Jan 26
Multiplayer Game Maker - CoolGirlsGames
Hi, I just uploaded a new update for the game. In this update I added 50 achievements, so you can get new achievements.
Dec 7, 2018
Multiplayer Game Maker - CoolGirlsGames
Thank you to all testers who helped me to test the game, catch bugs and gave a lot of great ideas how to make my game better. I really appreciate your help.

On the base of the feedback I did the next things:
1. Added a sound when personage is getting damage from obstacles.
2. Normalized the smoothness of camera movements.
3. Fixed camera, now it doesn't go past bottom of scene.
4. You can scroll zooms in/out when in editor by the mouse scrolling.
5. There are two ways of moving the personage in game, by arrows or by AWD, "W" is jumping instead of "Space"
6. Increased the speed of scrolling menu.
7. I transferred the camera focus from mouse to a personage.
8. The button "Escape" will take you out from the editor mode.
9. Added 10 Rock music tracks, the button "L" turn On/Off

The next points are in development:
* Option to resume editing level when game test is paused
* Switch to place mode when an item is selected from the top bar
* Fixing of a weird falling effect when riding platforms down
* Getting a Player name from Steam
* Exit from Editor mode on empty scene
* Fixing of dissapearring of some objects while saving level.
* Fixing of sliding on ramps

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