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We have just released a balancing patch regarding how movement, damage and stamina work in the game. As we have been told by our community there has been several unbalanced features that they thought we should change, so here is our attempt to do so.

We have raised the base damage the player does by 150% making it quite a lot easier to kill the enemies in the game. We have also added damage zones making it more beneficial to hit important parts of the enemy such as the head. Hitting the head currently does 2x the damage and the chest 1.5x. However, with these changes we have also changed the amount of stamina every attack drains with about 50% making it more important to decide what type of action you should perform next.

Another thing we have implemented is sprinting. As we have discovered the current movement speed was too high making it possible to run past enemies without killing them. This patch changes this by making you move 40% slower when walking and keeping the current movement speed for sprinting. Sprinting, naturally, comes at a cost draining 16 units of stamina a second.

We have also changed a few other things that should make the gameplay overall play more nicely.

When it comes to the controls we currently don’t have any instructions in-game so we thought we should take our time to explain them here.

For movement we have the normal WASD layout to control the direction of your movement. You use your mouse to look around. Left click makes you use the primary attack of your weapon and right click makes you use the secondary. Space is used to leap in the direction you're trying to move in. Holding left shift at the same time as you press space makes you jump. (This is primarily used if you get stuck somewhere) Just holding left shift as you move makes you sprint in that direction. Pressing E while you're close to an item makes you pick it up. To use the equipped consumable you press R. When a consumable is used it's automatically replaced with a new one. (This only happens if there is one available) To access your inventory and to view what items you have picked up you press Escape (ESC).

For ease of use and reference we have also created an infographic for the controls

We hope that these changes will improve the gameplay experience and we would love the hear what you think about them. If you have any other ideas for the game please feel free to discuss them over at the community hub. We will try to stay as posted as possible.

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