Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch adds the final male armor skins, adds another Patreon item, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

0.839 change list:

  • added a few more safeguards to prevent corrupting character
  • no longer get xp for exploring the starting level (only a few cases where you used to able to)
  • no longer get cleared bonus from first level (usually couldn't before)
  • hooked up 2 new male plate skins
  • turned r_detailModelShadows off by default (no shadows on things like grass)
  • added cursed resistance item modifiers
  • added Mandark's Direia Tribute Britches (Patreon item) (Mandark)
  • now NPCs can set off fireworks after town attack or siege quests are solved
  • now giant on player or monsters gets 20% defense penalty and 20% crushing blow/defending crushing blow bonuses (Bluddy)
  • decreased lightning blade damage and passive bonuses to be more in line with other similar skills
  • looting a gravestone can no longer lock a win condition (since there aren't multiple)
  • looting a gravestone can now start a curse
  • crystals now stick around longer when destroyed (invisible though) so that their destroyed effects work correctly
  • now won't choose a bunch of scenarios if low stress option is choosen (Boink)
  • increased BaseTornadoChance from 0.03 to 0.05
  • zombie infections status effects are always public now (people now recognize the signs of infection)
  • now when highlight a blip on world map that blip is drawn last (fixes duplicate problems)
  • fixed highlighting entity blips with quests available or solved and blip is a priority
  • made blue and purple gates the correct color on minimap
  • fixed gates not updating their exact location on minimap correctly (fixes another duplicate problem)
  • fixed getting a large stack of gates in some towns (Varkon/Bluddy)
  • Block skill text now includes effect when you block an attack (mothbones)
  • Energizing Block skill text now includes effect when you block an attack (mothbones)
  • fixed a bunch of skill mutations not having their full description
  • added a Simplify Hotkey Text UI option (treborx555)
  • fixed the scenario selection description (Westwind)
  • removed some Zombasite specific stuff from ZombieInfectionTip text (Bluddy)
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch improves many quests, adds scenario selection, adds new mutation icons, improves NPCs, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

0.838 change list:

  • added breaking ancient tomb seal leads to curse quest (Dragonface)
  • now if player dies chance of adding a new level modifier to that level (Haunted, Undead, etc)
  • now once a player has won a scenario, it is unlocked and can be choosen directly on the world setup screen (Darkness)
  • fixed some scenarios not starting with any quests
  • hooked up 1 new male plate skin
  • hooked up 8 new mutation icons
  • minimap now shows blips farther out especially in town where you have full map (Destro*)
  • added a button/menu to see event history better (Bluddy/Snuggy Serian)
  • can now buy an entire stack of items by pressing ctrl when buying (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
  • fixed a targeting issue with skills like heal not being able to target player if previously has another valid target (Fulano)
  • now when a town NPC creates or obtains an item, they will give it to a random player in the game (Dragonface)
  • now NPCs in town with the correct skills can make crafting cheaper (Dragonface)
  • NPC Diplomat skill now works correctly
  • fixed Therapist job helping random townspeople
  • fixed Enchanter job helping random townspeople
  • vendors in town can now decide to stay
  • fixed a bunch of status effects getting applied as permanent monster enhancements but then disappearing quickly (Destro*)
  • demon gate quest can now spawn new demon types
  • now demon gates are limited to spawning demons
  • now zombie gates are limited to spawning zombies
  • now orc gates are limited to spawning orcs
  • wisps now get bigger as they get buffed from other wisps (Bluddy)
  • decreased monster Fleet of Foot bonuses by 20% (Bluddy)
  • decreased monster Power Burn enhancement by 20% (Bluddy)
  • Torva Shaman fire aura now only buffs friends (Bluddy)
  • totem status effects are now less powerful but they are per inflictor now, so there can be more than one (Bluddy)
  • fixed it so don't get 2 quests to kill a newly zombified NPC
  • fixed a problem on some gates/dungeon entrances not showing correct quest info (Varkon)
  • increased RespawnTimeMultActivePlayerAndQuest from 2.0 to 3.0 (Castruccio)
  • Earthquake, Darkness, and Fog machines can now start uprisings (Bluddy)
  • fixed restore house quest (Sarah)
  • now automatically increase MaxLevelFailures when generating a level when it is the only one (Varkon)
  • invasion and demon invasion now start with another uprising
  • now can gate to allied clans on gate map
  • made UI gargoyles a little brighter (hella)
  • added buy stack tip
  • pressing ctrl no longer cancels player actions except attacking and moving
  • now precache crafting and experience orb sounds (Dragonface)
  • updated female Brigandine skin
  • updated male plate, steel, and turtle scale skins
  • fixed male Crusader chest plate skin
  • no longer spawn Warmaster, Steward, and Apothecary in scenarios where they aren't needed (Bluddy)
  • moved world setup options around a little to fit better
  • removed out of food icons from main menu
  • fixed xp listed in quest text not taking into account world modifiers that change it (usually pacing modifiers) (Nyithra)
  • fixed gates to unknown destinations showing the destination name
  • now quests in tower are marked with ^ instead of v (Excellion)
  • NPCs now start with random XP within their current level
  • localized imp NPC Spin Attack (Orc Schism)
  • added cheat_lockClasses console command
  • fixed duplicate scout word in scout killed message
  • added OnePerInflicterKeepOldResetTime option to status effects
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 84
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch fixes a crash, adds new special rooms, makes weapon types more unique, adds new female & male plate skins, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

0.837 change list:

  • fixed a crash in Quest::switchCombatants when a purge happens during switch (probably rare in real games)
  • added Witch House, Smuggler Hideout, Bandit Hideout, and Mad Wizard Shack special rooms
  • now maces give you a crushing blow boost
  • now swords give you a defense boost
  • now daggers give you a deep wounds boost
  • now axes give you a critical hit boost
  • hooked up 3 new female plate skins
  • hooked up 4 new male plate skins
  • fixed 3 main quest givers always starting at level 1 instead of world level
  • boosted 3 main quest givers health some more
  • boosted vendor health some
  • now quests from scenarios with only 1 level start at the world minimum level (Varkon)
  • now quest counts will decrease when area is small like roads and towers (Varkon)
  • fixed beam attack not passing along which skill was doing damage (was probably causing several beam related problems) (Varkon)
  • fixed on kill skill mutations not working correctly (Varkon)
  • fixed a way that linked skills weren't set up properly when getting a new linked skill
  • decreased Shock Wave and Holy Symbol reusetime from 2.0 to 1.0 (Varkon)
  • now skill mutations aren't linked with other skills, fixes a few weird issues (Destro*)
  • fixed having 2 MonsterFakeChangeling5HC entries, hopefully will fix strange, rare loading bug (Mithur)
  • now allow MoraleChangeWhenHurtNoEnemy to go below 0 (NPCs should run away from things like fires better) (rainbow)
  • increased NPC morale drop from damage when at lower health (Nyithra)
  • fixed fire elementals, screes, furies, skeletons, skeleton archers, guardians being summoned by evil NPCs not being attackable
  • changed NPC projectiles to straight true instead of straight (no matching ground height)
  • NPC races now clump in different areas (ex. instead of completely random you might have a town of mostly Orcs)
  • fixed 2 houses next to each other screwing up their neighbors flat land
  • fixed lastnames of NPCs that get married
  • objects in the way alpha out a little farther now
  • fixed world map not always getting centered correctly (Westwind)
  • made skills with additional (instead of mult) of stunning blow, critical hit, crushing blow, and deep wounds more clear
  • made cheat_unlockClasses public for a little while
  • changed cheat_unlockClasses to unlock directly classes not underlying achievements
  • updated female Russet skin
  • updated donation lists from Patreon
  • changed save version to 228
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 83
  • fixed win quest text of Fall of an Empire - won't fix scenarios started before fix (Varkon)
  • added description to stamina burn
  • fixed typo in Chase scenario description
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch adds a new specialty, adds more female skins, adds more skill icons, and fixes a bunch of smaller issues.

0.836 change list:

  • added Elementalist specialty (Sarah)
  • added 7 new female mail skins
  • hooked up 10 new mutation skill icons
  • added Detail Model Shadows graphics option (Bluddy)
  • fixed rumors not working correctly (Westwind)
  • now you get credit for kills where a trap you set off kills monsters
  • now have a chance to replace a fear mutation if kill enough of that monster
  • fixed not registering ranged kills for Ranged Killer achievement (Westwind)
  • Berserk no longer decreases defense per level (Bluddy)
  • fixed retraining mode from Mystic Brotherhood (Destro*)
  • hopefully fixed problem with some scenarios sometimes winning instantly (Fulano)
  • fixed grassbush5b.mdl looking terrible
  • changed r_detailModels max in UI from 0.5 to 0.8 (Bluddy)
  • can now get rid of skills like animal control (Destro*)
  • fixed Lycanthrope mutation always transforming you instead of sometimes when you are hurt (Jack67)
  • added a sound when Lycanthrope mutation transforms you
  • fixed Ninja being hidden on Mutate from specialty screen
  • fixed NPCs trying to buff doors some times
  • improved tower (monster) graphics (Fulano/Bluddy)
  • now spellsword always starts with a shield skill so can start with and use Starburst skill (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
  • fixed a way could get a unique skill but not the modifiers
  • fixed doors not saving/loading correctly
  • decreased MaxTileHeightChange from 12.0 to 6.0 in towns and grasslands
  • decreased MaxTileHeightChange from 30.0 to 18.0 in caves
  • light generated by player no longer notifies enemies unless area is somewhat dark
  • fixed a bunch of old references to clan
  • now door label doesn't go away during combat
  • added Show NPC class option (Fulano)
  • updated new character screen - female cloth skin
  • updated new character screen - female mail skin
  • fixed Yuxi's Gloves having unnamed skill on it (Dungeon Explorer Levender)
  • fixed random specialty selecting locked specialties (Destro)
  • improved wisp effects
  • changed default max value for increaseStat to 2 billion (cap is better than rollover)
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch rebalances more things, adds more male & female skins, adds a bunch of new achievements, and adds achievements to Steam.

0.835 change list:

  • decreased RequirementInflation on items from 0.02 to 0.005
  • decreased all difficulty mults by 0.005 (putting normal difficulty back where it was in the previous patch) (Varkon)
  • decreased Earthquake and Frost Nova reuse timer from 2.0 to 1.0 secs (Varkon)
  • cloth armor no longer has a strength requirement, just a level requirement now (Doesn't Learn From Mistakes)
  • decreased DexterityReqPerLevel for daggers from 3.5 to 3.0
  • removed Dexterity requirement from staves and added a level requirement
  • hooked up 5 male mail skins (were there just not hooked up)
  • hooked up 11 new female male skins
  • changed Unholy Vitality from 0.1 Str/Dex per level mult to +10 Str/Dex per level
  • changed Kodiak Strength from 0.2 Str per level mult to +20 Str per level
  • now Gladiator specialty unlocks after 10 scenario wins
  • now Defender specialty unlocks after 200 blocks, parries, and/or deflections
  • now Trickster specialty unlocks after finding 10 secrets
  • now Thief specialty unlocks after raiding 20 graves
  • now Reaver specialty unlocks after 1 character gets up to 1000 kills per death
  • now Reaper specialty unlocks after killing 1000 monsters
  • now Commoner specialty unlocks after dying 10 times :)
  • now Soldier specialty unlocks after solving 100 quests
  • now Dark Templar specialty unlocks after having a character with equipment worth at least 1 GP
  • now Paladin specialty unlocks after having rescuing 10 NPCs
  • marked all monsters as fire, cold, magic, lightning, or poison (if applicable)
  • now imbued enhancements mark the monster as appropriate element type
  • now Ice Mage specialty unlocks after killing 250 ice type monsters
  • now Magician specialty unlocks after killing 250 magic type monsters
  • now Nightshade specialty unlocks after killing 250 poison type monsters
  • now Sorcerer specialty unlocks after killing 250 lightning type monsters
  • now Druid specialty unlocks after fully exploring 20 outdoor, nature areas
  • now Scout specialty unlocks after discovering 60 areas
  • now Demonologist specialty unlocks after killing 100 demons
  • now Blackguard specialty unlocks after killing 20 NPCs
  • now Archer specialty unlocks after killing 250 monsters at range
  • now Blademaster specialty unlocks after killing 250 with a sword
  • now Ninja specialty unlocks after killing 25 without monster noticing you
  • now Warlock specialty unlocks after lifting 5 curses
  • now Warden specialty unlocks after triggering 25 traps
  • now Illusionist specialty unlocks after dispelling 25 illusions
  • now Berserker specialty unlocks after experiencing 5 near death experiences
  • now Commander specialty unlocks after recruiting 20 NPCs to town
  • now Spellsword specialty unlocks after killing 250 fire type monsters
  • now Summoner specialty unlocks after summoning 50 monsters
  • now Monk specialty unlocks after using 5 god specific altars
  • now Shaman specialty unlocks after being helped 15 times by avatars
  • now Sage specialty unlocks after unlocking Scout, Killer, Eagle Eye, and Fetcher anchievements
  • fixed all achievement icons (alpha, grey, etc)
  • fixed cheat_unlockClasses
  • added all achievements to Steam
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch rebalances a ton of things, adds more female skins, adds a bunch of cave & dungeon sounds, and fixes several minor issues.

0.834 change list:

  • now attribute requirements on items have an inflation value of 0.02 - basically a steeper requirement curve at higher levels
  • increased item armor values by 20%
  • now monster armor, defense, attack, health, damage, and resistance has an inflation component to increase the difficulty at higher levels
  • shields now have a strength requirement instead of a level requirement
  • decreased cast time magic modifier reductions by 20%
  • now Holy Symbol, Frost Nova, Earthquake, and Shock Wave skills have a reuse time of 2 seconds
  • now higher difficulty levels can naturally spawn higher rarity monsters (Destro*)
  • now if you have an equipped armor item that you don't meet the requirements for get an armor overload penalty (slower movement/decreased defense)
  • now if you have an equipped weapon and/or shield that you don't meet the requirements for get a weapon overload penalty (slower weapon and cast speed)
  • now skills like Demonic Control that lose their effectiveness as monster level surpasses the strength level of the skill, there is now a minimum effectiveness of 20% (Mandark)
  • difficulty damage mult now applies to projectile, radius projectile, direct damage, and status effects
  • hooked up 18 female cloth skins
  • added a bunch of cave and dungeon sounds
  • decreased max stack of dropping health/mana potions by 1
  • town vendors now have less magic chance (wandering vendors are better)
  • decreased StatMultStrength of Kodiak Strength from 0.2 to 0.15
  • sprint now has a max skill level of 10
  • decreased CrushingBlowPerStr, DeepWoundsPerDex, MagicCrushingBlowPerDex, and CriticalPerInt by 50%
  • decreased crushing blow, deep wounds, and critical hit magic modifier values by 50%
  • fixed Strength calculation on status effects
  • fixed not always showing all characters you can mutate towards (treborx555)
  • fixed another gate only working once issue (Someone64)
  • fixed wisps being able to buff themselves (probably fixes other monsters doing similar things)
  • now a sound bank can randomly pick a base sound based on level seed
  • now a sound bank can randomly pick which sounds to use based on level seed
  • fixed vbulletin character export having extra color commands that don't get parsed correctly
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch fixes a crash, adds a bunch of icons and player skins, adds several new special rooms, and fixes several minor issues.

0.833 change list:

  • fixed a crash in ResourceSystem::freeNextResource (I triggered it in the editor, but it might be random crash in many other places)
  • hooked up 5 mutation icons
  • hooked up 18 female leather skins
  • added Holy Statue special room
  • added Crater special room
  • added War Camp special room
  • added Ancient Tree special room
  • added Haven special room
  • doubled chance of illusion objects
  • added a Summon Ghost skill to necromancer (LichdomRules)
  • fixed levels being marked as having a quest when they didn't (Varkon/William)
  • getting a new quest giver quests are now marked as optional
  • now clan will always be destroyed if drop to 0 members for whatever reason (Dungeon Explorer Lan)
  • decreased Duel reward from large silver to small silver chest
  • decreased Last Man Standing and Brawl reward from small reward to large silver chest
  • decreased Earthquake per level damage by around 10%
  • tunnels can now go just about anywhere
  • now can load a world after winning/losing a world (DrJoeFitz)
  • fixed particles not using combined surfaces like they were supposed to
  • now armor & helmet changes on create character screen when you select different specialties
  • halved BurnedBlockChance & BurnedNeighborBlockChance (Bluddy)
  • now effectively only 36 days in a year (so seasons might actually change during a scenario)
  • increased min weather front speed by 50%
  • fixed animation issue with destroyed statues (trying to share model with normal killed monsters)
  • now haunted levels have more spooky traps and ambushes
  • now rain puts out campfires instead of destroying them
  • made purple ruins a darker purple color
  • removed extra ObjectTorchCampfireHCa entry
  • added showLevelGeneration debug command
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch fixes a crash, adds the ninja specialty, adds a manual, makes god altars more unique, and fixes several minor issues.

0.832 change list:

  • fixed a crash in madeLoudNoise
  • added ninja specialty (no new skills, but still cool)
  • updated manual - still need to add new stuff
  • added Minor Mutation help topic (Beige Shiba)
  • added Major Mutation help topic
  • added mutations stuff to manual
  • added poison mist
  • added poison mist level modifier
  • added lightning swarm to Blixt altars
  • added acid bolts to Erillin altars
  • added earthquakes to Hamlec altars
  • added summon to Kracht altars
  • added raising dead to Mortus altars
  • added fire shield to Valta altars
  • mutated NPCs can no longer be infected (Bluddy)
  • fixed liquids not triggering multiple times correctly
  • triggers now more consistently do something (Dragonface)
  • dirt mounds can now be entrance to secret level
  • added XP Pillars
  • added Mutation Pillars
  • now skills like Whirlwind can't hit enemies that you can't see (Dragonface)
  • now quest items that aren't needed but are picked up are removed instead of dropping back to ground
  • now projectiles show explosions even if hitting a neutral or allied entity (even if they won't do any damage)
  • rain scrolls can now only be used outside
  • changed "Mutation Experience" to "Mutation Progress"
  • fixed highlight info on mutate from specialty ok button
  • changed PROTOCOL_VERSION to 82
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch adds unique skills, a bunch of new mutations, and fixes a few minor issues.

0.831 change list:

  • added unique skills - skills with set skill modifiers
  • added 5 unique skills Mega Fireball, Greta's Healing, Brenna's Fire, Raven's Swarm, and Ciglio's Skeleton Archers
  • added Spores mutation
  • added Fire Proof mutation
  • added Teleporter mutation
  • added Temporal Flux mutation
  • added Reverse Projectiles mutation
  • added Lava Skin mutation
  • added Super Smell mutation
  • added Scrounger mutation
  • added Healing Aura mutation
  • added Infravision mutation
  • added Quiet mutation
  • added Telekinesis mutation
  • added X-ray Vision mutation
  • added Stench mutation
  • added Egg Layer mutation
  • added Engorged Left Arm mutation
  • added Engorged Right Arm mutation
  • added Thorn Spray mutation
  • added Mind Blast mutation
  • added One Eye mutation
  • added Thick Skull mutation
  • added Animal Control mutation
  • added Grotesque mutation
  • added Venomous mutation
  • added Hypnotic Gaze mutation
  • added Small Wings mutation
  • added Firestarter mutation
  • added Curious mutation
  • fixed RadiusIncrease skill mutation not showing up
  • flying entities no longer trigger ground traps
  • fixed some gate naming and level related issues
  • fixed losing reputation when a main quest giver is killed
  • fixed name on rubble (Bluddy)
  • removed reference to apocalypse in happiness highlight (Bluddy)
Din's Legacy - Soldak Entertainment
This patch adds a couple world options, fixes a slowdown, makes some areas more unique, improves treasure maps, rebalances several things, and fixes a bunch of minor issues

0.830 change list:

  • added exploration world setup option - less monsters
  • added overrun world setup option - more monsters (Rainbow)
  • fixed a slowdown due to forking projectiles (Dungeon Explorer Lan) - the fix for this was in push_backArray so it might actually fix a bunch of other slowdowns also
  • fixed NPCs not using healthstone properly, broke when I split damage type/source type, this will likely fix many monster use object issues (Varkon)
  • improved all treasure map chests
  • fixed some layout problems with dungeons (turned CanUseLooseBlockConnections off)
  • fixed invincible changelings issue (Varkon/Dungeon Explorer Lan)
  • now vampire effect will go away when in (or near enough) to a house (Sarah)
  • added fire, cold, lightning, and poison vulnerability mutations (Bluddy)
  • you can now donate to all recruitable NPCs (Bluddy)
  • increased Whirlwind mana per level from 1 to 2
  • whirlwind and other similar melee skills no longer hit untargetable objects (like oil on ground)
  • increased serrated arrow damage mult per level from 0.075 to 0.085 (Ninjakillzu)
  • campfires now provide a low health/mana regen to anyone nearby
  • removed Zombies Allowed world option (always defaults to on)
  • graveyards now have more statues/gargoyles
  • graveyards now have more fog
  • added rubble to ruins
  • fixed not getting any hit sounds when hitting a statue (twitch.tv/ninja)
  • tunnels don't tell you the destination until you have been to the destination
  • now random object size and rotation are consistent across save/load
  • increased max stack of food and drinks to 99 (Fulano)
  • fixed swarm projectiles prefix text
  • fixed some issues with cheat_completeAllQuests
  • split player level and title into 2 parts so it fits on character pages better (Destro*)

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