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We have been busy keeping the cat well fed since the launch of Another Sight!

Team Lunar Great Wall here, just dropping by to let you all in on some recent updates we have made to the Steam version of Another Sight on PC!


· Some improvement and optimization on framerate and general performance in 4K resolution

· Improved performance on cutscene loading

· Fixed a problem with interactions that could potentially result in a crash

· Improved interaction during narrative sections

· Improved level design on level 5, some fixes on interactive objects and checkpoints

· Better stability on some physics based objects

· Improved checkpoint effectiveness

· Some fixes on stealth mechanics

We hope you all enjoy these improvements in Another Sight and are having a great time journeying with Kit and Hodge!

As always, if you have any questions or requests (we can't deliver sandwiches to all corners of the world, we're afraid...), do let us know in the comments below!

Thank you for all of your support as always.

-- Team Lunar
Another Sight - LGWStudio
Do you like cats?! Ever wanted to know how we made Hodge in Another Sight? Well today, you're in luck!

If you've played Another Sight already or are contemplating trying it out yourself, we wanted to share a behind the scenes look at how we brought Hodge the cat to life in Another Sight!

A lot of love and care went into the creation of Hodge to ensure players connect with Hodge as a cat - from idle animations (where he will groom himself in traditional cat fashion) to a full breakdown and analysis of the anatomical structure of felines!

Click these very words to tune in and check it out!

Make sure to stay tuned for more behind the scenes updates and more, coming soon!

-- Team Lunar
Another Sight - LGWStudio
Thank you to everyone who has played Another Sight so far, we are truly overwhelmed by the discussions and comments shared from people playing our surreal adventure around the world.

Our team at Lunar Great Wall Studios are very proud of what we have made and shared with you - but our work doesn't end there!

We're constantly listening to feedback from all of you about your experiences with Another Sight and pur team have been taking note and implementing your feedback and tweaking the smallest details!

Our first update for Another Sight has resulted in the following improvements for you all to enjoy.

1) Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented the achievements to be unlocked after you finish the game;

2) Improved Hodge animations and controls, now the Hodge has more inertia and is simpler to control;

3) Fixed the Sewers door that could clip with the crate;

4) Added a new cutscene in Laboratories level that show Kit’s objective to solve the puzzle;

5) Fixed Hodge flying through Laboratories level when jumping on the liftable panel;

6) Added Wall bump for Kit with every suit;

7) Improved presentation of the final level;

8) Now the game correctly pauses when minimized on tray;

9) Fixed a bug that could occur if Kit gets caught while a cutscene is played, causing players to lose input;

10) Fixed a bug occurring only with really low framerate that could block Hodge movements when climbing;

11) Added skip cutscene button for keyboard;

12) Improved feedback particles of the big machine in Sewers;

13) Fixed a guard that sometimes lost his head;

13) Added various footsteps sounds on missing materials;

14) Added bespoke music during credits;

15) Updated credits text;

16) Resolved some minor issues on Kit’s vision bubbles;

17) Fixed the cartstopper that could clip in the cart in the London Underground level;

18) Various minor improvements on level design (Laboratories, The Node and London Underground);

19) Now only Kit can end The Node level;

20) Various tuning on SFX volumes;

21) Fixed subtitles appearance when dialogue volume is set to zero.

Thank you all for tuning in and sharing your passion for Another Sight - as always, stay tuned for more information from the development team and feel free to leave us your suggestions!

Thanks for playing!

-- Team Lunar
Another Sight - LGWStudio
Upon the release of Another Sight, the journey of Kit and Hodge now belongs to more than just the development team, but also you, the fans!

We hope everyone has had a fantastic first day playing Another Sight so far, it has been a big moment for us to witness all of you checking out the game and sharing it with your friends.

Another Sight was made from the heart by a team of 12 developers over 12 months, with the goal of creating something much more personal than ever before.

We're very lucky to share this experience with all of you and bring you into our family at Lunar Great Wall. As passionate developers, we never stop working and thinking about ways to improve every experience within our game and are already acting upon making it better and better!

Our game is made for you and as such, the development team is open to feedback from our fans!

If you've noticed something in the game or have a suggestion (or just want to leave a message for the team), then please do let us know in the comments below and we will collate, consider and get to work!

Once again, thank you all for taking the time to experience our tale of a girl and her mysterious cat companion...

-- Team Lunar
Another Sight - LGWStudio
Launch is ONE day away and the first reviews for Another Sight are beginning to come in!

This is a small group of the 12 member development team for Another Sight (plus Hodge in the corner...), and we're on the cusp of releasing our game experience to all of you and we only hope that you will all find something to enjoy in our game made from the heart.

Today, we're very delighted as reviews are starting to come in as we prepare to open the floodgates and we're very proud of the first review which has landed!

The folks over at The Games Machine (in Italy) have given Another Sight an 8.7/10!

"Another Sight deserves all your attention and proves to be one of the most interesting Italian productions ever"

You can read the full review right here!

We'll be back with a full review wrap up just after launch, so make sure to stay tuned!

-- Team Lunar
Another Sight - LGWStudio
Launch is almost upon us and the team here at Lunar Great Wall Studios are both nervous and excited to share our game with you all!

12 people. 12 months. 1 game.

Ahead of launch, we wanted to invite you behind the scenes to meet some of the development team responsible for bringing Another Sight to life and provide a glimpse at the process of building the world our game takes place in, the influences as well as what to expect.

Please enjoy your look behind the scenes!

Have a question about Another Sight and game development? Feel free to drop us a question below!

--Team Lunar
Another Sight - social
Welcome to the first Another Sight announcement!

In this post, we're very happy to share with you a brand new trailer for Another Sight as well as release details, so strap yourself in and enjoy!

We will begin with the release date news that we have to share - we're excited to announce that Another Sight will be coming to PC/STEAM on September 6th!

What's more, you can add it to your wish list RIGHT NOW(!!) by clicking that button you know all too well!

But now, onto the main event - our new trailer...

This trailer explores the underlying story that will weave through Another Sight, whilst also introducing you to some of the interesting characters Kit and Hodge will meet along the way - you can watch this directly below!

Check it out right here!

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