Jun 22
A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers - Mia
I’m proud to present to you all “A.L.A.N. : Rift Breakers”, ver 4.0.!

* New “look”, from NVL to ADV, with a new text box.
* Dual Language screen and Bilingual user interface!
* The “Dialogs Log” screen (aka History) will reset when you reached a new Chapter in both “A.L.A.N.” and “Rift Breakers”.
* Some words appear now in color to show they are important (or not? You decide!).
* Typos fixed in French because, even thought the story was proofread several times, some remains.
* Improved English translation, much closer to the French (original version). Even the 1 line of text previously not included in English, a dialog from Aimé, will show up with an explanation of why it cannot be translated.
* Removed the “vibrating” effect on some words, like “Materialize!!!”. They are stylised with symbols and/or colors instead.
* Removed the Help screen, since the controls are easy to figure out. You can play with your mouse, keyboard or controller.
* Credits updated with filmmusic.io as the new source for the music + updated creative commons license + links for various websites.
* Font TypeMyMusic changed to DejaVu for the music notes and symbols.
* The text hue color for Lily and Charlie in the “chat” scenes had been changed to be easier to read. Also the purple text for Purple/Iola and the red text for Red/Rowan.
* Click-to-continue image added, the same used in “Hir Corruption” and in the upcoming “Reverse Me” trilogy.
* Text boxes will now vanish during transition between BG images.

Now, let’s break those Rifts with Alex and his team! ːsteamhappyː
A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers - Mia
After completing the “Reverse Me” trilogy, I made the decision to update all my other games so that they match Reverse Me, presentation wise.

It’ll take a good while to do, but you’ll see:
* Dual Language Screen and User Interface
* ADV style reading instead of NVL
* Revised English translation for some games
* And more!

“A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers”, version 4.0., is almost completed with those changes. Here’s some previews.

A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers - Mia

The “Reverse Me!” series will be a collection of shorts and linear stories, all based on fairy tales or legends. They’ll have something in common. “Rez/Ru” is the first story, the other will be released as DLCs.

I don’t have any ETA for the other stories - since I still have to write them in French, translated then into English, and put everything into Ren’py - but I do intend to complete at least 1 or 2 before the release in August.

Since there are a lot of fairy tales I can get inspiration from, I also don’t have a clear number of stories in mind. Will the “Reverse Me!” series be at trilogy or more? Only time will tell.

All stories will have Steam Achievements.
Jun 7
A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers - Mia
1. The flags for the language selection are now on the title screen and in the main menu.
2. The game starts with the sound volume at 80%.
3. New images for the choice buttons.
4. When Alex has to look for information, the last choice is only accessible after looking at everything.
5. Other minor graphic change.

A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers - Mia
For the current owners of “Les 4 Alice: Lorange Journey”, “A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers” and “Entre-Deux: Cursed”, the old (removed) versions of these games will be in your library with their DLC.

If you have “Les 4 Alice: Lorange Journey”, you will get both “Les Quatre Alices [First Edition]” (made with RPG Maker MV) and “4 Alice : Lorange Journey [Second Edition]” (made with Twine).

If you have “A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers”, you’ll get both “A.L.A.N. [First Edition]” (made with RPG Maker MV) and “Alan: Rift Breakers [Second Edition]” (made with Twine).

If you have “Entre-Deux: Cursed”, you’ll get “Entre-Deux [Second Edition]” (twine), “Dark Fairies [First Edition]” (rpg maker), “Shirina [First Edition]” (rpg maker) and “Cursed Queen : Wicked Witch [Second Edition]” (twine).

Take note these versions are for Windows 64bits and I don’t give tech support for them. They got achievements and some are translated intro other languages than French/English.
A.L.A.N.: Rift Breakers - Mia
Ivanoile ~ Christalixeur Corruption is comming soon on Steam!
A episodic story, in 5 episodes with QTEs and simple battles!


* While the store page is up, and the game is completed in French, I still got to finish the English translation. It’ll be ready before the release day.

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