoV enabled)
  • campaign: amount of Elite soldiers raised by 60%, which also implies 60% more rare weapon drops
  • campaign: added some commander dialogue when spotting and/or destroying important targets
  • campaign: added base recon objective to further encourage players to travel and attack secondary bases
  • campaign: cargo truck location hints made less frequent
  • campaign: special crates have now randomized spawn locations and numbers. Can also spawn ultra rare weapons
  • campaign: changed item unlock expiration timer to 100h for campaign
  • campaign: extraction points now show at the screen edge when map is complete
  • quick match: amount of Elite soldiers raised by 60%, which also implies 60% more rare weapon drops
  • invasion: amount of Elite soldiers raised by 30%, which also implies 30% more rare weapon drops
  • invasion: changing player faction to Greenbelts in official invasion
  • gameplay: "King of the Hill" timer reworked. Now the timer isn't reset anymore when the hill changes ownership. It is paused and resumed on re-capture
  • animations: leaving_wounded animation added after getting healed while wounded
  • visuals: changed character shading method to happen in postprocessing for less noise and light direction awareness
  • visuals: changed tree foliage billboard rendering for less flicker
  • visuals: changed post processing for tighter outlines and resolution adaptation
  • visuals: added deployment area helper visual
  • menu: various changes
  • misc: added system to show help notes as notifications
  • misc: removed the vertical-coordinate ignoring when figuring out which items are within the picking-radius of the character - e.g. no more floor item picking when on a roof
  • misc: added a HUD helper to show which weapon slot is selected
  • misc: fixed text alignment in inventory view when inspecting items
  • misc: added suppressed weapon icon in item inspector in inventory view
  • misc: player location cross in map view made more visible
  • misc: map legend added
  • misc: pause key removed, accessing menu will pause game (except when playing online)
  • misc: added reload indicator when empty mag
  • misc: chat balloon happening on the right side of screen now extend to left if it would clip with the screen edge
  • misc: various changes in menu UI, no more overflowing text and controls
  • misc: adjusted UI to support 21:9 better
  • misc: improved UI text justification method
  • misc: fixed scrolling in mapview over a spawnpoint being mistaken for intent to respawn
  • misc: added survivability option in quickmatch and campaign for increasing the odds for player to survive; easy difficulty now utilizes it instead of boosting/nerfing capacities and accuracies that much
  • misc: configured deployables physics and collision models to not fall off from roof edges
  • misc: configured deployables to use high mass and blast_push_threshold to prevent being bulldozed by vehicles and moved by blasts
  • misc: added optional dedicated primary / secondary weapon change keys
  • misc: fixed wounded character stand-up issue in online
  • modding: added <destroy_on_drive_over_tags><tag name="heavy"/>... support in static object spec
  • modding: added call_event, with phase="queue"/"acknowledge"/"launch"/"end" and id field to distinguish calls from each other
  • modding: added roof_elevation keyword for buildings with elevated roofs
  • modding: added attack_change script event
  • modding: resource doesn't require to be in_stock anymore to be able to respawn_with

Changelog v1.70 (PACIFIC DLC):

  • maps: USMC campaign balance adjusted so the first few beach-assault maps are more forgiving to low-ranked players.
  • maps: Guadalcanal in USMC campaign now loses more friendly troops when more players are in the match. Reduction from 2 to 3 per player.
  • maps: Guadalcanal hidden in quickmatch menu
  • maps: Fixed issue with capturing LZ Sun on Downfall.
  • fix: bug where soldiers clumped up on the Attack Ship on Iwo Jima resolved
  • fix: animation issues regarding hipfire weapons resolved
  • fix: bug where IJA campaign could not reach Peleliu Airfield resolved
  • fix: bug where ladders on left side of Saipan attack ship were unclimbable resolved
  • fix: bug where damaged tank on Downfall was destroyed resolved
  • soldiers: the Sentry AI soldier spawns 25% less often.
  • soldiers: fixed an issue with dialogue used by POW soldiers.
  • soldiers: reduced the RP available to Banzai Officers, POW soldiers, and US Army Squad Leaders.
  • soldiers: Banzai Chargers can no longer spawn with medkits.
  • soldiers: reduced the spawn chance of Flamethrower Operators for the regular Imperial Japanese Army.
  • gameplay: weapons in Quickmatch now have XP requirements similar to the Campaign.
  • gameplay: the Banzai Charge call-in now deploys 1 less Light Machine Gunner soldier, who is now replaced with an additional Rifleman.
  • gameplay: Banzai Charge Squad now costs 350 RP, matching the cost of the US Army Rifles Squad.
  • gameplay: you can now unlock the M1903A3 with bayonet for re-purchase at the USMC armoury by selling 5 of them.
  • gameplay: You can now unlock the Type 38 with bayonet for re-purchase at the IJA armoury by selling 5 of them.
  • gameplay: You can no longer unlock enemy weapons (to reduce overcluttered Armouries).
  • gameplay: Adjusted some briefcase unlocks.
  • gameplay: The Rubber-boat call-in has been adjusted, spawning in a slightly randomized position, so that it can not be used to accurately crush enemy soldiers.
  • gameplay: enemy anti-tank grenades, bazookas, grenades, at grenades, and heavy MG deploys can no longer be unlocked at the armoury. (99% were statistically the same anyways.)
  • items: Banzai, Veteran, and Sentry vests have been modified to more consistently take damage from small-arms, rather than being heavily chance-based.
  • items: Banzai Vest and Veteran Vest improved to have 3 layers of armour instead of 2. The cost of Banzai vest has been raised from 10 to 15. This does not effect the AI-controlled Banzai soldiers.
  • items: The Sentry Vest has had its cost lowered.
  • items: All vests now have altered weights when carried in the backpack.
  • vehicles: Added NEW Type 4 Ka-Tsu - a heavy amphibious tank the Imperial Japanese Navy can deploy on Tarawa and Downfall.
  • weapons: Added NEW M1903A3 Bayonet variant.
  • weapons: Added NEW T22 Garand variant (20-round magazine).
  • weapons: Added NEW M1 Thompson - faster RoF but only 20-round magazine, compared to M1A1 Thompson.
  • weapons: Added NEW M1918A2 BAR Rapid Fire variant - faster RoF than regular.
  • weapons: Added NEW M1919A6 Mobile - hip fired variant carried by Sentries.
  • weapons: Added NEW Bayonet variants to the Type 100 SMG and the MP 34 "Type STE" SMG.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type 99 Sniper Rifle - with more powerful scope zoom than the Type 97 Sniper Rifle.
  • weapons: Added NEW Mk 3 Concussion Grenade - knocks down opponents. Carried by Flamethrower Operators.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type Hei Automatic Rifle - fully automatic rifle with 20-round magazine and good recoil control. Extremely deadly, but also quite rare.
  • weapons: Added NEW M55 Reising - very high rate of fire, but small 20-round magazine. Replaces M1A1 Thompson on early-war maps. Variation with folded stock in side-arm slot exists.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type I Carcano - used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, serving as their standard service rifle. Very similar to Type 38. A bayonet variant exists.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type BE Submachine Gun - used by Imperial Japanese Navy Veteran soldiers, it is a Bergmann MP 18 chambered in 7.63mm Mauser with a large 50-round stick magazine. A bayonet variant exists.
  • weapons: Added NEW Type 2 Model B Submachine Gun - named simply "Type 2 SMG". With moderate rate of fire and 30-round magazine.
  • weapons: Adjusted some discrepancies with grenades and AT weapons' performances between the IJA and USMC.
  • weapons: Adjusted performance of some explosive weapons, and enabled Type 98, Oerlikon, and Anti-Air Gun to damage Tanks.
  • weapons: Can no longer respawn with Type 99 LMG Scoped variation after dying. This will give it the rare 'blue' colour of a special weapon.
  • weapons: Satchel Charge renamed to Anti-Tank Satchel Charge in English, for a bit of extra clarity.
  • weapons: Mk II Grenade Fuse set from 3 seconds to 4 seconds (bug fix).
  • weapons: Type 100 moved to early war IJA arsenal, MP34 "Type STE" given to IJN.
  • weapons: SMG/Carbine "base" weapon (affects many SMGs/Carbines) - max spread reduced by 5%, running accuracy raised from 5% (affects first shot fired while moving.)
  • weapons: Sniper Rifle "base" weapon standing accuracy reduced by 6%. This was to give it a more distinct disadvantange when compared with non-scoped Bolt-Action Rifles.
  • weapons: Bolt-Action Rifles (non-scoped) crouching accuracy raised by 5%. This is mostly to make them more reliable during online play on Invasion servers, where net lag can hinders these weapons most.
  • weapons: M1A1 Thompson heavily rebalanced for more mid-range performance.
  • weapons: M1928 Thompson w/ 100-round drum renamed to M1921 Thompson w/ 100-round drum, to better reflect how it lacks a muzzle-brake.
  • weapons: The M1921 Thompson w/ 100-round drum has had its reload speed reduced, and its movement speed from -0.05 to -0.075.
  • weapons: Type 100 SMG - kill probability raised by 6%, kill decay start time raised by 12.5%. Result is a bit more power in short range, vastly more at longer ranges.
  • weapons: Type 100/44 SMG heavily rebalanced for less long-range performance, while still being superior to most SMGs in short / medium-short range.
  • weapons: C96 Carbine renamed to Type MO Carbine to reflect its Japanese nomenclature.
  • weapons: M1 Carbine and C96 "Type MO Carbine" kill decay start time raised by 40%, end time by 10%. Result is better medium and long range performance.
  • weapons: MP 34 renamed to Type STE to reflect its Japanese-contracted version. Rechambered in 7.63mm Mauser. Statistics adjusted - generally, higher velocity and lower recoil.
  • weapons: Type 2 Model A renamed to Type 1 SMG, reflecting a more accurate nomenclature for the weapon.
  • weapons: M2 Carbine and Bayonet variant - recoil reduced by 15%, kill decay start time raised by 40%, end time by 10%, walking accuracy reduced by 16%.
  • weapons: M1 Garand and Bayonet variant - recoil recovery improved by 45%, kill decay start time raised by 40%. Able to fire accurately at long range much faster, and hit harder too.
  • weapons: Scoped M1D Garand - recoil recovery improved by 45%, velocity reduced by 7% (so it matches other Snipers now).
  • weapons: Type 4 Rifle - recoil recovery improved by 17%. While still poor in accuracy compared to most rifles, it is easy to fire quick, deadly bursts with this weapon.
  • weapons: Type 44 Carbine - velocity raised by 2.5%. This improves both accuracy at long range, kill probability, and requires less leading of targets. It is a bigger boost than it sounds.
  • weapons: M1941 Johnson Rifle - velocity raised by 2.5%, recoil recovery improved by 7%. Much more efficient at long and medium ranges.
  • weapons: M1918A2 BAR crouching accuracy raised by 20%, standing accuracy raised by 19%, reload speed increased by 5%.
  • weapons: M1919A6 can now be respawned with, accuracy raised by 3%. The respawn change is significant, and the slight accuracy boost helps it keep up with the new M1 Garand.
  • weapons: M1941 Johnson LMG crouching accuracy raised by 22%, but rate of fire reduced by 19%. Overall it is more versatile and controllable, but doesn't have such insane DPS when prone.
  • weapons: ANM2 'Stinger' accuracy slightly raised. This improves its damage output at range to be a bit closer to the Type 98 LMG.
  • weapons: All 'mobile' hip fired machine guns have had their movement speed raised from -0.25 to -0.2.
  • weapons: Type 96 LMG, Bayonet, and Trench variants - kill probability raised by 8.5%.
  • weapons: Type 99 LMG and Bayonet variant - kill probability raised by 3%, kill decay start time raised by 40%.
  • weapons: Scoped Type 99 LMG - kill probability raised by 3%, kill decay start time raised by 30%.
  • weapons: Type 38 kill probability raised to match other bolt-action rifles, kill decay start time reduced by 20%. This overall improves its reliablity in short range.
  • weapons: Type 14 pistol recoil reduced by 3%.
  • weapons: M1919 HMG and Type 92 HMG kill probability reduced by 12.5%, kill decay start time improved by 17%.
  • weapons: Adjusted the commonness of a variety of weapons. SMGs are generally a more common than LMGs on AI soldiers now. Some rares are also a bit more common. HMG deploys are more rare.
  • weapons: Type 100 Grenade Discharger can now be respawned with.
  • invasion: changing player faction to IJA in official Pacific invasion
  • misc: new medikit model added.
  • misc: new demolitions charge model added.
  • misc: C96 "Type MO" model adjusted.
  • misc: M1919A6 model and HUD icon adjusted.
  • misc: MP 34 "Type STE" sound changed.
  • misc: Type 99 LMG Bayonet model slightly adjusted.
  • misc: new M1918 BAR sound, and model adjusted.
  • misc: new M1941 Johnson LMG sound.
  • misc: new models for overencumbered backpacks; both light encumbrance and heavy encumbrance.
  • misc: adjusted position of the Type 93 Flamethrower model so that it is better held by the soldier's hands.
  • misc: the Imperial Japanese Navy faction has been placed on Tarawa and Downfall.
  • misc: Binoculars XP requirement in Campaign lowered from 10k to 1k.
  • misc: new model for the US Willy's Jeep.

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