Nov 16, 2018
Dimension Drifter - Blue
A half dozen of new rooms have made it into the game, enhancing the overall map variety greatly! I've also added new animations to the Butcher and Choppers, refined some other animations and added new platforms to big item spawns that have a nice shiny glow effect.

To read the full changelog, go here:
Nov 6, 2018
Dimension Drifter - Blue
The new update has hit the road. Along new bloom and lighting effects, there are over 50 new props scattered around the levels, making the levels feel much more alive. I've also improved the gameplay balance based on community feedback and added new rooms that increase level variety.

You can check out the whole changelog here:
Dimension Drifter - Blue
In this new update, I've tweaked the player movement and added a new Dash Ability! This new ability gives the player a 500% speed boost for a fraction of a second. It moves the player in whatever direction they are currently moving by the press of a button. There is no need to unlock it, you have this ability right from the get go! The Dash has 3 charges and it takes 3 seconds to recharge.

Read the full changelog here:
Dimension Drifter - Blue

In this video series I want to discuss the behind the scenes stuff about Dimension Drifter and the Early Access development. What can you expect in the near and distant future? What's going on with the Steam Direct release?

You can discuss everything in this video here:
Dimension Drifter - Blue
The story progression of the initial release has been replaced. The new story mode offers 3 missions to choose from every time. After completing a mission, more and more parts of the story will unlock. This new system seems much more in tune with the rest of the gameplay. Please let me know your feedback!

For more details, please go here:
Dimension Drifter - Blue

In this video I demonstrate the customization of your weapons and right after I show the current version of the gameplay. This is right now pretty much "what you see is what you get" for the initial EA release, but balance changes or overall gameplay improvements will happen over the course of the entire Early Access phase.

Please tell me what you think and come to the discussion boards and I would be happy to see you there :)

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