Oct 22, 2018
乌鸦 - Crows - Labory
Now camera sensitivity and field of view can be changed. improving the individual experience.
grateful for the feedeback.
乌鸦 - Crows - Labory
hello guys

Finally Crows has its online version available for everyone.
Adjustments are still being made and I count on the help of the community with suggestions for improvements and information on how it works. The following will explain how the game works and its mechanics for better understanding. In fact crows online has a different mode of conventional horror gameplay and this will be clarified.

Explaining the concept:

In a horror multiplayer game like Friday the 13th, all players have one goal in common. and the villain has his. in this case you know exactly who to be afraid of, who you should run away from.

In crows online there would have been the villain, but no one will know who he is, only himself. in this case if you are part of the partner team, everyone will be suspicious. until the villain shows himself. So unless you're the Traitor, do not trust anyone.

At each match the Crows-online Traitor is chosen randomly, the rest of the team will be Partners and need to work together to find the artifacts and match the match. the Traitor can also help the team which makes it more difficult to identify it.

The Mechanics:

You will know that it is a Traitor by viewing their statuses at the bottom left of the screen, below their life bar.
Your goal is to sabotage the team, and do it without being noticed.
On the lower right side, you can see your Traitor abilities in 2 icons.
The skull shows the exact position of the Partners circling the targets in red.
The pistol will have a loading time, after this you can make eliminations with just one shot

Your Goal as a Partner is to find the artifacts that have the password.
they were hidden by the map, in boxes or buried. after all are found any of the partners can go to the safe to finish the game, including the Traitor.
As you can see, the team will not have an arsenal of weapons. because all were hired for the same purpose.
The death of the Traitor also ends the match, and the death of all the partners of the Victory to the Traitor.

As mentioned above, improvements are still being made.
Currently, Crows online allows a maximum of 5 players. the number of players may change. Choice of characters and new maps can be added, but
this will depend on feedback from the community.

I hope you enjoy Crows-online. I will always be available to the community and listening to their opinions.
乌鸦 - Crows - Labory
A new cooperative multiplayer game mode will soon be added. More information on how gameplay and goals work will be explained soon.
Thank you for the reports, and we continue to follow the community.
乌鸦 - Crows - Labory
The English language is now available.This update adds the user interface and subtitle. I hope you enjoy! ;)

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