Phase Shift - knapman
  • Tweaks to improve handling of some older controllers.
  • Fixed a bug with score handling in career mode when songs are modified.
  • Added dance mode to song Psychosis (remix).
  • Updated career to fix missing songs.
Phase Shift - knapman
  • Fixed an issue stopping FC's from getting stored in the save data (This will work going forward with new scores).
  • Fixed bind icons not showing with some translations.
  • Added Triple buffer back for people who need it.
  • Disabled Achievements triggering when debug options are enabled
Phase Shift - knapman
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some controllers to be completely ignored.
  • Fixed issues relating to online freezes triggered by people joining / leaving lobbies.
  • Filtered out some song features that are not expected to show in lower difficulties.
  • Added folder image for internal songs and replaced missing folder image icon.
  • Fixed issue with missing instrument icons with some translations.
Phase Shift - knapman
  • Added midi device helper message when a unlinked midi device is detected.
  • Improved handing of auto score filter when using instruments that support more than one mode. The filter will now switch to whatever mode was last played in these situations.
Phase Shift - knapman
We rolled out a couple of micro patches without a change log so this includes the details rolled into one with today's update.

  • Added new guitar profile.
  • Tweaked songlist difficulty filter behaviour.
  • Additional fixes to progress avenue song.
  • Added a popup to help guide handling of unknown controllers.
  • Fixed some issues relating to the PS meter and time signature changes.
  • Added all tap note game mode.
  • Replaced the old legacy speed change alert to match new theme.
  • Fixed folder art not displaying in songlist.
  • Disabled profile edit option in pause menu for profiles that are locked
  • Fixed an issue relating to controlling menus with inactive controllers during gameplay.
Phase Shift - knapman
Early access should now be live, if you do not see the game you made need to restart Steam first.

With the launch we also have a new build with a few updates since the beta.

Early Access Update - 25th April 2019
  • Added system to configure MIDI devices from within the game.
  • The playlist will now show more than the first 8 songs in the song list screen.
  • Adjusted how beat lines are handled to avoid showing too many in certain situations.
  • Added option to practice current song from the pause menu.
  • Scores are now correctly linked with the player for better handling of multiple users.
  • Fixed Phase Shift activation note appearing in the middle of the screen for a frame if not hit.
  • Enabled an initial set of achievements using the Steam system.
  • Removed pre-release tags from the beta period.
  • Fixed issue with player drop out feature not responding.
  • Added MIDI modulation & pitch wheel whammy binding options.
  • Added MIDI crash colour option. Switches notes between lanes
  • Added reference images to bind screens to guide bind process.
  • Auto remove redundant binds if switching between different instrument types.
  • Moved to a new binding format. (Custom controller profiles from the beta will need to be remade)
  • Keyboard bind menu now only shows valid profiles for the instrument you are editing.
  • Fixed a range of issues relating to showing incorrect or missing input icons.
  • Improved bind menu test mode.
  • Controllers that are not currently playing in game can now be used to control menus.
  • Fixed issue with text input boxes sometimes closing instantly.
  • Song progress avenue updated for additional instruments.
  • Various theme updates and tweaks.
  • Updated career files to match current bundled setlist.
  • Changed the default fullscreen resolution to 1080p.
  • Added random boardside / colour option (The new profile default).

Phase Shift - knapman
The beta has now been wrapped up and we are just about ready to move onto the next phase. Early Access is planned to launch on April 25th.
Phase Shift - knapman
The Phase Shift closed beta will be coming to an end this Sunday, 21st April.

Thanks to everyone that has been helping with feedback and getting songs ready. We are now focusing on the next phase, the unrestricted early access launch.
Phase Shift - knapman
I hope everyone had a great New Year, for us this now means Phase Shift is over 9 years old.

Our first update of the year and this update is a milestone build as it covers the majority of issues that are planned to be addressed before Early Access, meaning we are in the final stretch now.

• Fixed a few input related issues specific to 5 lane keys mode
• New set of 2D backgrounds
• First version of the new input system – Removes the need for the external control profile maker. Currently supports keyboard and controllers. Midi still to be updated
• New dedicated keyboard binds for menus
• Improved confirmation dialogue popups
• Support for Steam rich presence social features, options for displaying when in game, song names, if waiting in a lobby etc.
• Scrolling will now speed up in stages when held down for better handling of longer lists
• Added distance filter option to server browser
• Fixed issue stopping PS note from triggering in dance mode
• Adjusted dance lane colours to follow the xbox pad arrangement
• Fixes issues with calibration values not accounting for song speed changes
• Lefty guitar mode now correctly flips navigation in the menus
• New song rebel hero
• New song galactic love
• Improved performance of large album art in the song list
• Updated song Subterrain Steps, new 2018 recording
• Added Muldjord song from original game
• Added Obsidian Shell song from original game

Users with beta access please provide feedback on the new input system, this needs testing with a wider range of controllers than we have access to.
Phase Shift - knapman
• Added horizontal board offset / scale setting
• First version of new song, Progress Avenue (drums only)
• Added two new backgrounds
• Spur of the moment song fix
• PS meter now supports a unique texture for each state (unusable, usable, full and active)
• Fixed issue with game making unnecessary modifications to song meta data
• Barebones career files added for current setlist songs (drums / guitar / bass)
• Moved song url / details from load screen to song options menu in the song list
• Added support for multi line textboxes / text wrapping elements in the UI

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