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Create beautiful low-poly scenes, mushroom pixel art, giant swarms of bees, and much, much more in the new Creative Mode!

Creative mode is finally here! This fully-sandbox mode allows you to place as many plants and animals as you want without any environmental restrictions, plus you can modify their traits for free! There are also various new tools that have been added to this game mode to make scene creation a bit easier.

Creative Mode Features:
  • Unlimited placing of plants/animals.
  • Unlimited trait modification.
  • New color customization options.
  • The ability to "duplicate" an object, copying all its traits.
  • Hold M when placing to place multiple objects at once.
  • Hold N when placing animals to place a "swarm" of animals.
  • Day/Night cycle controls.

And that's not all! There are also a few other improvements and features in this update, including one new species: Dolphins! The full list of changes in this update can be found below:

New Features
  • Two new game modes: Creative and Simulation mode.
  • Dolphins! These aquatic mammals dive in and out of the water when they're happy.
  • Environmental Factors are now always displayed in the same order.
  • Beavers and Deer now also have a color trait, allowing you to modify their colors.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed overlapping task requirements on smaller displays.
  • Water mesh should no longer clip through the edges of the world.
  • Newly evolved land species can no longer accidentally spawn in the water.
  • Only full-grown Healblooms now produce seeds.
  • Fixed a crash caused by meerkat movement.
  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking the "Generate" new world button would cause task progress to get wiped on the previous world.
  • Fixed a problem with display resolution when swapping to a lower resolution monitor.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, feedback, or if you find any bugs, and please do send me screenshots of your creations in the new Creative Mode!
Email: thinmatrix@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThinMatrix

Hope you enjoy the new update!

Equilinox - ThinMatrix
There are three new species to unlock in this update including meekats, the first burrowing animal in Equilinox! There are also two new tasks to complete and an interesting new rock formation which you can use to add more variety to your landscapes.

The full list of changes in this update is as follows:

New Features
  • Meerkats! These burrowing animals dig a network of holes and tunnels in their territory and use them for transport and to hide from predators. They also often stand on their back two legs to keep an eye out for danger.
  • Two new plant species to unlock. Desert grass provides a new food source for desert biome animals, and the marigolds are pretty flowers which can live in higher altitude woodland areas.
  • Two new tasks to complete, one to do with the eagles and one involving the new meerkats.
  • A new type of rock which looks rather nice in desert landscapes.

Bug Fixes
  • When placing objects in the world the placement UI no longer overlaps with text from other UIs (was mostly a problem with the notification UI).
  • Guinea pigs no longer run off the edge of the world while "Panicking".

If you'd like to take a behind-the-scenes look at how I went about implementing the meerkats into Equilinox then you can check out last week's devlog video:


Also, I realize that I forgot to put out an announcement on Steam for the previous update of Equilinox, Update 1.5! So in case you missed it, there are now flies and carnivorous plants in the game. These plants are able to grab passing flies with their long "tongues" before consuming them.

I hope you enjoy the updates and if you have any questions, issues, or feedback then please do send me an email to thinmatrix@gmail.com.

You can also see more regular updates about Equilinox on my Youtube channel or on my Twitter page.
Equilinox - ThinMatrix
This update adds three new species to Equilinox, including eagles, jelly fish, and a special jungle plant! The full list of changes in this update is as follows:

New Features
  • Eagles! These birds live in the mountains but can swoop down to nearby biomes to go hunting for smaller animals. When they catch their prey they carry it back to the nest to feed their young.
  • Jellyfish! These strange fish will sting any fish that come too close and can be genetically modified to be harmless or very effective killers.
  • The jungle has one new bush species which blooms spectacularly only once a year.
  • One new task has been added.

  • Foxes can now also hunt small mammals as well as chickens.
  • The requirements for unlocking the wolf have been changed.

Bug Fixes
  • Foxes are no longer able to hunt underwater!
  • Fixed the issue with unclickable meat models (all meat previously in your world will still be unclickable, but will be fixed after a while. All new meat will be fine).
  • Fixed an issue where the R key wasn't resetting the camera in some situations.

If you're interested in seeing how I implemented the eagles into Equilinox last week then you can check out this devlog video:


As always, please let me know if you have any problems or have found any bugs! You can contact me directly at any time by emailing me at thinmatrix@gmail.com or get in touch on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/ktsWT8Q


Equilinox - ThinMatrix
This week there are four new species of fish to unlock as well as a few useful improvements to the UI.

New Features
  • Four new types of fish to unlock!
  • The shops now have a search option, allowing you to search for a species by its name.
  • Clicking on a locked species now gives you more information about how to unlock it.
  • Old notifications are stored in the notification log, in the "Stats and Info" tab.
  • One new task to do with the new fish.
  • In the "Stats and Info" panel (previously called "Progress" panel), in the checklists for the plants and animals you can now click on an arrow button to go to the chosen species in the world.

  • The "Progress" tab has been renamed and has a new icon to better reflect its content.
  • When clicking on the notification for a newly evolved species, the "Species Information" panel gets shown, allowing you to quickly read about the species before moving it to a new habitat.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with transplanting where the home area was not always updated.
  • Doves should be easier to evolve now.
  • Renamed a couple of misleading species names (species that had the same name as a category, such as "Desert Tree").

That's everything for this week! The updates will be a bit more frequent from now on, now that I'm back to work on Equilinox after the holidays.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or have found any other bugs! You can contact me directly at any time by emailing me at thinmatrix@gmail.com or get in touch on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/ktsWT8Q

Hope you're all having a lovely start to 2019!

Equilinox - ThinMatrix
The first new species have been added in to Equilinox this week! There are now some rather angry camels for the desert and a couple of new objects for the underwater biomes.

New Features
  • Camels! This animal lives in the desert biome and will sometimes spit at other nearby animals.
  • Coral and shells have been added for the water biomes.
  • There's one new task to do with the camels spitting.
  • You can go into super slow-mo mode by holding space, which makes it easier to click on fast moving animals (and also looks pretty cool).

  • Wolves and Foxes now have customizable colours.
  • Lilies and Roses can now also live in the lush biome.
  • Lilies have a pacifying effect on bees.
  • Slightly tweaked possible mutation colours.
  • Autosaves won't happen quite as often.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with plants sometimes being instantly fully-grown when placed.
  • Palm trees now show their colour trait correctly.
  • The mouseover test for entity pop-ups was a bit wrong sometimes and has now been fixed.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or have found any other bugs! You can send me an email to thinmatrix@gmail.com or let me know on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/ktsWT8Q

Equilinox - ThinMatrix
A few new updates to Equilinox this week, the main ones being a new tool that makes it easy to clear out unwanted wildlife in an area, and some extra information about the suitability of an area when you're placing plants/animals into the world.

Here are all the changes that have been made to Equilinox this week:

  • The suitability of a habitat is now shown when placing wildlife into the world.
  • There's a new toolbar option to delete many objects at once.
  • Objects also have a "Remove Many..." option in their "Actions Tab", which allows you to delete many of that specific species.
  • A few more colour options for the early game species have been added (more colours for other species coming soon).

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where some people were unable to select anything in the world.
  • Fixed another movement related crash.
  • Deleting an object in the world now has effect instantly.
  • Beavers are better at finding water in their habitat.
  • Fish should be chased out of the water much less than before.

  • The altitude environmental factor is now a bit more lenient.
  • Day-time sky colour has been changed slightly.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or have found any other bugs! You can send me an email to thinmatrix@gmail.com or let me know on the Discord server: https://discord.gg/ktsWT8Q

Nov 29, 2018
Equilinox - ThinMatrix
Over the last couple of days I've been continuing to work through all the feedback and make some of the more requested changes. If you have any other suggestions or have found a bug that needs to be fixed please do contact me via email (thinmatrix@gmail.com) or on the discord server: https://discord.gg/d6Pf5sP

  • Game saves that crashed due to overfilling the world can be played again.
  • Fixed an issue to do with save files occasionally getting corrupted if the game crashed during an autosave.
  • Reduced the camera jolts, although I'm still working on fixing them completely.
  • Going over 2.14 billion dp now doesn't cause your dp to go into negative numbers.
  • Fixed an issue with animals having a "poor" altitude factor when they shouldn't.
  • Bananas now have a name, so won't be shown as "error" when shown as a diet option.

  • The camera can now also be rotated by simply holding left-shift and moving the mouse around, making it easier to rotate when using a trackpad.
  • The info in the pop-up that shows when you mouse-over the health or environment bar now has more helpful colour coding.
  • The transition from normal speed to fast speed or vice versa has been slightly smoothed out.

Thank you all for the extremely positive feedback over the last few days, I really appreciate it and I'm very glad that you've been enjoying Equilinox! :)
Nov 26, 2018
Equilinox - ThinMatrix
Thank you all so much for the very positive response to the game so far! It has made me so happy to hear that so many people are playing and enjoying Equilinox.

I've been getting lots of feedback over the last few days and I've made a few updates to the game to address some of the common issues. If you have some feedback of your own then please send me an email or get in touch with me on the discord server: https://discord.gg/ktsWT8Q


  • Bees are no longer completely crazy and some flowers are now actually able to pacify them.
  • Fixed an issue with save files being corrupted due to animals being outside the world limit (if this happened to you, deleting the Equilinox_0_UserConfigs.dat file should allow you to play the save file again. If not, send me an email and I can help you recover your save).
  • It's now much easier for chickens to register nearby waterlilies when trying to evolve the duck species.
  • Added evolution requirements to the wolf and pine tree species.
  • The "Oh Deer" task correctly registers all satisfied deer again.
  • The "This is Boaring" task now registers young boar as well as fully-grown ones.
  • Worlds will now always spawn with enough water to unlock waterlilies.
  • Fixed a crash when genetically modifying the traits to extreme values.
  • Fixed some random crashes which were occasionally caused by the rabbit/deer movement code.


  • You can reset the camera by pressing the R key.
  • It's now possible to scroll through the pages of the shops with the mouse wheel.
  • Warthogs and clown fish can now have their colours modified.
  • The specific jungle trees have been renamed so as to distinguish them from the category "Jungle Trees".

Known issues that are being fixed

  • The camera can be moved far away from the world and also occasionally jumps.
  • Hunger icons sometimes aren't removed when the animal dies (reloading the world will fix it for now).
  • Wolves are often too aggressive with their hunting and wipe out flocks of sheep.
  • Screenshots taken using the in-game screenshot system don't capture post processing effects such as depth of field.

Let me know if you're having any other issues by email or on Discord.



Equilinox - ThinMatrix
Equilinox has now been properly released! The problem with the buy button not showing on the store page has finally been sorted out and the game can now be purchased in the normal way.

I'm also very relieved to report that it wasn't something that I had done wrong! I had been dreading getting a message from Steam saying something like "why didn't you select the 'Show Buy Button' option?!", but I finally heard back from them this morning and they confirmed that it had been a bug on their side and it should now be fixed.

So I really hope that you enjoy playing Equilinox and I'm very much looking forward to hearing your feedback. If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please let me know about them so I can make the necessary changes. Feel free to join the Discord server where you can let me know about any issues or thoughts you have about the game, and discuss Equilinox with other people who are playing it: https://discord.gg/SWAyrNA

You can also contact me by sending me an email to thinmatrix@gmail.com

Thanks a lot, sorry again about the delay, and enjoy the game! :)


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