Marvellous Inc. - Yan
After a big hiatus, MarvInc returns with the long awaited update 1.3.4!


It took a few months of headache and 7 new interns, but thanks to Tech-Support here at Marvellous Inc. we now have fully functional STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS! Sorry for the delay folks!

Steam Achievements!
Steam achievements now work on all platforms. Just enter your favorite savefile and all achievements will automatically sync with Steam!

Squashed one nasty bug
Fixed a bug that would crash the game when selecting and typing text at the same time.

Again, sorry for the wait, but we had some problems with some new interns. Turns out "inexperienced with a workspace" and "dangerously fire hazard machinery" don't mix too well. But we fought fire with fire. And fired them.

We are still planning to release a robust custom script to create your own puzzles, and (probably) with Steam Workshop integration, but we'll keep you guys posted.

Until then, as always, carry on. (and get those shiny achievements!)

Marvellous Inc. H.R. staff
Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
Rushing through 1.3.1 and 1.3.2, here comes version 1.3.3!


Some changes based on recent feedback, making your hacking life easier and more enjoyable, all thanks to Tech-Support here at Marvellous Inc.!


Custom Levels hotfix
This update is a hotfix to avoid unexpected behavior when loading custom puzzles. We recommend not downloading and running any external puzzles from unknown sources until the next major update, when the custom level script will be complete and much safer.

We had bugs. We fixed bugs.
  • Fixed a slider bug on the settings tab.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Escape during execution would instantly kill the robot.
  • Some other minor bug fixing that you probably wouldn't even notice.

Some shortcuts updates
  • Numpad Enter key support.
  • Escape key now closes email and popups.

Added more traits and robot messages
...and WAHnderful new bot names.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next major update and carry on.

Marvellous Inc. H.R. staff
Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
Version 1.3.0 has been released!


Now clicking on a line number will toggle breakpoints that will stop the code and greatly help debugging. You can even toggle them whilst the code is running!

This was a highly requested feature. We are still having some issues integrating our game with Steam API on all plataforms, but until then, we added in-game achievements! We are planning on adding more as time goes by, and will sync them with Steam's as soon as we get the integration up and running.

Okay, hear me out on this. We really wanted to integrate our game with Steam Workshop, but as noted above, we are having some issues. Until then, we already layed ground to run custom levels in-game. You'll have to create your own .lua level files and put them on a "custom" folder inside your save directory, and they show up in-game (in their own category on the puzzle tab)! But don't worry, we are working on some simpler scripting language to make creating levels way more accessible, and we'll create guides teaching you step-by-step how to create and play your own levels. But until then, feel free to snoop around our game files and used them to base your own levels :D (And don't forget to share them with us!)

U.I. fixes and overall improvements
This includes better highlights on current instruction, better quality overall and lots of tweaks to improve your programming experience.

Corrected typos
There were a lot of them. We hope they are gone. We hope.

General bugfixes and improvements
The usual. Please let us know if you encounter any nasty bugs out there in MarvInc.

Icon support for Windows and Mac OS X
We'll get there Unix, as soon as you stop giving us a headache.

Well, this is mostly it. We hope to get things integrated with Steam ASAP so we can do achievements and proper custom levels as intended, but we hope this will satisfy your needs until then. Also we have to thank the github community that have been active and helped with lots of issues we added to this update. You guys are awesome!!
ps:due to some mistakes in updating the game version, it should be 1.3.1, but since we forgot to update the in-game version text, lets leave it like that and next udpate will be 1.3.2 ;P

Happy level creation and carry on

Marvellous Inc. H.R. staff
Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
This week, we at Marvellous Soft were invited to attend the BIG festival here in Brazil, and Marvellous Inc. won Best Educational Game award !!!

We are really honoured for this achievement, and are immensly happy our game was considered a good teaching plataform for basic programming logic :D
(yeah, we are as much surprise as you are, apparently kids nowadays have a thing for assembly-like code)

We thank you all, our small but dedicated fans, for your support and love for our game. MarvInc wouldn't have come this far without you guys <3

Happy programming and carry on!

PS: as a thank you, we are releasing a new update for MarvInc TODAY! We'll write more about it in a separate post.
Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
Version 1.2.2 has been released!

  • New puzzle list tab! You no longer need to search through your emails to find your favorite puzzles again.

  • When your bot dies, you can still see the state of your code to find your mistakes.

  • Exit button to close the game.

  • Fixed option to mute bot messages.

  • Many bug fixes, typo fixes and small improvements.
Please report any bugs you may find. And remember you can suggest features or changes in our repository. Our Human Resources Department will gladly read all your queries.

Carry on employees,

Marvellous Inc. H.R. staff
Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
We just released a breaking fast patch to fix a big bad bug in the MarvInc experience.

We are sorry for any problem or lost child during this accident.

Thank you for your patience

Carry On.
Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
Marvellous Inc. H.R. is proud to announce open positions for our newest job position:
Robot Tester.

You can apply and join our prestigious company for the small fee of 5$ (to cover tutoring and exclusive access to our ping-pong common area**)

Apply Today for a Better Tomorrow!

Have a great day and carry on.

**the ping-pong saloon is open only thursdays 2:00-2:13 AM

Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
We have a very happy announcement!

We ported our game to both Linux and OSX, so now you should be able to play our game in your favorite OS. :D

Our game should work in any Ubuntu 14.04+, but similar distros should work as well. Please inform us of any bugs or problems you may encounter.

We are eager to the official launch, follow our game group to keep up to date with any news regarding MarvInc.

Carry on.


Marvellous Inc. - Nigel
We just made our steam store page public and our game is set for launch on April 27!!

We had some troubles creating binaries for macOS and Linux, but we are trying our best to make them available at launch, so be ready for that!!

In the meantime, be sure to follow any topics that come up in our forum:

And join our steam group to receive any news regarding Marvellous Inc.!

We will be listening closely to what you guys have to say, and hope you all have a great experience with MarvInc when it launches <3


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