2DGameManias Taken - 2dgamemania
The latest update includes music from The Cynic Project, I think you'll appreciate the soft tones to the more upbeat tracks on later levels.

For more music by The Cynic Project have a look at

As well as music from the cynic project, there has recently been additions such as teleporters which improve level navigation and lots of small tweaks such as player controls.

As usual any bugs found let me know and I'll look at them asap

I hope you enjoy the update!

2DGameManias Taken - 2dgamemania
Have introduced teleporters to the levels where you can hold down the teleport button (LB - Xbox Pad) to go to activated teleporters.

Theres 4 teleporters on each level. As long as you've activated them (by walking through them once) you can then hold the teleporter button, no matter where you are on the map and you'll be teleported. Hold the teleporter button again and it will cycle through all the activated teleporters.

This makes it alittle easier and quicker. When dying it could become slightly tiresome walking to get back where you died etc. Now you can teleport. :)
2DGameManias Taken - 2dgamemania
Put on an option to skip the tutorial.
2DGameManias Taken - 2dgamemania
Anyone interested in accessing closed Beta Access let me know.

2D :)

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