Sniper: Ghost Warrior

PlayStation 3 users will get to experience a buffed-up version of Sniper: Ghost Warrior early next year, developer City Interactive has confirmed.

The FPS will be getting updated visuals and plenty of new content. Expect new singleplayer missions, bonus multiplayer maps, new multiplayer modes and new weapons.

"Sniper: Ghost Warrior was our most ambitious project to date and although it was extremely well-received by players, we wanted to ensure that the PS3TM version took the franchise to a higher level," CEO Marek Tyminski explained.

"With exclusive content and modes, we are eager to introduce the best sniper game on the market to PS3 owners sometime in Q1 next year."

It'll need all the extra bells and whistles it can get. The original Xbox 360 version was about as much fun as a vinegar eye bath.

City Interactive has not confirmed whether it intends to offer the new content to existing PC and Xbox 360 users.

Take a look at some new screens below.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Sniper: Ghost Warrior developer City Interactive has licensed Crytek's CryENGINE3 for two new games.

The Polish developer offered no details as to what those games might be, but expect a release for both of them in the "next couple of years".

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, despite being not very good at all, has been quite the success story for the studio. Revenue for the first nine months of the year is up 230 per cent.

Carl Jones, director of CryENGINE global business development offered up a little insight as to why. "City has shown with the success of Sniper: Ghost Warrior that they understand what gamers want to play.

"CryENGINE3 and our dedicated, global support team will help them achieve their vision on more platforms, with the speed and high quality values that our engine and tools uniquely provide to developers."


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