AmazeD 3D - retro_ver
Developer's Deal still there for you !!!

Still AmazeD 3D selling with Developer's Offer of 45%
Grab the offer, have the fun
Nov 14, 2018
AmazeD 3D - retro_ver
Said Bye Bye to DLCs and Bundles

We heard you and we made all things for you. No more DLCs, bundles, in-game credits, coins, lives. Entire game is completely unlocked for you guys.

Grab the 1$ deal and Enjoy the fun !!!
AmazeD 3D - retro_ver
One week !!! Full of fun . Meet the strange dream and bring back her into memories AmazeD 3D

Original Price Cut 50%
Steam's Week Long Sales 40%
Totally 90%
Less than your coffee price. LOL
AmazeD 3D - retro_ver
"You said, We heard !!! "

Thank you very much for your valuable feedbacks and please accept our apologies. As from your feedbacks, we've completely redesigned the game model to have these features

1. No more In-Game Credits
2. No more Coin & Life
3. Complete free retry on all stages
4. Complete free hints and made very easy
5. Loosen the villain algorithms
6. Price Cut upto 50%
7. Again 40% offer on Week along deal starts Nov 12

Rolling out the update on Nov 12, 2018

Thank you,
AmazeD 3D Developers.
AmazeD 3D - retro_ver
"Hello Brainers !!! "

Our Turn-Based & RPG Styled Puzzle Game coming to make your brain more sharper with Greatest Offer 40% on full game. Grab the offer and make an awesome journey with intuitive hint stories and bring her back from her dream.

Complete full game and No In-game credits !!! No Micro-Transaction !!!

Thank you,
AmazeD 3D Developers.

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