11th Dream - mick321
11th Dream has received a new skirmish map - Noise. We've also tweaked jumping of characters to make the take-off smoother.

Newly released map Noise takes place on a flat but very rough terrain covered with catwalks. The player can jump off the catwalks to take unguaranteed cover below them.

We were considering adding a shallow death zone, forcing the player to stay on catwalks all the time, but it turned to be more fun to offer at least a partial cover.

We have received few suggestions to tweak the jumping. The first tweak was implemented in this Friday's update. The impulse is not applied in one frame now but it is divided into several frames to let the player prepare for the character's take-off. This is just the first step to make jumping feel better, we'll continue our experiments on this mechanic.

If you have any thoughts, suggestions or you want to just speak with devs, you can reach us on our Discord server.

Next update will be about music! See you!
11th Dream - PapercutFilip

We have just published new 11th Dream update with new skirmish map: Flat Earth - Ideal for large scale team deathmatch games.

We have also included a bunch of graphics tweaks and fixes, as well as campaign's Extreme and Hard difficulty rebalance towards lower enemies HP and increased NPC Damage.


Discuss 11th on our discord: https://discord.gg/yRcSHB
And follow us on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/11thdreamgame/

We will be back with new update next week!

11th Dream - mick321
Another exciting week behind us! We are adding new skirmish maps Desert and Hills to 11th Dream!

Desert is new a map of rocks, sand and abandoned ruins which offer good covers and hide useful bonuses. Visibility is further limited by thick layer of floating sand. The map gives an option to attack an enemy by surprise.

Hills is a new colorful, dreamy map under clear night sky. Encounters happen here on long range, since it is difficult to find a cover on the open areas.

We've also fixed several minor issues in Rapture, one of the levels of official campaign, and menu screen with leaderboards and player stats are now better explained.

You can listen to the 11th Dream original soundtrack on Youtube, where we are going to publish entire game OST over time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to join us on our Discord server! See you next week!
11th Dream - mick321


Blue Pulsar Games is happy to announce early access release of 11th Dream. You can try our game on Steam now and ask us anything on our Discord server or follow us on Instagram.

11th Dream is a fast-paced third person abstract shooter. Our game includes both skirmish maps and a campaign aimed at fast runners and hardcore enthusiasts. It is a game that you can try to beat while you render your video or wait for a meeting.

To bring vapor of dream gaming to your screen, we are going through a rather bizarre development process using our own custom engine. The absence of accessible technology supports our creativity, delivers breaking visuals and also drives us to create and bring new artistic approaches to the 3D Shooter game genre.

Can you beat the game?

Blue Pulsar Games
11th Dream - mick321

11 years ago, while going to high school, we started developing a 3D shooter game. We did not knew much back then about how things should be done, we just wired things together until the game ran reasonably. The result was a hardcore game with a short campaign and several skirmish maps. It got published in local games magazine, at the very corner of the DVD the magazine included.

About a year ago, we met and played this past project and decided to do a remake. We realized that there are many pixelart but not so many 3D games resembling 90s or early 00s. Surprisingly, the old code was still running after all those years and so we decided to build on it. No modern engine that would steer us from the pains and fruits of game development in 90s. We even thought of using fixed function pipeline for rendering. But honestly, in the end we've rewritten, remodeled, reanimated and rescripted everything.

We've created a game which you can play while you render your video or wait for another meeting at your job. These are skirmish maps, instant hardcore fun against bots. One fight ends, new begins, press alt+f4 to rage-quit.

At the same time, 11th Dream offers story-driven campaign with dozen of hardcore levels. You, I-bot, are born and given clear orders - all the malfunctioning robots must be eliminated. Preserve the loop in the system. Eventually, you as a player are given a choice to fight the system back and to enforce its restart.

The game also allows you to to create your own maps in the map editor. We are currently working hard on the integration of steam workshop. After all, we would love to see players creating their own tricky levels.

If you like what you see here,

talk to us on our Discord channel: https://discordapp.com/invite/5BpETSn
visit our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/11thdreamgame/
or join the bots liking our tweets: https://twitter.com/11thDream_Game

Blue Pulsar Games


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