Grid Clash VR - GreatBoolean
Join the Grid Clash VR Discord channel to coordinate matches, discuss new features, and chat about the game.
Here is the link:
Grid Clash VR - GreatBoolean
Just press your trackpad/joystick into the direction want to go and then you start jogging on the spot SO YOUR HEAD MOVES UP AND DOWN. You don't even have to move your arms!
To sprint you will have to move your arms as well as your head!
If you play the game this way it will be fun!
If you try to move solely with your arms the game will just feel awkward!
Grid Clash VR - GreatBoolean
To increase the propability of people meeting in this game I added the ability to host a match to both the demo and the full version.
I could not get rid of the hickups some people experience in larger matches - so the only thing I can recommend currently is to play only 3 vs 3 - at least this setup should run fine on most machines.
Grid Clash VR - GreatBoolean

  • I wasn't aware that people prefer hosting their own games over joining games on a public server. So I will just add that to the game today.
  • I detected that I build the release version in a bad way - so the game was a little more choppy than it should be. It will not be perfect by now - but it should be better.

The update will be released today.
Grid Clash VR - GreatBoolean
The demo has been approved - so today's deadline should be met!
Grid Clash VR - GreatBoolean
Sorry for another delay, but Steam has not yet approved the demo and I don't want to release the game without the demo.
So I hope I will see you all on Wednesday!
I will make an announcement as soon as the demo has been approved.

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