Golf Galore - Tune
Hello Golfers,

Golf Galore has moved to a free to play model. This means all the gameplay will be free, including all maps and game modes. There will be some cosmetic items for sale in the item shop, such as hats and trails.

Previous players are going to be compensated with an airdrop of some items - this is currently in the works, but it will definitely happen.

Now anyone can play - so enjoy the game!

Update: The airdrop is (finally) live! Sorry for the delay.
Golf Galore - Tune
Hello players,

Golf Galore is planning to go to a Free To Play model, with gameplay being free plus an item shop for customization. I'm making this transition because I believe the game will be better with a sizable player base.

I hope to compensate the existing players with some type of item(s) - haven't determined that exactly yet. I'm trying to make this a fair experience for the players.

This is simply a heads up and I am open to your feedback. I would expect the transition to happen in roughly a week.

Edit: Some delays have come up, I still expect to be Free-To-Play pretty soon.
Golf Galore - Tune
Lab Map

Lab is finally out!!! This challenging map is built around portals, laser beams, lava, and more. With a par of 59, it is now the hardest map in the game.

Hardcore Mode

There is now a "Hardcore" option - which turns off the power meter and some UI to make things more challenging. There is even a "Super Hardcore" mode that disables the reticle. Also new is a random spawn option, which will mix up games a bit.

Thank you for your patience with this update! Feel free to get in touch here:


Steam Forum:
Golf Galore - Tune
Race Mode

In this new game mode, your golfing skills are judged by speed. However, you can still stroke out and get a max time penalty. This mode doubles as a built-in speed run.


You can now collide with other players! Use this strategically to take out your enemies...

New Physics

The ball physics are totally reworked, with smoother motion and less overall power.

Map Improvements

Many holes have been reworked, especially on Valley and Haven. In some cases there are totally new holes (Valley 17, Haven 2, 11, 15). Castle lighting has been reworked.


There are many other small changes, such as to the UI. With so many changes, there may be issues so I appreciate any reports on Steam or Discord.

Steam Forum:

Map 4 is on the way...

Golf Galore - Tune
Q: Is this game abandoned?

A: No. It's being actively developed with a major update coming soon, likely this month.

Q: When will we get new maps, game modes etc.?

A: Hopefully soon, I have been working on the fourth map since this summer, plus a new game mode. A level editor is an eventual goal.

Q: I have low FPS, what should I do?

A: Try setting your resolution lower in addition to dropping your quality setting. I am working on optimizing the game.

Q: How often do I get an item?

A: About every 30 minutes, upon completing a game. There is also a special, rare item.

Q: Where do I get in touch?

A: Discord:

Steam Forum:

Thank you for playing, and I am trying to solve any issues the players might have.

Golf Galore - Tune

Unlock 14 sweet hats at random by playing! Hats are tradable and marketable.

Free Camera

You can now press "C" to open the free camera and zoom around the map!


-UI improvements
-Adjusted mouse sensitivity
-Fixed chat selection issue
-Reduced scoreboard lag issue

In Closing

Thank you for trying out Golf Galore, and we are open to your feedback here or on Discord: . The game is still in an early stage but we intend to keep it updated very frequently!
Golf Galore - Tune

Trails are the first part of the new item system! Unlock 15 colorful trails at random by playing! Trails are tradable and marketable.


There are 3 new achievements. Also, the par achievements have had their difficulty adjusted to be more manageable.


Mostly by request, these things have been changed:
-Lower possible mouse sensitivity
-New time options up to 5 minutes (unlimited time has potential abuse)
-Various visual improvements

In Closing

Thank you for trying out Golf Galore, and we are open to your feedback here or on Discord: . The game is still in an early stage but we intend to keep it updated very frequently!

Patch Notes v0.1.1a,b,c,d,e,f,g

-Added video options, including uncapped FPS and view distance
-Added Steam name display
-More tweaks to achievements
-Adjusted default camera settings


-Fixed inventory display bug
-Fixed achievement granting bug
-Fixed full-screen flicker bug
-Fixed rolling at start bug
-Fixed box collision bug

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