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Rusty Hearts: Reborn is finally here! Reborn is going to bring a wave of new content to Rusty Hearts with new dungeons, weapons, focuses, and more. Be the first download the expansion and master all the new features of the update. See a full list of what you can expect below.
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Get the full details on the <a href="">Reborn expansion</a> and <a href="">learn how</a> you can win an epic <a href="">Reborn Prize Pack </a>full of goodies like a Logitech F710 wireless gamepad, I <3 RH t-shirts, mousepads, and more!
Be sure to also check out the latest Rusty Hearts Show where the Rusty Hearts production team talks goes over the latest news, events, patch information and more!<p style="text-align: center; "><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="237" src="" width="420"></iframe></p>
Community Announcements - summx
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Since the release of Rusty Hearts we’ve seen a couple new characters, Natasha, Meilin, Roselle, Edgar, but today we’re officially announcing our latest character, Leila Vergerius. Just like the other characters, Leila is considered a premium character, but unlike them she will be free!
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For the first time ever, we’re releasing a premium avatar at the low price of FREE. Getting Leila Vergerius is as simple as connecting your Perfect World account to Facebook and selecting your Leila reward package. Connecting your Facebook account is easy and secure; additionally, you’ll be eligible for new rewards every day. While you can only claim one <strong><a href="">Facebook Connect</a></strong> reward, you can repeat the steps daily for a new reward. Want 3 Leilas? Simply visit the <strong><a href="">Facebook Connect </a></strong>page each day and select your new Leila as many times as you would like (or can). It's important to remember you can only receive a Facebook Connect reward once daily, if you mistakenly select a buff you will have to wait 24 hours to select Leila.
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Community Announcements - summx
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<p>We're excited to announce our latest Rusty Hearts character with scythe and magic sword abilities. Just like Meilin Chen and Roselle Vergerious, our latest character <strong><a href="">Edgar Grosvenor</a></strong> is an all-new Cash Shop Avatar that works in tandem with Angela. We're also announcing the first true Raid dungeon, <strong><a href="">Dead Man's Valley</a></strong>. <br />

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<p>After weeks of anticipation the Requiem update is finally here! There’s no time to waste, get a quick summary of what’s new below and hit some dungeons. Be sure to also check out all the <strong><a href="">sales </a></strong>and <strong><a href="">promotions </a></strong>we are running in celebration of the update!</p>

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Announcement - Valve
Rusty Hearts, the popular Free-to-Play game on Steam, is having a special Midweek Madness promotion to commemorate the launch of the Requiem update!

To celebrate Requiem, a Weapon Booster Kit will be given out to all users who play during the Midweek Madness period*. Additionally, all Zen purchases before Thursday at 4PM Pacific time, will receive a 15% bonus!

Weapon Booster Kit includes
- 1x +5 Weapon Enchant Kit – Automatically enchants any weapon to +5
- 10x Wiseman's Stones – Stones used to upgrade weapons.
- 10x Augment Stones - Stones used to augment the special abilities of weapons.

*Weapon Booster Kit will be added to your Rusty Hearts account on Friday morning

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Our last update, Devoured by Darkness, sent us deeper in to the Rusty Hearts saga and showed us multitude of new story lines and adventures. We’re elated to build off that story with our latest update “Requiem.” This update will focus on a few different game elements, but none more important than Frantz's quest to find Amelia. Requiem will is slated for a Valentine’s Day release on February 14th 2012.

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<b>Highlights from Requiem</b>

-Natasha makes her first appearance in Rusty Hearts lore and becomes an integral part of the team

-Fluffy wreaks havoc in his monstrous return after a brief glimpse in the prologue/tutorial

-Frantz search for his lost love Amelia heats up

-Gerald continues his twisted and demented ways as he creates an alliance with Cipher to acquire more power

-The Golden Seal team investigates the Opera House in an effort to locate the enigmatic power source brining all the marionettes to life.

-The team’s investigation brings them to uncharted depths of the theater where they encounter one of the biggest enemies ever seen.

<b>New Features</b>
New Cash Shop Character- Wrap your hands around the sexy, yet deadly, Roselle Vergerius

New Level Cap- Continue the fight as you reach new heights and level higher than ever before

New Items- Scores of new items to use for crafting, forging and progression

New Hub World- Explorer the lush forest-like Training Camp and gain access to dungeons, skill masters and townspeople

Raid Dungeon- All new dungeon mode where you and 7 friends (8 players total) can create an “Expedition” and attempt to rise to the top on an all new dungeon. Thwart onslaught of enemies while you navigate the multi-tiered dungeon.

New Enemies- New dungeons bring some of the most unique enemies since the early release of Rusty Hearts. Each new dungeon contains a never-before-seen set of monsters as well as massive dungeon specific bosses

Devastating New Skills- Over 200 new and upgraded skills to master from levels 39-45

New Weapons- Dozens of savage new weapons including new drops from the Alter Raid dungeon

<a href="
">Read More</a>

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Little is known about Meilin Chen, but before she was wiping the sewers with Skeletons and Hakens she was best known for her masterful Kung Fu abilities. Meilin’s grace and beauty are only surpassed by her strength, speed and agility. Her poise is unrivaled as she is rarely fazed and can endure even the most brutal attacks by her foes. As a disciplined Kung Fu artist she is constantly in an attack stance with one foot up, ready to kick and inflict massive damage. Her nomadic and lone-wolf tendencies have led her to Bramunez to right the wrongs and bring peace.

Meilin maybe a master of Kung Fu but her skills and weapons correspond with Tude’s. Since Meilin is in a new land with new enemies, she has made do with Tude’s weapons and skill masters. To upgrade her weapons and/or skills you’ll recognize that anything traditionally reserved for Tude will apply to her with the exception of costumes.

While she shares many features with Tude, Meilin’s attacks are uniquely hers and fitted for her Kung Fu masteries. Be the first to master her and achieve greatness while exhibiting grace and power.
Community Announcements - summx
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On October 11th, 2011 we will be releasing an avalanche of new Rusty Hearts content in our very first update - Awakening. This update will hit on almost every concern and issue Rusty Hearts fanatics have been asking for, and adds a TON of new stuff for both new players and the grizzled vets alike.

Our players have been kicking the door down on our level caps and high skills for since the launch of Rusty Hearts, and it’s time to see how much more you can take. Last week we teased a few of the new updates features you could expect soon. Today we unveil all the new skills, items, quests and more that will be coming your way.

Take a look at the full update details below:

Increased Level Cap – New level cap will be 30, providing you with the opportunity to gain new weapons, skills and quests, and dungeons.

Rich Side Quests – Over 85 quests to complete and earn EXP
· Delve deeper into the relationship between Pierre and Pamela
· Making a Voodoo Doll for the cow, Ursula
· Resurrecting Thanatos, an ancient angel of death
· Learn a portion of Heo's past
· Help Poison and her husband with their relationship
· Hunt a giant snake
· Explore the Maw of Madness within the Guest Villa

Immersive Story Quests – Over 40 new story quests to complete and immerse you in Rusty Heart’s lore.

Beautiful New Dungeons – 4 new dungeons to raid and dominate, including:

Is it getting hot in here or is it just us? Steamworks is a maze of broken pipes and poisons gases that require nerves of steel. If the fumes don’t get you there’s no shortage of Vlad’s comrades to challenge you. Be careful where you step, Steamwork’s machinery and traps may prove overwhelming.

Collapsed Halls
Navigate your way through the Collapsed Halls ruins and overthrow the enemies that lurk in the shadows. It’s been said that those who’ve entered have never returned, but they can still be seen wondering these halls.

Public Baths
No one likes using public baths, even less like to wonder them when they’re haunted with evil minions. Find your way through these bathes without losing your cool. Losing your towel will be the least of your worries. Haken, Hammer Butcher, Archers and Platina bosses will make sure things heat up.

Guest Villa
This isn’t your parents guest house in Bel Air, this cryptic villa was once a warehouse that was later renovated to accommodate guests. While the villa has accepted plenty of new tenants, no one has checked out. The work was never finished on the renovations so please pardon the dust and evil spirits.

Epic New Bosses -

Lord Curtis


Stone Golem

More Training grounds – Unlock the second Underground Training facility where you can challenge yourself to 10 floors of an increasing number of bigger and badder enemies. Each floor drops Training Hall tickets, which will allow you to obtain special gear for your character.

Exciting New items – Over 550 new items will be added in to the game, giving you even more loot to search for and acquire

Ridiculous New Weapons – FInd and master all the new weapons
Product Release - Valve
Rusty Hearts is now Free to Play on Steam. Play before September 27th 10AM PDT to receive a starter bundle.

Rusty Hearts is a multiplayer online game with fast-paced and highly-stylized brawling combat combined with a solo or team-based dungeon exploration experience. In this gothic inspired world of vampires, half-vampires, and humans, players will be able to unleash devastating combo attacks, engage in a wide variety of epic monster battles, collect valuable loot, and become a unique hero.


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