Dec 25, 2018
Death Game+ - Enemby

Today, and today only, all characters in the game will wear santa hats.
Attached is a screenshot of what that looks like.

Happy holidays, my dudes.
Death Game+ - Enemby
Today, in celebration of the holidays, and Steam Winter sale, I've added some easter eggs for those days.

More on that later.

Take it easy, killers.

Death Game+ - Enemby
I'm really excited to bring these changes to you. I've always wanted to work on localization for one of my projects, and I've now added full multi-language support to Death Game+, using JYandev's localization manager (featuring some code by me!).
Using that, I've translated the game into "Hispanic American Spanish", with the help of my good friend Temo.

I also did some small polish modifications, and I added a hotkey to the main menu. You can now press 'M' on the main menu to mute the music.

I'm looking to translate as many languages as possible. Read this post on my dev blog if you'd like to get involved.

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