The Sky Climber - Tormentor Games

Hello Everyone. We bring you a content update for The Sky Climber! enjoy more obstacle areas, a new character, a new pickup and more!

New Stuff
  • More areas. As you all know, the game is composed of several obstacle areas that are randomized. Originally, the game contained 14 areas. We have increased these areas by 6 for a total of 20. These are shuffled with the original ones. Good luck!
  • A new character. You can now play as Andre from our other game Escape From The Dragons

    While Colosio is strong, Andre is faster, but he will require more hits to send flying a group of barrels.
  • New Pickup. Increase your attack power by eating a taco... what more can we say..
  • Record In Hud. You will now be able to see your previous record below the score counter. The game will also tell you when you have reached a new record.
  • New Music! There are two new tracks, these will play as you keep increasing your score.
  • Small Bug Fixes.

We hope you all enjoy this update, and if you haven't purchased The Sky Climber....its 60% off right now, what are you waiting for? :)

Thanks for Playing!
The Sky Climber - Tormentor Games
Hello Everyone

A new update for The Sky Climber will come out in a few days, it will include several more obstacle sections shuffled with the current ones, a new pickup, bug fixes and other small changes that will improve the game experience.

But while work on the game, why don't you check out our other new game, Space Struck Run.

Just like The Sky Climber and Escape From The Dragons, it is a small game where you have to survive as long as you can, but this time... in space!

Check it out!

It released just a few days ago, so we are still fixing a couple bugs and adding a leaderboard. Either way, we hope that you all are able to enjoy it.

Oh yeah... Merry Christmas!

The Sky Climber - Tormentor Games

We have released another small but challenging game. Check out Escape from the Dragons

It is currently available for just $0.60, so why don't you check it out while we work on the next content update for The Sky Climber.

We hope you enjoy it and as always thanks for playing!
The Sky Climber - Tormentor Games
Day 1 Post

We hope you enjoy our first game on Steam. Feel free to post any issue you find in the forum's bug thread. As well as post your review of the game if you liked it, don't forget to write how you would like us to improve it so we can make a better game experience for you :)

Next, are a list of issues that our awesome players have found during launch day. Our programmers will be camping for the issues below and any others that pop in the forums.

Future Fixes
  • Internal Game Name.[/b] The internal game name in the steam console was not properly changed in time, the game will show as Colosio Run in your steam library.
  • Giant Player. When you are standing in certain platforms, the player size increases dramatically after the game over screen has been triggered.
  • Pause. You can pause during the gameoverscreen.

    Features in development
    • More obstacle areas. We are working in expanding the gameplay with a couple new areas.
    • Improvements to the game dificulty. As the player score increases, small changes will start to take places in the obstacle areas, such as the spiked balls spawning faster.
    • More Sandwich Power. The sandwich will also increase the range of the hammer expansive wave.
    • Gameplay Hints. We'll put a couple hints to survive longer as well explain a couple things better, like that you can interact with red glowing things using your hammer.

    Thanks for Playing!

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