Gish - Alice O'Connor

As the Humble Voxatron Debut enters its final days, yet more games have been added to the 'pay what you want' indie bundle. If you buy now, or have already bought it, you'll get a selection of three "minigames" from the core game Voxatron's developer Lexaloffle, plus, returning from the original Humble Indie Bundle, Gish.

The three Lexaloffle "minigames" are puzzlers Zen Puzzle Garden and Chocolate Castle, along with platformer Japser's Journey. Gish, of course, is the sticky platformer made by folks including Edmund McMillen of Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac fame.

While last week's additions, The Binding of Isaac and Blocks That Matter, are only available to those who pay above the average price, these four extra games are offered to all.

The Humble Voxatron Debut will only be available until Monday, so head on over to buy it.


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