Community Announcements - holliebuckets
Hey!! We wanted to share with you where we are at with the new random generation. Check out the YouTube video to see where we are headed. The video shows the random generation logic. Its not in game yet, but Chris will be working on that next! :D We can't wait to get it into the game and live for feedback! :D
May 31, 2014
Community Announcements - Nickervision
1.01 Patch Notes

These are the latest fixes and changes. Thanks to the community and everyone that has helped us find errors. If you find more or there are any inconsistencies please email us at

-Coins now give correct value, look out wall street.
-Anvil no longer charges when you have no armour.
-Astral power up nows works as intended.
-Fixed bug when leaving dungeon OTU’s would be lost.
-Fixed OTU’s giving proper power ups and labelled correctly (oh boy what a mess that was).
-You can now use ‘esc’ to exit controls menu (ironic).
-Fixed the ShieldSpin power up tossing most enemies around.
-Moby Richard crates in corners should no longer hoard your loot atop of them. (we are working on a more permanent fix for other objects as well).
-Treasure splash ceiling should be more accurate now. No floating treasure near the camera, taunting you with its inaccessibility.
-Shellshock, and Frank have had their trigger detections tweaked and fixed.
-Weird speed save/load problems in town resolved.
-Astral/Mirror crafting inconsistencies fixed.
-Heart of Gold store description has been updated.
-Heart of Gold unequip death should now be resolved (many hearts were broken).
-Shaman Shop Item price is now reflecting its intended cost.(more expensive, sorry to the mushroom exploit addicts, seriously though, you may need help).
-Enemy Treasure drop rates corrected.
-Boss treasure explosions amped up and increased slightly
-Added ability to sell power ups and OTUs for five coins at the merchant in the armour shop.
-Tutorial crucial ants should now be guaranteed to drop a key (oops).
-Planter in starting scene is now impenetrable, we hope.
-Indicator arrows added to Anvil + Health Shrine in safe room.
-Tons of love received by our Dev team from you

If errors you have already reported are not in this list, it does not mean we’re ignoring you, we are a small three person team, we are looking at everything that is sent to us, it can just take some time.

Thanks for all the support and patience
Community Announcements - noms || Angry Engineers

Now Powered by Unreal Engine 4
We're extremely pleased to announce that Centration is now powered by the power of Unreal Engine 4

Over the past month, a lot of you may have been wondering why we've been so quiet and secretive about what we're doing with Centration, why there hasn't been any updates, why we haven't been releasing screenshots like crazy or doing the 'marketing' stuff a small game like Centration needs to stay afloat in the gaming industry.

This is because our entire team has been primarily focused on porting our game over from Unity 3D over to Unreal Engine 4, and we can now proudly say that we've more or less accomplished this - with staggering results, which involve a huge increase in framerate, graphics quality, feature quality, and gameplay content.

We're currently working on our previously mentioned goal - combat and health. This will be included in our next major update, which will be made with Unreal Engine 4's amazing technology.

For more information, please click this link:
May 31, 2014
Community Announcements - [SignalStudios] ThexNinthxAngel
Patch #3 went live yesterday! Thank you all for your feedback!

Patch Notes:
  • Forge has been fixed and will now repair items 3600% faster both online and offline
  • Fixed issue with Ascended champions not reporting the correct stats
  • Fixed an issue with combo multiplier that was improperly calculating the amount of souls the player receives
  • Fixed crashes involving server queries and Level changes
  • Players can now use the mouse to click “Continue” to dismiss the daily blessing UI
  • Fixed UI collision issue that could potentially cause the player to sell the wrong item
  • General networking tweaks to improve stability

Thanks everyone! Keep letting us know your feedback, suggestions, and problems! It helps us improve the game!
Community Announcements - Goldhawk
We have now released Xenonauts V1.0 on the Stable branch, which marks the end of formal development for Xenonauts. This is effectively the final version of the game, minus any stability patches that may be required.

Official release and leaving Early Access for the game is in about two weeks (tentatively pencilled in as 16th June), but the remaining time is mostly going to be spent on sending out review copies, the PR around the launch, porting to Mac / Linux and getting the Kickstarter rewards sorted out etc.

We will continue to work on fixing any crashes / hangs encountered in the game, and any non-crash bugs that render the game unplayable in other ways.

We've fixed all the worst issues that appeared over the past few days of community testing, but as the game is 10-15+ hours for a playthrough we've obviously not been able to fully test the game internally after the last bunch of fixes. So there may still be some issues in the game - but if so, they'll be addressed in the next two weeks before the official release.

There have been a lot of changes made since the previous Stable version. The game has a much smoother difficulty curve, more information for new players, new line of sight mechanics, much improved AI and all sorts of finer polish.

The choice is therefore up to you whether you want to play the "final" version of the game now or whether you'd prefer to wait a couple of weeks to make sure any stability kinks have been ironed out. We'll make more of a song and dance about the release when it comes to the 16th, but I thought it was best to explain this update and make it available to anyone who did not want to wait that long!

Thanks for your patience and support over the past five years of development, it's been a long and difficult journey and I doubt we could have got so far without the all help from our community!

PS - if the update has broken your save games, you can access the legacy branch to continue your playthrough in the previous version. The instructions on how to do so can be found here.
Community Announcements - Rami
Update number twenty-nine brings you a ton of good stuff. First of all, three new weapons with beautiful placeholder art. The weapons are all relatively high level, but aren't giant ammo eaters like most in that category. The Smart Gun is a high rate of fire machinegun that automatically targets the enemy closest to the cursor, the Heavy Crossbow is a crossbow that uses two bolts to fire a double-damage, slower bolt, and the Blood Hammer is a melee weapon that causes Blood Explosions on impact, at the cost of absolutely no ammo!

Besides that, the Fire Salamanders and basic Guardians have been given sound effects, and gold and cursed weapons now have their very own colored outlines on the HUD. We did a bit of tweaking to the IDPD, Laser weapons and Portal cameras, made the game pause when you accidentally click outside of the window or Alt+Tab, fixed an ugly visual glitch where shadows were drawn outside of the level, and even found the time to balance energy weapons a bit and fix a dumb bug in the Flame weapons that allowed you to kill Big Dog in 2 seconds! And that doesn't even include the work that has been going on behind the scenes...

Anyway, we're curious as always to hear your thoughts! Enjoy.

  • The Smart Gun.
  • The Heavy Crossbow. This thing shoots what seems to be two bolts taped together... Very work in progress!
  • The Blood Hammer, causes Blood Explosions on impact.
  • Sound effects for the Fire Salamanders.
  • Sound effects for the basic Guardians.
  • Gold/cursed weapons now have colored outlines on the HUD.

  • IDPD now need to be within a certain range of you to throw grenades.
  • IDPD Grunts no longer spawn on chests after the caves.
  • Flame weapons have been nerfed a bit and should no longer be able to completely trash bosses.
  • Laser Cannon has a higher rate of fire.
  • Laser Pistols now have a slightly lower rate of fire.

  • Shadows are no longer drawn outside the level, several issues with this have been fixed.
  • HP can no longer go under 0, sorry Sharp Teeth Chicken users.
  • The Golden Hammer now draws properly in the HUD.
  • Some of the wall collisions have been reworked.

  • The game now pauses when unfocused!
  • The camera is now pulled less towards Portals.
  • Added a rare little visual joke to the Mimics.
  • A new tip for Rebel.
  • Palace ambience track has been updated.

Cool stuff from the community
We started with Ganil's figurines this week, and we'll do that again this week because wow, are those some fine figurines. We also found this animation pretty good, YouTube-user zqxinran posted their 100th video, Sleepcycles and Tengu Drop were mentioned in our talk on the process of making Nuclear Throne.

Forum Member Solid's Passive Challenge last week was won early by meow. This week, the challenge is named after the "Rami RNG".

Expect a bit more work on the Palace next week, and maaaaybe a start at reworking the Game Over screen. Things might get a bit more hectic as E3 closes in, so bear in mind that we might seem a little slow!
Community Announcements - David Board
The full version of Lifeless Planet releases on June 6th 2014! And if you bought the early access build, you'll get the full version automatically on release day. If you haven't bought the early access build, you can still do that up until release and get the lower price.

It's been a long journey from our humble Kickstarter project over two years ago. Being a one-man dev team has been particularly challenging, but rewarding as well. It's been especially great to hear all the positive feedback to the early access beta on Steam. And somewhere around 96% of the user reviews have been positive, which is more than I ever imagined it would get!

Speaking of feedback, I haven't been able to reply to all those comments and suggestions, but I've read them all and I'm extremely thankful for everybody who played the early access build and took the time to share their thoughts. MUCH of what you've suggested has gone into the final game, including:
  • Subtitles for all voiceovers.
  • Localization for German, Russian, French and Spanish (Italian is coming shortly after launch).
  • Added Steam Achievements.
  • Fixed checkpoint system.
  • Numerous gameplay refinements.
  • Lots of little bugfixes.
The only bit of disappointing news is that I haven't had time yet to finalize testing on the OSX version and I'm not sure we'll have the Mac build ready on launch day. BUT, the good news is if it is delayed, it will not be for more than a week or so at most. I promise I haven't forgotten you Mac users, and I am working hard to get this out the door as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for playing Lifeless Planet, and another huge thanks to everybody who provided feedback and bug reports. It's finally time for liftoff!

Community Announcements - Davision
Hello there young bucket smasher,

I like to introduce you to the new and yet biggest update to the Last Knight: Rogue Rider Edition!

But first of all if you like to get notified in Steam about new updates just join the Last Knight group here: You can also get a musketeer hat there as special reward for your loyalty to the king and your service for protecting the crown, wait no, for following Last Knight of course!

In this update the Rogue Rider Adventure mode is finally developed further, the world gets now generated with huge mountains that you will have to find ways around and there are also now water lakes and rivers as well as lava lakes and rivers that can block your way. The generation of the world makes sure that you can never get into a dead end though. (Dead end in the sense of road that goes no further, dead you will end up always at the end, at the end of your live when you die, die through something, something harmful.) This also makes it take a bit longer to generate the world at the start of a new game but you will get to see detailed loading progress for it. (it might not describe exactly what is happening)

Most importantly there are now ice caves, sand roads and red forests tiles added! These are now the more difficult areas you can play through. The other tiles have been made easier in return and the difficulty stays now the same no matter how far you get away from the castle. But that there are no enemies close to the castle stays the same. The more difficult tiles are then more likely the further you get away from the castle. The reward for playing through those difficult tiles are precious diamonds you can find there. They are not much worth yet though because traders and villages still need to get implemented as well as items and gear. The sand road environment change is also new for the Endless Journey mode.

The jousting fx has now been tweaked, no more warp fx and the slowmo is now also slowing down the sounds which is really cool. There are now also rewards for doing special things with jousting like jousting a bucket into a wooden target or making a spider fell a tree for you. Those require of course also new achievements to go along with it as well as new stats. Achievements have also been added for Smashtastic and such while graphics for those have also been overhauled. You can check out all the achievements here:

Those stylized illustrations are now also used for the loading with various text under them, since a Endless Journey start loading takes usually around 3 secs (atleast on my PC) that text keeps it short and gives only the most important info, like "Spiders are mean". When you die your skull is shown in the loading screen and it looks a bit different everytime.

May I ask you if you got wasted last night? If not you can get wasted tonight in Last Knight!
New are the super slowmo deaths, inspired by the GTA super slowmo wasted gifs. I made it similar for the fun of it and it turned out really cool so I rolled with it:
you can then switch to normal speed by holding the attack button/key and also skip it as usual. The "wasted" is the death message for crashing while in Last Knight you can also get "Hugged" to death, "Bitten" to death, "Swallowed", "Vaporized" etc. You can probably guess what is responsible for those deaths. :)

I also changed the Knightmares, made them a tad more crazy.

If you are one of the people that have problems with motion sickness in games there is now a anti motion sickness option that turns off the 3rd person camera bopping. I hope that is a significant improvement for you then, look for this button in the options menu:

(It is a little over the top I guess.)

There have also been made several improvements like for the Bucket AI, they can now not look anymore around curves and they take your jumping in account. So no more jumping right into a already drawn lance (hopefully). Fixed have been several more or less rare issues that have been reported in the forum.

That's it!
What are you waiting for?
Time to get wasted!

Oh, wait, here is the full rundown:
-Added sand roads environment change to Endless Journey and Rogue Rider Adventure
-Added ice caves, sand roads and red forest areas to Rogue Rider Adventure
-Added not passable mountains, lakes/rives and lava lakes/rives
-Added super slowmo deaths with text (similiar to GTA)
-Added new special jousting rewards
-Added anti motion sickness option which turns off camera bopping for 3rd person
-Added anti aliasing advanced option (does not work with alphas masks)
-Added a lot of new stats to "more stats"
-Added a lot of new achievements, mostly about special jousting
-Added info text for Rogue Rider Adventure about difficulty when not played story mode yet.
-Added slow motion also slowing down sounds
-Added some sounds and fx
-Added slowmo switching to knightmares
-Added Musketeer Hat, reward for Steam group followers
-Added detailed loading progress info for RRA mode
-Added loading graphics, animated skull and various stylized illus
-Improved Bucket AI, now can't see around curves and jumping is considered.
-Improved falling on edges
-Improved ragdolls physics when jumping into obstacles
-Changed difficulty of RRA Tiles, mostly constant now and easier for normal tiles.
-Changed some things with quests stats which hopefully fixes the rare issues.
-Tweaked slowmo fx, now without warp
-Tweaked gold show in game UI now also showing the added gold
-Tweaked lightning bolts, now easier placed
-Tweaked lower distance needed for Home Run
-Tweaked some generation values
-Fixed info box being too dark for some backgrounds
-Fixed crashing for some people when skipping intro
-Fixed 1440 resolution at wrong position in list
-Fixed rain in caves
-Fixed some rare issues with RRA screens
-Fixed castle achievement
-Fixed Pooptastic achievement
-Fixed issue with quests related achievements
-Fixed rare quest completed message being stuck
-Fixed a soldier quest never getting dropped

May you have a

David Hagemann
Toco Games
@TocoGamescom -
May 31, 2014
Community Announcements - The Fun Pimp
Howdy Survivalists,
Alpha 8.5 is out which fixes another major crash! This should be compatible with the last couple of patches and saved games.
Community Announcements - Baskinein
Crea has come a long way over the last two years. The progress is clearly visible and the improvement is undeniable. Now with Crea coming to Steam Early Access we are in some ways entering a new stage of development. There is still a great deal of work remaining before Crea is considered complete. I don’t have everything planned out between now and 1.0; however, I’d like to share with everyone what I do have planned for the near future.

The top priority for Crea is stability. I know that multiplayer is crucial and I would love to get it to a stable place. Additionally there are still some game crashes that occasionally occur along with many smaller bugs. Before moving onto the next major update I would like to resolve most, if not all, of these issues. Oh, and a new boss and standalone server are in the works!

The focus of the first next major patch is improved modding support. The addition of Steam Workshop support will allow modders to share their work more easily. I will be listening to modders feedback and adjusting the API accordingly.

The second update will likely be one of the largest updates Crea will ever see. Movement, exploration and combat will all dramatically evolve. The goal here is to free players of the current rigid movement. These changes will consist of new movement options, possibly a new “Exploration” talent, new character animations, and new combat controls. All of these will require much experimentation so keep in mind though that these plans may change. More exact details will be revealed once development of this update is underway.

Beyond this, things begin to get fuzzy. There are many things I know need to be done but their priorities are unknown. Here is a list of at least some things to follow (not in order):
  • Revisit Crafting Interface
  • Balancing existing content
  • New content (boss/monsters/items)
  • More gather skills to speed up mining
  • Dungeoneer NPC and Dungeon System
  • Grafter NPC and Grafting System (Weapon upgrading)
  • More Steam Features (Achievements, Cloud Saves, Trading Cards)
Crea will leave Early Access once these features and likely a handful more are done. Development on Crea is a very iterative process that uses everyone’s feedback to help get it to be what I envision. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please post it in the forums. I value player feedback very much and if there is something I deem urgent I will always make room for it. However, please keep in mind that I am the only full-time member of the team, and it takes time for me to get around to addressing every issue.

I am looking forward to seeing how the Steam Early Access release helps the world of Crea to continue to grow and improve.

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