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In this build we have a new default movement mode that combines the "Third Person View" and the "Editor View" together. You can now move and have your mouse, which is important for interacting with almost every object.

You can still go to the Third Person and First Person views.

Running is now possible as well as flying, by holding down Left Shift. We have changed the "Up and Down" when flying or in a camera to now be Space and Left Ctrl.

There are several additions and changes, please watch the YouTube walk through.



Cine Tracer - cinematographydb
Cine Tracer v0.31 just went live. We have a new dedicated YouTube channel that will host all Cine Tracer content moving forward.

YouTube v0.31 Patch Notes:

Patch Notes:

1. New Storyboard System
We save the in game storyboards in a new way and the old boards may still load, but moving forward the game uses the new system.
You can now "save" the storyboards by hitting the camera icon and it will save a PNG of the storyboard to your project folder.

2. New "Grass Mini Map"
We are going to be creating some small "mini maps" that have specific useful biomes or locations. These should hopefully load better on lower end hardware.

3. Stand Ins
Your old Stand Ins will still be in the game, but you won't be able to make new ones. Please use the new ones.
The new Stand Ins have better skin/eye shaders and you can give them a name and "Tint" their clothing color.

4. New Smoke Props
Look in Props to find them. The different types of smoke react to light differently. Smoke #2 requires it to be back lit.

5. New Screen Prop
These act like in game signs or power point slides. Use these to easily add a text call out in your scene.
Cine Tracer - cinematographydb
Cine Tracer v0.30 now distributes the .SAV files into the "Project Folder."

YouTube Walkthrough:

Previously they were saved in the following locations:


MacOS /Users/*username*/Library/Application Support/Epic/CineTracer/Saved/

*Library on MacOS is usually hidden to get to it, go to your desktop and go to to the "Go" menu on the top bar. Then HOLD OPTION and you'll be able to go to the Library folder.

1. To open old save files, navigate to the directory listed above.

2. MOVE the .SAV file into the "Project Folder" that you designated in the game.

3. OR make a new folder and name that folder the EXACT name as the .SAV file and move the .SAV file inside of it.

FINAL NOTE: this is a very technical process and after v0.30 you will never have to do this. The .SAV will always be in the project folder.
Cine Tracer - cinematographydb

Cine Tracer v0.29 is live for PC Win64 and MacOS. Please restart Steam to prompt the update.

Please watch the two videos on how to use the NEW Building "Blocks" system.



Cine Tracer - cinematographydb
Hey Steam Community!

TLDR: I'll be spending more time on Steam Community, to help support the new users who aren't on my other platforms.

This is Matt Workman, the SOLE developer of Cine Tracer. Thank you for taking the time to try the game/app, even if you hated it or it didn't work on your hardware and you refunded it (seriously).

This is my first "game" and my first project on Steam, so all of it is a learning experience for me. Seeing the error reports/bugs etc. all help me make decisions on how to improve the game for the next update.

Early Release until now
Since Early Release in September 2018, I haven't focused on the native Steam platform for feedback/bugs reports etc.

Support has been on:
- CinematographyDB and CineTracer Instagram DM/Posts
- CinematographyDB YouTube
- and partially CinematographyDB Facebook/Twitter etc.

I've moderated these communities for about 4 years and it's where most of the early community lived.

The community has grown very quickly and supporting MacOS has brought even more new users. So thank you again.

I'll be spending more time on Steam Community, to help support the new users who aren't on my other platforms.

I've responded to the first few pages of discussions, feel free to bump any older ones if they still need to be addressed.

Thanks again for the feedback, all of it helps shape the next build and the future Cine Tracer.



Cine Tracer - cinematographydb

Just posted the v0.28 Early Release update for Win64 and MacOS.

Please watch the new YouTube tutorial to see how things work:

  • New Actor Controls
  • Facial Controls
  • Pose System
  • MoCap Library with Pausing
  • Right and Left Hand Props
  • Fixed Import Button
  • Fixed some other small bugs

Next update will likely be the building system.



Cine Tracer - cinematographydb

With Early Release version 0.27 we have added support for OSX/MacOS!

We have officially tested successfully:
- latest iMac Pro (10.13 High Sierra)
- latest Macbook Pro 10.14 (Mojave)

We are not able to test on lower/older Macs but from our closed Mac beta we can confirm that at least "some" older Macs/GPUs work.

We cannot back support older MacOS versions or hardware. That is not in our control, it is dictated by Unreal Engine, the game engine we use to make the game/app.

Please note that Nvidia RTX / DXR aka "Ray Tracing" aka bounced light/global illumination will likely NOT work on any Mac hardware in the near future.

If you are looking to buy a new computer and you would like to be able to use the future RTX/DXR version of Cine Tracer, please consider getting a laptop/desktop PC with an Nvidia RTX (20** series) GPU.

Please follow us on Instagram to stay up to date:




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