Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
This update is to fix the sound/music cutting out issue that can randomly happen.

In addition there are a lot of behind the scenes engine updates that are included due to my work prepping the game for ports.

Hopefully I'll be able to announce somewhat soon which platform the game will come to next and what the plans and features for that release are.

Thanks for playing!

Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
Hi Everyone,
This is just a quick patch to fix a bug that resulted in many repeated random encounters. Even though there are random encounters in the game, the encounters aren't purely random. If they were, you may get a random occurrence where every encounter is the same. This gives the game a feel of more variety.

What have I been up to since launch?
I've mainly been preparing the game for launch on other platforms. I can't quite say which yet as I'm still in talks with some platforms. But while I'm figuring that out I'm moving ahead with the programming to get the game ready for various platforms. Hopefully I'll know soon enough!

Let me know how you've been enjoying the game since launch and thanks for playing!
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
An original soundtrack combining classic adlib soundcards with modern analog and digital synths by Mike Pinto (mikepinto.net).

Comes with MP3, FLACC, and WAV files!

Planet Tametaon
Planet Agus
Shuttle Launch
Planet Arinn
Space Battle Music 1
Planet Enamo
Planet Titur
Planet Yptenuse
FPS Battle Music 3
Planet Phion
Planetary Arrival
Space Bar
Space Battle Music 2
The Unknown
Planet Nateri
Space Battle Music 3
FPS Battle Music 2
Planet Taxid
Exploring Loop
FPS Battle Music 1
Planet Yo Prnti
Planet Inenum
Bad Ending
Good Ending
Unused Track 1
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
A few quick fixes and modifications this week!

-Fix space controls getting glitchy where if using both mouse and keyboard to try and aim the ship at the same time.
-Fix intel being given despite not having enough credits.
-Fix local high score showing wrong number of days remaining
-Add crew and ship health status buttons during interactive events

Thanks for playing!
Tomorrow (Tuesday June 25) I will be releasing the soundtrack on Steam!
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
Here is a quick patch to fix a couple issues in the FPS mini game.

-Fix game sending you back to ship if have no ammo but have a melee weapon (security).
-Fix blaster ammo not increasing if melee weapon is selected
-Fix bug if returning to ship with enemies still around, you can get damaged while the screen displays the loot you are taking back to the ship.
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
Just released a patch to fix the bug introduced from last nights quick patch where the game freezes after a successful FPS mission. I am SO SORRY for letting that bug slip in there.

Thank you so much for playing!
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
Few quick fixes and clarifications!

-Fix FPS hacking sound possibly getting stuck on loop
-Adjust keyboard aiming to have weight (gradual steps)
-Fix food usage on easy mode
-Activate ship supply limits
-Clarify store limits vs ship supply limits
-Fix for allowing FPS missions if no ammo but security officer is alive
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
2 quick fixes!

-Fix bug that could happen if you retreat at the same time as your ship is being destroyed.
-Fix getting reward in blockade mission if retreating.
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
Another quick bug fix!

-Fix for if you repair ship after a space mission, go on FPS mission, when you return to ship your ship health reverts to before the repair.

-Fix void space aliens attacking outside of void space.

Thanks for playing!
Jun 6
Hyperspace Delivery Service - trothmaster
Been a fun first day of release! Thanks everyone so much for playing!

This change log includes patches 1.01, 1.02, and 1.03

-Fix spelling mistake
-Add option to disable/enable vsync and frame rate lock. Set disabled by default now.
-Remove med bay button from space rip encounter. It was not supposed to be there.
-Add filter for objectionable words in name generator

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