Fractal Chicken - fractalspacer
Added 4 types of trees! Can now use trees to get any useful materials, eventually automating every material!

New Axes - 5 tiers of axes, increase number of trees hit / damage done to mobs / etc

New Machines! Tree generators - once you have enough trees, these new machines will produce extra, allowing full automation of every useable material.

Equip/weapon generators - build weapons and equipment using the materials you've farmed up, lvl 10 items for now.

Fertilizer! Made from biopaste, can use near your trees to help them grow and increase their output, or used in the tree generator machines.

Revamped underground! Find increasingly rare materials the deeper you go, but careful, lava will also be found underground and cannot be removed!

Removed initial weapons - since axe now does damage, you must earn your first shooties.

Lizards drop meat - the higher the level, more likely to drop meat instead of points. Lizard meat also very useful in producing biopaste, for yourself or for making fertilizer.

General production balancing - Pretty smooth progression for now! Food is always something to pay attention to, without being obnoxious.

Quick helper labels in the world, useful for new players as well as expanded esc->tips screen.

Materials in other worlds can be collected now - before, the blocks were just destroyed... but now... build SUPER EPIC BASES WITH NEW MATS, found exclusively in unique portals! Can you collect all 600 materials? (well, more like 100 with 6 variations each).

And more soon!

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