Celestial Command - Romenics

This update will take a bit more time, but it will be great! We are working on new inventory and production system and it is 80% done.

While you are waiting for update, let's talk about resource connectors.

Since we are working on a new inventory and production system, it is a good time to do something with it.

Connectors was a big problem for a long time. Connector is non intuitive and confusing, and even if you will figure out how to use it - connectors just does not performs its purpose properly.

So we decided to completely replace resource connectors with something new. Instead, all resources will be distributed automatically, but also, you will be able to toggle usage of each container using a hotkey.

Don't mind about ammo in the fuel tanks, it is just a wrong icon : )

Sounds too simple, right? But surprisingly this system works much better that resource connectors and allows the same possibilities.

Several examples

For example, you have 4 engineering modules which are going to construct something. Now, you no longer need to assign 40 connector lines. Now each engineering module will automatically find required parts across the ship and will use it for construction.

Yes, it looks kind of beautiful, but completely useless. Such setup no longer required.

Another example, you have a lot of engines and you want to balance fuel consumption in order to keep your center of mass intact. No longer need for complex resource chain setup (which will not work anyway), now all engines will consume fuel from all fuel tanks on your ship simultaneously, so center of mass will be intact.

Basically it is the only effective way to set up fuel flow. Just assign everything to single container. Very boring and still useless for CoM. Such setup no longer required.

Q: But hey, what if I have a cargo ship which transports fuel or constructions part and I don't want to use this cargo for needs of my ship?
A: No problem, you can select cargo container and press a checkbox "allow usage", and cargo inside this container will be intact.

Q: But what if I want to use fuel from specific group of containers first, and after that, from another group of containers. This can be useful during combat.
A: No problem, you can ignore usage for all containers except desired group, and after all fuel will be consumed, you can enable usage for a new group of containers using a custom hotkey.

As you can see, this simple approach completely replaces confusing connectors and performs its purposes much better.

Celestial Command - Romenics
Despite the game developed already more than 3 years - we are continue to add significant features to the core of the game which are significantly changes the gameplay. One of such changes was a galaxy map, but we have a plan to add more.

First, we want to completely develop core features of the game.
After that, we will start to add a lot of new content (modules, missions, events) on top of this core features, so we will be sure that new content will not be wasted next time when we will decide to redesign half of the game.

What exactly we want to implement in order to make core of the game complete? Here is a list:

1. New inventory and production system
2. Heat system
3. More complex combat system
4. Complex global economy in galaxy

Let's describe each from these items.

New inventory and production system

What exactly wrong with the current production system?

Currently, if your ship have mining laser and engineering module (note, it is quite small modules) - you can go to nearest belt of asteroids and you can build anything.
We think this is not very good.
This is not only very unrealistic, but also it makes gameplay less interesting.

We want to add more complexity in construction process by implementing resource chains.

For example:
You have a small mining ship, it have a small mining laser (you don't need a big ship in order to retrieve chunk of rock), but you will not be able to build anything from this raw ore.
This ore should be delivered to the refinery. Refinery is a very big construction, much bigger than mining ship, mostly due two factors:

1 Refinery module just very big and massive
2 Refinery module produce huge amount of heat, so this station should have huge radiators (look information about heat system below)

After ore refines, it can be used in order to produce "parts" - inventory items which is used to construct modules for space ships.

So resource chain will be:
Ore -> Refined ore -> Parts -> Modules

Not "Ore -> Modules" like now.

And since this approach will add much more types of resources, we need a brand new inventory system which can store many different types of resources in the same container.

Actually, in earlier version of the game we already had similar system, but we decided remove it because it was hard to maintain two different types of inventory (for parts and for ore). But now we decided that it was mistake, we deleted wrong inventory.

Now we will return such system but it will be better than before.

Such approach have a lot of advantages and zero disadvantages. For example:

1. Construction drones can be much smaller and usable, it is no longer necessary to have 10 containers on construction drone with all required resources
2. Recipes for various modules now can be much more logical and balanced
3. Ammo for weapons will have proper volume. Projectiles for light cannon and heavy torpedoes no longer have the same volume

And many more, you will see.
We already started to work on it and it is ready approximately on 50%. The new inventory system will be released in the next update.

Heat system

Due some Sci-Fi movies many people may think that "space is cold", which is quite wrong. If you are doing something in space, especially if you have heavy industry, you should worry about heat, not about cold.

So we are going to implement a heat system, which is very useful not only for educational purposes, but also will make gameplay much interesting.

Most functional modules will generate heat. Industrial equipment will generate a lot of heat, especially refinery.

In order to do something with this heat there will be two options:

1 Radiators. Big things similar to solar panels which will disperse heat via infra-red emission
2 Emergency coolers based on the evaporation of water which can be used in order to quickly disperse large amount of heat. Useful during combat if your ship overheated due too much emission from lasers of energy shields, or if the ship was heated by enemy weapons. However it will require water as a resource.

As we said above, refineries will generate a lot of heat, so large radiators will make industrial ships \ stations even bigger and less agile, which is very good for gameplay and balance.

More complex combat system

Currently combat is very simple, just place more guns and you will win.
We want to make combat much more tactical.

In order to do that, we want to implement different types of armor and different damage types.

Also kinetic weapon will have "armor-penetration" parameter, so light cannons will be unable to cause any damage to heavy armor. Like tanks in real world.

Energy shield also will be reworked, maybe it will have different protection from different side, we are not decided yet. Also maybe we will implement more types of rockets, since new inventory system allows to implement many new types of ammo.

Complex global economy in galaxy

Once everything above will be implemented, we will try to implement this.
Note, this is very complex technology, we will need to perform some experiments, maybe it will be impossible to implement, or maybe it will be very simplified, so do not imagine too much about this feature, because we don't want to disappoint you.

But the idea is, that the galaxy will be filled with many production space stations, each station consumes goods A and produces goods B. Also there will be many NPC traders which will trade between stations. Overall, the universe will be live and populated with many NPC and factions.

But note, this system is very complex even for simple games which are designed around this system.
But in CC we have fully customable ships which consists from many modules, in combination with such a complex trading systems it creates huge impact on performance, so direct simulation will be impossible.

If such trading system will bb implemented, it will be very simplified. For example trade ships will consist from single object (not from modules like other ships) and maybe they will not have collisions with other objects except projectiles, because collision avoidance algorithms is extremely complex and almost impossible to implement, especially in orbital mode.

But even with all of these simplifications, it is still could be very interesting feature.
But again, we are not sure how detailed it could be in order to keep reasonable performance on modern computers, so we will keep you informed when we will perform some research about this aspect.

Currently we are focused on inventory and production system which is important for others features which will be built on top of it.

Celestial Command - Romenics
Some new improvements:

Projectiles now may bounce off, try to now hit an ally

Icons on map

And also, we implemented new, very convenient localization system based on Google Doc.
No more unintuitive GitHub workflow. Just open and start to edit!

Link on new localization guide


  • Added icons on galaxy and system map, now you can see which systems contains a warp gates or your ships
  • Now projectiles may bounce off from the armor, the chance depends on angle of impact
  • Implemented new localization system based on Google Docs which is much more convenient for people who wish to help us with localization

  • Fixed a bug with white circle which sometimes may appear around your ship
  • Gas collectors now properly works in aero mode
  • Small solar panels work again

Celestial Command - Romenics
Thank very much for everyone who proposed an ideas about ships classes according to this post
We didn't answer to everyone directly, because it will require large amount of time, but we are carefully read every suggestion, so we will make an conclusion and will answer to everyone at once using this post.
Overall, people against such a brute artificial limitation, and we are completely agreed with it.
Thanks to your ideas, we realized that such strict classifications of ship is a bad idea because it will ruin all the benefits from the "ship editor" feature of Celestial Command.
We are always preferred to not implement any ship classes in CC, but we started to think "maybe we are doing something wrong".
Turned out, no, we are doing everything right, so we will continue work in that direction.
So, don't worry, we will not implement ship classes with such a brute artificial limitation, we don't like such approach too. Our idea of classes which explained in previous post - was a mistake.
Instead of that, physics and realism should force users to build several ships (not an artificial limitations). And we better will add more complex simulations in the game (such as heat system and more complex armor system) which will improve this effect.
For example, in CC ships have a mass, and ships required fuel which have its price. So big ships are slaw and expensive due high consumption of fuel.
So, for example, if you will build a miner ship which will be heavily armed with various weapons and shields - such ship will be heavy and will requires more fuel, so it will provide you less profit than a miner ship which does not have shields and weapons.
Seems like this is exactly how "classes" should work, just due laws of physics, without artificial limitations, similar to how it works in real life.
This is just one from examples. Here Lemodile write a great text with detailed explanation on many aspects and we are totally agree with his ideas.
Another good article here from Nemo
And another post of Nemo here
Also similar ideas was explained in comments section here and in our Discord chat.
Overall, we are agreed with most items listed in articles above and we will start to work on such improvements.
Celestial Command - Romenics

We want to discuss new feature with community
We want to implement a different "ship classes", seems like this feature is capable to make gameplay much more interesting.
Currently you can build single ultra super multifunctional ship with all available modules on board and it will be effective in all situations. Of course, such approach have its own benefits, we are also like to play with single multifunctional ship, however, if the game will require to use several different ships in various situations, it should be much more interesting.
For example, currently there is almost no difference between cargo freighter and battleship. Both ships have large size and a lot of cargo space. Will be better if it will be two different ships.
Also, many popular space games based on idea that user wants to gain reputation and credits to obtain new, bigger ships with better characteristics and new design.
Without such aspect, in CC you may just attach a bunch of modules to your ship and the game will became boring quite soon, so the idea of ship classes should be very good.
However, there is a question, how to combine concept of classes with the concept of fully customizable ships which built from modules?
Turned out that freedom of ship editor of CC is not very suitable for concept of ship classes and "I want to earn enough credits in order to buy this huge battleship!"
But we have an idea:
Each command module will have its class.
And each command module as special limit, so far let's call it "module units"
For example, we have a command module of class "miner mk1", it has 200 module units.
Each module has its price of "module units", and also each module has its type, such as:
Storage for ore
Mining equipment
For example, small storage for ore costs 10 units
Weapons 20 units
Mining laser 20 units
Each command module can attach to himself only limited amount of modules (sum of its units should be less than 200), after that, ship will be unable to attach any additional module.
Also, each class of command module will have different multiplayers for various types of modules. For example, miner mk1 is capable to attach weapon, however price multiplayer for weapon will be x5, it means that he should pay 100 units for weapon, instead of 20.
However multiplayer for mining lasers and storages for ore is x1, so price for mining lasers will be much lower.
Besides that, some modules will be unique for some classes, for example mining lasers only for miner classes. Or miners will have bonuses for effectivity of mining lasers, while other classes will be able to use mining lasers only at 10% of its full effectivity.
As result we will have a different ship classes, but you are still have a space for creativity, so you can decide "Should I attach weapon to my mining ship or will be better to attach additional containers instead? Or more engines? Or additional mining lasers? Or only 1 laser and a lot of counters?", also you may decide which exactly cargo containers you want and where exactly you want to place them on the ship.
So, we have a complex situation. On the one side, we don’t want to remove a creativity of ship editor.
On the other side, we want to make game and “feel of progression” more interesting.
Of course, there will be command modules for ship classes “mothership”, “freighter” etc, for a big ships, but they should have some other limitations, such as weaker weapons.
Also, of course will be possible to add late-game super command module with very high limits or without limits at all.
What do you think about it? And feel free to express any ideas about classes and how to implement it better.

You may talk here or directly in Discord chat

Celestial Command - Romenics

  • Implemented network interpolation, synchronization of position of objects now should be significantly smoother
  • Added safety system for a warp gates, now warp gate will not be activated if something located on the edge of its warp field
  • Now if something going through warp gates, it will be ejected out of second gate with some velocity, which will guarantee that object will fly out of gate before the next object will arrive from the same gate
  • Cooldown of warp gates increased from 5 to 10 seconds for better immersion and safety
  • Warp gates now invulnerable
  • Map now have configurable hotkey
  • Physics no longer will be broken when you are trying to grab a warp gate with a grabber (we disabled this possibility, maybe later it will be solved and returned) If you will try to grab a warp gate you will receive a message that it is not allowed
  • Map no longer opens when you press M in the chat or another text input field
  • Solar panels now work in the location with the star
  • Gas collectors now properly rotated in aerodynamic mode
  • Fixed an error about wrong background when your ship in a warp flight
  • Connected users now can use warp gates
  • Space station hub no longer have useless "setup power chain" button
  • Asteroids in aerodynamic mode now have proper non-zero friction
  • Warp gates no longer invisible when you switch control over your ship which recently arrived to the new location
  • Pirates and cargo containers for quests no longer will be spawned outside radius of location or inside planet

Celestial Command - Romenics

Finally, it is done! Biggest update ever achieved a state when it can be released!
This update was really big and complex, it took much more time than we expected, so thanks you very much for your patience!
This update has a huge importance for the future of the game, we redesigned half of the game in order to implement a galaxy, but now, potential of the game is huge!
Earlier versions of the game had serious fundamental flaws. Basically, previous version of the game had no future
But now we have so many ideas and possibilities for further development!
Maybe someone skeptical about this new galaxy update and may think that the game became worse, but on the contrary, from now, the game have a possibilities to be better than ever before.
The most important improvement from this update - planets now really feels like a planets, and distances between planets really feels like a huge distances. Earlier ships were able to fly from one planet to another using simple maneuvering engines, this was a huge problem and it was impossible to solve it in previous version of the game, but now it is finally solved. "Feel of distances" now much stronger and this is a great foundation for gameplay which will be focused on exploration of unknown.

Also, due new nature of locations, we have new possibilities to implement many unique events which was not possible before, such as interesting anomalies or quests in distant systems.

If you didn't read a commend section of this post
We will recommend to take a look on it, because we explained some additional interesting facts about this new update and its huge benefits.
Also you may take a look on this post if you missed it
Please note that despite that fact that we worked on this update for a very long time, it still may have serious bugs and also it have a lot of flaws, we did not developer this update to the level of perfection, but we developed it to the state where it is more or less functional and we finally may show it for you.

Also, this update does not make gameplay itself much more enjoyable. We didn't improved quests and trading system yet, but we have a big plans about these aspects. This update it is mostly a foundation for a future updates.
Also, from now we are returning back to our previous frequency of updates, it means that we will try to release new updates as often as possible (1-2 weeks maximum, but we will try even more often). Let's return life in the dev blog! : )
Also, we are prepared a road map of development, the core of the game still incomplete and we have some very interesting ideas which want to share. We will prepare detailed text about these ideas and will share it after several days, it will explain our plans about core functionalities of the game and gameplay features which will be implemented on top of this update to unleash all the benefits which provided by new galaxy system!

For now, let's take a closer looks on some aspects which was implemented!

Stability of physics
Physics now is much more reliable. Trajectories of orbits no longer degrades over time! Trajectories also intact on any game speed, so now, if you put your station on the orbit, you can be sure, it will be on the orbit for many hours (unless something of someone will push it out of orbit).
Also, performance of physics improved in 2-3 times, it means now we may have larger amount of asteroids and debris on the orbit. Debris now have correct collisions and could be dangerous due Kessler effect.

Warp gates
Now we have a warp gates! And this is not just a simple "point to point instant teleportation", these warp gates have interesting mechanics. Your ships should really fly inside a gate (not just somewhere near it) Several objects can be located inside a warp field and warp travel will require some time to travel. You even can move asteroids via warp gates! We think that gates in space, especially with detailed physics it is very cool, hope you will like it too! : )

When the game starts, you don't have any warp drive, but part of galaxy already have net of warp gates. However more than 90% of locations does not have warp gates, so after you will got your first warp drive, you will have a freedom to go where you want and explore distant regions of galaxy.

Note: Currently there is a restriction, only 16 locations can be physically simulated simultaneously and the game could be broken after you jumped to a new system 15 times. This restriction will be solved a bit later.
New backgrounds and lighting
We added a lot of new background with makes visual appearance of the game much interesting! The space no longer grey and boring, now many systems will have its interesting appearance. Don't worry, we realize that too bright colors looks not good in the space, so most times you will encounter more or less dark backgrounds, but sometimes you will encounter very colorful, but still, very nice looking systems.
Since the game released, it had a problem with visual diversity of space, all screenshots were grey and boring, we are really glad that now this issue is finally solved!
In addition to that, we implemented new lighting system, hull of ships now has reflections from background and ambient occlusions effect, it makes graphic much better.

By the way, the new galaxy system allowed us to implement a moons around planets, here is how it looks on the map

You are also can see distant moons when you are on the orbit of planet

New module
Also, thanks for these who sends us a concepts for new modules, we added a new power storage, design based on 3D model from community members Mrmodules-Mauser and Sbimon, thanks!)

Steam Cloud
Now all of yours saved ships and saved worlds automatically saved on Steam Cloud. If you will delete save file, it is also will be deleted from Steam Cloud to, however, save files will be stored even if you deleted game folder or installed the game on another computer.
If you want to disable this feature, you are always can do it from game properties in Steam:


Discord channel now verified

A few days ago, our Discord channel was verified by Discord team, so now you may invite friends using nice looking URL!
We fixed a lot of bugs, however a lot of them still should be fixed, but you may expect a fixes in nearest time. We will try to avoid such a long updates and will release updates and often as possible.
Within a few days we will publish a news about our road map, we have a lot of ideas which we plan to implement as soon as possible!
Thanks you very much for your patience and support! : )

Major improvements
  • Completely new world with galaxy map and interstellar travel!
  • Added a warp gates
  • Implemented unique mechanics of warp travels via gates and using warp drives. Any physical objects can be moved inside a warp field.
  • Completely new system of backgrounds and lighting with new reflection effects and 14 new space backgrounds based on 4k textures (owners of 4k monitors should have even better quality)
  • Significant improvements of performance and stability of gravity and physical objects on orbit due recreation of gravity code which is now much more reliable
  • Completely fixed critical bug of orbital mode, when all physical objects was pulled out of their orbits during short period of time. Also, trajectory no longer changing when you are changing a game speed. Now trajectory is much more stable on x4 or x8 game speed.
  • Removed warning message which says that orbital mode is unstable. Now it has stable physics and much better performance, and we are happy with its quality. Button of orbital mode moved to the left side of the window since now it is a main and recommended game mode. Hooray!
  • Added Ambient Occlusion effects which significantly increases visual quality of ships
  • Steam Cloud implemented

  • Small asteroids now much more massive and no longer feels like it made from a foam plastic
  • Now camera movement is limited in some radius, is solves an issue when camera moved too far away from the ship and it is hard to return it back
  • Planets now 2-3 times bigger
  • In aerodynamic mode planet no longer located below 0 level. Now planets located on the same level as a ships (the same as in orbital mode)
  • Orbital mode and aerodynamic mode now have the same type of the world (except physics)
  • Added new module: 2x1 power storage (design based on 3D model from community members Mrmodules-Mauser and Sbimon, thanks!)
  • Debris now save loaded
  • Added tool to display gravitational acceleration at the position of cursor (on the right edge of the screen under "eye" icon)
  • Radius of radar now the same in both game modes (orbital and aerodynamic)
  • Radius of radar hidden when camera view have low angle (so now you will have a better view when camera new a ship)
  • Thrust of all engines increased in 2.5 times. Ships now much more agile. Thrust now the same in both modes.
  • Added tool tip "Place weapon on turret" when you are going to place a weapon
  • Pieces of debris will no longer fly through other objects but will collide correctly
  • Transition from circle / ellipse to parabola / hyperbola trajectory now looks smoother
  • Notification panel no longer spams you with "new mission available" messages
  • Ship direction indicator now appears only when camera too far from the ship (not so close as before)
  • Space station on the low orbit now located on higher orbit so tidal forces during docking procedure no longer so strong
  • Planetary systems with black hole may contain only ice or moon type planets and gas giants
  • Solar panels is not working in systems with black hole
  • Added game time clock to the top-left corner of the screen
  • Added customizable hotkeys for time scale up and down
  • Added sandbox option to reveal all systems on the galaxy map
  • Main menu now have dark background and improved star effect
  • Now it is easier to dock with space station in tutorial because station located on high orbit
  • Now when you will teleport your own ship using sandbox tool, the camera will be automatically returned to default position, it is more convenient

  • Now when you construct new module in empty space, the new module will inherit a velocity of your ship
  • Now ships which has been saved in aerodynamic mode can be properly loaded in the orbital mechanics mode
  • Now rockets ejected from rocket launcher with the correct velocity despite FPS or a time scale value
  • Fixed incorrect description of power "total output" value
  • Fixed incorrect thrust value for engines when game settings thrust factor not 1
  • Tool tip "A / D - Rotate module preview" now depends on assigned hotkeys in game settings
  • Apoapsis and periapsis icons no longer visible on parabola or hyperbola trajectory
  • Fixed a gap in line of parabola and hyperbola trajectory
  • Fixed small mistake in 3d model of power storage
  • Orbit trajectory of space stations and warp gates no longer shivers
  • Orbital parameters window no longer shows incorrect values for parabola or hyperbola trajectory
  • UI pointer in tutorial now always points at center of the element (not its corner)
  • Credits no longer will be spent when you are trying to buy new command module on existed ship
  • Now you can sell power storages even if it is not empty
  • Interval of auto save no longer depends on game speed
  • Removed useless power connector from warp drive

Celestial Command - Romenics


Sorry for a really long time without news from us.
But don't worry! The game is not abandoned at all, we are actively working on the biggest update which will bring a lot of new features and possibilities!

When it will be released? We are still not sure, however we already may say that work completed at 80-90%. Almost half of the game was rewritten and most features is not worked because the game was in half-disassembled condition, however we already testing save load and multiplayer functionality and it is more or less working. Hooray!

The reason why there was no news from us - we are worried that people will not understand why we are going to remove "interplanetary orbital transfer" feature from the game if we will not show why it is necessary and what a great features it allows to implement. So first, we want to be sure that you will like a new update.
You know, we are worried about this feature too, we are love, orbital mechanics, realism and we are playing in own game. It is hard to imagine a result of a big update before it is complete. We know that it is important for the future of Celestial Command, we just wasn't 100% sure. But now, when the update is almost done, we are played it and now we are sure - the new version of the game will be much more better!

This update will add so much potential for the game, galaxy map opens many new gameplay possibilities! But we will talk about it in the future posts. We will explain why it was necessary to implement such significant changes, its great potential and will show a road-map for a nearest updates which will fully implement a new possibles opened by galaxy map.

Currently we are working on some important features such as network of warp gates, UI and also bug-fixes. The game have a lot of bugs which was accumulated during such long period of development, besides that, the technology which allows to implement a galaxy is quite complex, but it is not a problem, we will manage it.

New ambient occlusion effect on \ off

And we are really glad that you are waiting a new update with patience. Thanks you very much!
Celestial Command - Romenics

If you have been following the development process for a long time you would know that despite the game already 3 years in development, we are still ready to make big and fundamental improvements if it will be necessary for the quality of the game. This happened with 3D graphics and another core features.
And now we are going to make another big change in the gameplay.

Some time ago we started to feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with the Celestial Command. And after we analyzed several another space games, we realized a simple fact:

Almost every space game have any kind of "global map" or "galaxy map" and possibility to travel from one system to another! (Actually we didn't found any successful, space game without this feature)
And this is something which also should be in Celestial Command.

Importance of galaxy map for a space game is completely reasonable

Any open world game should have something which may be called "diversity of environment". For example, if we are talking about not a space game, for example a game about character / car / sail ship / plane etc. - such game may have only single location ("jump gates" is not required) because diversity of environment created by different biomes and landscape (snow, grasslands, mountains, oceans, desert etc.). As result, you may travel between different locations and it will be fun to explore the world.

But if we are talking about space game, there is no landscape in the space, because space, you know, quite empty. Diversity of environment should be created by different types of stars, planets, nebula, backgrounds, black holes.
Such things can't be put into single planetary system (because one planetary system may have only one background and a star).
The single planetary system in space game will feels empty despite its actual size.
This is why galaxy map is required and it is essential aspect of most space games.

So, we are going to implement a galaxy map!

On the image in this post you may see a prototype of galaxy map which contains 200 stars.

How it will work? There will be galaxy map to travel between stars and also "system map" to travel between star, planets, moons and some locations in asteroid field or deep space.

In exchange, size of location will be reduced and each location will have only 1 central object (planet \ moon \ star). However, size of planets will be increased in several times. Movement between planets will be possible only using warp drives and jump gates.
Despite the fact that size of location will be reduced, entire game world will feels much larger due the possibility to jump between systems.

New types of stars will be added. Including binary stars and blackholes. Plus, a lot of new backgrounds will be added. Each planetary system may have its own background, which will significantly increase a visual diversity.

What about orbital mechanics?

Don't worry, it still will be here. Asteroids, debris, space stations and ships will be on orbit of central object (star, planet, moon). By the way. Moons will be added.
However you will not be able to travel between planets using only engines and orbital maneuver. It will be possible only using jump drive or jump gate.
Someone can be upset about this fact, but make note that currently "interplanetary maneuver" looks very weird due tiny size of the system and do not bring too much fun for the gameplay.

So we think that it is acceptable price for a possibility to explore the galaxy. The most fun part of orbital mechanics in CC, it is an objects around planets and this aspect will be intact (or even better) because planets will be a bit bigger. Besides that, it will allows us to fix some critical bugs with physics and improve overall performance.

Also it will be possible to rotate planets and moons around their central object. As result, price of jump between planets may depends on distance between them.

By the way, we are also started to working on implementation of tech tree and more advanced AI which is also two essential features which should be in the Celestial Command, but firstly we will implement a galaxy map.
We will try to implement this new feature as soon as possible, it should take not too much time. We will keep you informed.

And Happy New Year!

Celestial Command - Romenics


For a long time, resource connectors had some fundamental flaws. Power connectors is not intuitive and hard to use. People said us a lot about this and we are thinking about how to improve it.
So now we decided to completely redesign this system.

Resources connectors for fuel and building materials still intact, but power system is completely changed.

Now power systems works more like a real electricity. Almost all electrical devices was redesigned, so most of them can work even if you have not enough power, but efficiency also will be reduced.

Also, it is no longer necessary to have power storage on the ship. Electrical devices now can take energy right from the power sources.

All power consumers can be turned on / off in order to control power level.

Power storages now have limited speed of charge / discharge.

Also we added nice graph which displays energy consumption and production.

Rendering of radius circle of radar is greatly improved. If you have many ships with radars and no longer will looks like a bunch or chaotic circles.

Also you can disable radar circles, markers and HP bars


  • Completely new power system with much better functionality, usability and performance
  • Power monitor is fixed and improved. Added a graph which represents power production and consumption levels
  • Turrets now requires power in order to rotate
  • Added possibility to turn on \ off any electrical module from the power net
  • Most devices which consumes power now have different mechanics. They can work at insufficient level of power with lower efficiency.
  • Changed mechanics of energy shield. Now it have different recharge rate based on power level
  • Radar may work with insufficient power supply, but it will provide lower radius
  • Lasers now have different effectivity based on power level

  • Circles which represents radar range now combined with each other and no longer displays inner segments which greatly improves usability and comfort of radars
  • Space stations now have holiday appearance
  • Added possibility to switch on / off displaying of various GUI elements, such as: HP bars, radar markers, radar range
  • Magenta icons of radar no longer will appears over your own ships (these icons is useless for own ships)
  • Space stations and big ships will no longer became invisible as soon as at least one of their module exited your radar range. They will became invisible when they center of mass exited radar range

  • Fixed a bug with invisible ship inside a range of your radar which appears in some cases after you built a new module
  • Button "Duplicate ship" removed from sandbox menu because it caused a lot of bugs with the new ship. Instead of that, in order to duplicate a ship, you should use save load menu which is much more reliable.
  • Center of Mass and Center of Thrust icons no longer remains visible after active ship is destroyed
  • Now you can move the camera by middle mouse button after active ship is destroyed
  • On off state of mining laser now correctly saved and loaded
  • Power monitor now shows correct values


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