Tactical Craft Online - Uncle Alex
- Added global factors that affect various game options
- Factors change every game month or game year
- Added "Pack" button in inventories for item optimization
- Bug fixes
Mini Golf Arena - Evoluta Studio
2018 Indie of the Year Awards have arrived and we are calling on you, the community to vote!

If you choose to nominate us for this years awards, we will be very thankful for your vote and for your continued support of our game.
You are of course completely free to in your choice.


Vote for Mini Golf Arena

Darksiders III - MegalomaniacNG

We have the first patch ready for you.
Here is the complete list of fixes:

  • Multiple improvements to help performance and loading. Performance improvements should also significantly reduce stuttering in high-density areas.
  • Updated Story mode to be more forgiving.
  • Adjusted invulnerability windows across all difficulties. The windows are consistent on Balanced, Challenging and Apocalyptic and even more significant on easy.
  • Modified hit indicators for better readability.
  • Added version number on the main menu.

  • Added FOV scaling to keep correct FOV on 21:9 monitors.
  • Fixed various crash issues.
  • Added Force Respawn functionality. This option is available in the game options menu. It will kill Fury and return her to the last Vulgrim Waypoint that you visited. This option is a last resort to be used if you think you are stuck in an area for whatever reason.
  • Added functionality on Force respawn that will force the hollows to re-equip to Fury. This is for the issue where Fury’s hollow abilities appear to have stopped working.
  • Fix for issue where Force blocks were getting stuck in Scar. If you have encountered this issue, it should destroy the stuck block, and if you come back to the area, it will reload the block in the correct starting area.
  • Fix for issue where certain stacked breakables wouldn’t break in Bonelands.
  • Fix for issue that would break Gluttony fight. Fix should also fix saves that had this issue.
  • Fixed multiple issues where players can get Fury into unintended locations or unintended locations without expected Hollows (in some cases Force Respawn may need to be used).
  • Reduced Fafnir enhancement’s damage output.

To access the branch we decided to put it in a staging branch first in order to make sure it doesnt break anything critical. The least we want is that people lose their progress or similar and there is always different behaviour out for users than in our testing environment.

Here is a guide on how to get the patch:
To access the beta please do the following:
Follow this guide https://media.thqnordic.com/TEMP/SteamBetaBranchGuide.jpg
Under Step 1 select Darksiders III
In step 4 you dont need a password
The branch for Step 6 is named publicstaging

Enjoy and keep the feedback coming. The easiest to track feedback and reports is our tracker here: https://redmine.thqnordic.com/projects/darksiders-iii-public-tracker/issues/new
Farabel - Frogames
We are really happy to announce that Season 3 of the Farabel Challenge Game Mode just started!

The top 3 players of Season 2 are:

1 Stormwarrior
2 edcba62
3 calligar

Congrats guys! :)

For those of you who unlocked the Emperor Rank in season 2, you receive the Bonus Unit for season 3! The Surprise Imp is a brutal (and expensive) creature that you may already have meet in the final battle of the campaign ;)

If you like Farabel, and if you want to see more content in the future, don't forget to write a Steam review!


ReThink - ¥aeko

i did some initial performance-comparisons between the current version of the game and the unfinished reworked one (which will be a *free patch* for this version), here are the results:

The current version is on the left, and the unfinished reworked one is on the right.

As you can see in the top left corner, the Framerate is 78% higher [52 -> 93]

But it gets even better than that, in this example the Framerate is 109% higher [43 -> 90]

So, we have a performance improvement up to 2x or more on the following hardware:

CPU: Ryzen 1700X (no Overclock)
GPU: GTX 1070 Ti (no Overclock)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400

That said, performance increases can vary from system to system, but it should run better in general. ("Overkill" Settings shouldnt be run on minimum requirements-hardware anyway.)

That aside, the game will use the Menu from "ReThink 2", since it is based on the technical foundation of it.
The Menu still doesnt look "AAA"-Quality, but its a bit better than the current one:

Please keep in mind that the Menu has not been adapted to this game yet, and therefore is using the wrong images, etc. (Will of course be changed)

PS: Yes, i am aware that the grass color is "off" in the screenshot, its fixed already.
Swapette Showdown - 3D Generation

☃ Winter Holiday Swapette Showdown Fan Art Contest is now open! ☃

From 12/01 - 12/16, submit your awesome winter/holiday creations in any desired medium to the fan-art channel of the discord.

The contest winner will be submitted for a chance to have your artwork interpreted into Swapette Showdown, and have a digital re-make created from their design.

Limit of 3 artwork submission per person.

We can't wait to see your submissions! Merry Swappmas!

To participate you must be a member of our discord.

Rapture Rejects - GalvanicGames
**Patch Notes**
Version 0.5.5-Early Access

A majority of these changes come from community and stream bug reports. Thanks everyone for playing the game and reporting issues!

• Increased ticket reward values for all participants in a match. MORE SINNERS == MORE WINNERS.
• Added lobby text to show current server status.
• Mini map and rejects remaining now continues showing during spectation.
• Added some new fishy costumes to unlock this weekend.
• You now see item rarity in Sinners and Winners.

• Using Compost now makes you move faster.
• Increased Compost cooldown time from 12 to 16 seconds.
• Slightly increased Gumballer fire rate.
• Increased distance you can throw the Liquid Nitro Bomb.
• Decreased time to arm Liquid Nitro Bomb from 1.5 to 1 seconds.
• Increased Disco heal rate from 3 to 5 health per second.
• Decreased Disco heal time from 12 to 10 seconds.
• Decreased Wall of Metal health from 60 to 40.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed issue where terrible sound was repeating when leaving Sinners and Winners.
• Fixed issue where booze and chicken text were swapped.
• Fixed issue where on-screen messages weren't loading correct fonts.
• Fixed issue where loading messages weren't loading correct fonts.
• Fixed a problem where changing language was not saving when hitting Save and Close in options.
• Fixed a bug where health ring was showing up under Disguise Kit
Nov 30
Hellpoint - Cradle Games
2:00 AM December 1: Build : Beta - 0060 - 11470

- Fixed main menu enter key
- Mouse cursor and mouse scroll wheel! Click click click click clickety
- Better keyboard support
Running Man 3D Part2 - Vadim_Gubin
Released a new game https://store.steampowered.com/app/979530/Endless_Maneuver/ Let's go play together!
Running Man 3D - Vadim_Gubin
Released a new game https://store.steampowered.com/app/979530/Endless_Maneuver/ Let's go play together!

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