Aug 20
REDO! - Sanakan
Hello, it's me again, the cutest dev you know.

REDO! is finally done(I think).

I think I fixed all the bugs, but I wouldn't be surprised if I forgot something. But don't worry, I'll continue to give support to the game.

there are some things that I would like to implement, like more save slots and gamepad remap, but unfortunately, some of those systems are very old when I began to make the code of the game, and changing it would break a lot of things. I know, it's my fault, but I learned a lot and will not do the same mistake again in future games.

I choose to not change some of the unpopular mechanics because I didn't want to deviate too much from my original intentions.

I'm kinda ok the how the game is, it could be better in some aspects of course, but I think it's ok for a first game done by one person.

I already started a new project, so keep an eye open for news.

Again, thank you for all the support.
Aug 12
REDO! - Sanakan
REDO! will be leaving early access and launching on august 20th!

I'm not done yet tho, i'll drop another update before 08/20 with some changes and bugfixes.

Thanks for all the support.

also updated trailer :
Aug 1
REDO! - Sanakan
-Italian translation for ng+ is complete
-fixed some objects of ng+ appearing in ng
Jul 13
REDO! - Sanakan
-fixed some collision issues in the new mode
-some changes in enemy position and weapon location in hard mode
-fixed the damage of that creature with big tentacle hands

Jul 7
REDO! - Sanakan
Hey! the new mode is finally here! There will be some bugs, but i'm working right now to get things fixed. To access the new mode, first you need to finish the normal campaing, then the "new game+" option will be available.

The main point of this mode it to offer a "second run" with a different level design and some few dialogues and enemies. It's nothing mind blowing, but if you liked the normal campaing, well now you have something "new" to play haha.

It's something i would like to see in more games, to be honest. With some changes in the level design and enemy position you can create a lot of interesting new situations.

I'm still balancing things, so you may find some sections almost impossible, but i'll keep working on it.

what next?

now, i'll keep polishing this mode and fix some old bugs that i ignored until now. you can expect daily updates. Next thing will be the full release. After all the major bugs and balacing issues are solved i will probably create a new trailer and then release the game.

Well, thats it!


**** I had some problens with the italian translation in the hard mode, so it may take a few more days to the italian translation to be available. Sorry!
but english and portuguese is fine!
Jul 7
REDO! - Sanakan
I'm just doing some final tests, the update should be up in a few hours.

REDO! - Sanakan
Hey! the new mode will be available 07/07(next Sunday). It took more time than I initially thought but yeah, that's it. Some new bugs will probably appear, but you guys will help me to fix it.

the update notes will be available 07/07 as well.

Thank you for the patience and see you Sunday ~
Jun 1
REDO! - Sanakan

The extra content is not finished yet, but it's close(around 70% done). I need to finish some late game areas, add an extra cutscene and work on some new dialogues for a few npcs. I know that i'm late, but this kind of creative work is complex and need to be redone a lot of times, and that's very time consuming for one person. But i will do it, don't worry. I don't want to set a release date yet, but it's close.

some screens:

Love you ^-^ <3333
May 6
REDO! - Sanakan

I want to share some progress! here you can see the kind of changes i'm doing for the level design. It's nothing mind blowing, but you can expect a lot of small changes that will provide new challenges.

Normal mode :

hard mode(ng+):

I'm doing this in all rooms, changing some dialogues, enemy placement, new shortcuts etc etc.

well, that's all for now. thanks for the patience. ^-^
Apr 17
REDO! - Sanakan
Hey! I'm taking a little more time with the next update and dedicating the rest of this month plus a week or two to the new mode. The initial plan was to leave Early Access this month but to do that I would have to rush things. I try to do things fast, but this sometimes can lead to a lot of stress and pressure and my productivity drops a lot because of that. So I'll try to be a bit slower and work with more calm to ensure that I can deliver the best product I can. Thank you so much for all the support and feedback, and let's continue the work!

One of the new enemies(spoiler) i'm working on:

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