Community Announcements - Eandaen
Hi everyone,

A number of users reported an issue running the Single Player as a standalone game (without multiplayer). Valve have looked into the issue and we've both concluded there's nothing we can do to resolve it within the constraints of our licence.

So, we've decided to remove the Single Player from the Steam store permanently and everyone who has purchased the Single Player will be able to claim a free copy of the Complete Package, which includes Single and Multiplayer.

We've emailed Valve just now to make all this happen, so there's a chance you won't see this (the community hub will be removed as well), so it will be cross-posted on the main Ship forums. With any luck this change will be in place this week.

Again, apologies for the inconvenience for the situation.
Community Announcements - Eandaen
Hi all,

A few players have reported the error message "requires mods to run" when trying to play The Ship: Single Player without having purchased the multiplayer game.

Just to clarify, The Ship: Single Player is a standalone game and does not require mods to run!

We were unable to replicate this bug internally, so it was difficult to hunt down the issue, but our Technical Director chatted with Valve over the weekend and it turns out the error was at their end and they've now fixed it.

Can I ask anyone who had issues with the game, to uninstall and reinstall via the Steam client and let me know if there are further problems please?

Best regards
- Blazing Griffin Team
Community Announcements - Eandaen

Come on, you know this is the perfect weekend to troll your friends, you may as well do it with a well timed bomb on the toilet!

The Ship (Complete Package) comes with both multiplayer and single player games, and each purchase gives you two additional gift copies for friends, and they each get another gift copy! That's five copies in total - a great deal!

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