AVA: Dog Tag - Rob
Dear all,

We have now shutdown our servers for A.V.A: Dog Tag.

Thank you all for supporting A.V.A: Dog Tag and being part of our wonderful community.
We sincerely hope everyone the best!

AVA: Dog Tag - Rob
Hello everyone!

We have received confirmation from Valve that all purchases from April and May (everyone) will be refunded to their respective accounts.

Please allow few working days for this process to complete and if you have any questions regarding this issue, please visit us at our discord community and request a ticket to one of our Operatives online.

Thank you


Discord - https://discord.gg/Kups3t5
AVA: Dog Tag - Rob
Dear A.V.A: Dog Tag Community Members,

Firstly, we would like to express our deep gratitude to all our users for supporting our game as well as our development team from the very beginning. It’s been a memorable experience to engage in close communication with users to bring about change, discuss various ideas, and to implement such ideas into our game’s development. While we are discontinuing the game service, the journey we’ve taken together has been an extraordinary experience which we will remember for a long time.

It’s never easy to announce service closure of a game and it’s harder knowing how much time and effort our community members and users have put in to making A.V.A: Dog Tag into an enjoyable game. However, due to various issues resulting in our inability to continue servicing the game, we will be shutting down our game servers on May 29th 2019.

Service Closure Details:
    1. We have made our request to Valve to have all in-app purchases to be refunded. We will follow up through a separate announcement regarding refunds.

    2. Server shutdown schedules on May 29th are as follows:
      PDT – May 28th 19:00
      BRT – May 28th 23:00
      CEST – May 29th 04:00
      SGT – May 29th 10:00
Although our time was short, it has been our privilege to communicate with all of you and we sincerely thank you for being with us supporting A.V.A: Dog Tag.

AVA: Dog Tag - MCJ
First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for participating in the first day of our OBT!
Through this post, we want to bring clarity to some of the on-going issues experienced by our users from the first day of OBT.

There are some known issues currently which negatively affect our users' gameplay experience. We would like to share some of those issues we are currently working toward resolving.

  • Black screen upon joining a game:
    1. As we were looking deeper into the issue, we've found the problem to be tied to the Options. We are currently working on a fix to be available for the next patch update.
    2. Until we are able to correctly patch this problem, you are able to temporarily bypass the issue by changing two properties in your AVAOptionsettings.ini file located in your game installation folder (under config).
      1. ShaderModel=2 (default = 3)
      2. bEnableYebis=False (default = True)
    3. We will be as prompt as possible in resolving this issue.

  • A countdown to server disconnect prompt message:
    1. This issue is believed to be connected to an abnormal communication disconnect between the client, anti-cheat, and the server. We are continuously working toward a solution as quickly as possible.
    2. We have created a designated channel for such issues on our official Discord Server. It would help us speed up the process in resolving the problem through the help of our community. If you are experiencing this issue, please visit our Discord channel tagged: "OBT-Ticket-Issue" and follow the pinned guideline to submit your information.
    3. Once we have developed a fix for this issue, we will also provide it in the next patch update.

There were other connection & settings related issues reported to us on the first day of OBT. We would like to thank you for your patience while we work toward resolving such matters.

Our team has also been monitoring various feedback related to users' first impression of A.V.A: Dog Tag. From reviewing such feedback, we were able to understand community's negative stance on timed items currently available in the game shop.

Background information on aforementioned 'timed items' is as follows:
  • There is a fundamental need for an in-game economy where [Euro] earned through gameplay & achievements could reward our players without cash purchases becoming a sense of necessity to enjoy the game but rather only offered as a bonus. Although the items available this early in the OBT stage are limited, this economy would further improve as we introduce more items & weapons to the shop.
  • Aforementioned economy system was incorporated with an additional factor where loot boxes and achievements as well as rank ups would sufficiently provide these shop items to reduce the sense of grinding to be a required part of the game.

While our goal with timed items was as explained above, in consideration of community feedback, we will be modifying the shop items in the next week's patch.

  • Beretta92FS & Harpoon Knife's timed purchase cost will be reduced.
  • Permanent Beretta82FS & Harpoon Knife purchase option will be added.

Hack Reports
    We've been investing heavily into monitoring of cheat program usage since the launch of OBT. It is important for us to make sure that A.V.A: Dog Tag is a clean environment without cheat programs ruining the gameplay experience of our users. Ever since our OBT launch, we've been monitoring all reports made in the game by our users by corresponding the recorded gameplay videos with logs (when necessary) an work closely with BattlEye to continuously attempt to filter out potential threats of hack programs.While vast majority of our reviews on reports concluded them to be legitimate players, we will continue to invest much of our resources in an attempt to eliminate such threats.It is important to understand that once a hack program is found, BattlEye white/black list is updated automatically to flag the same type of programs in the future. Through this automated system combined with our efforts to manually review reports, we are confident in successfully providing our users with a positive in-game experience without hack programs causing frustration.We also invite our community to proactively help support our team in this matter by sharing any/all illegal program distribution sites and/or users claiming to offer such services to us so that we may investigate & eliminate potential threats of hack program use.

It is our intention to continue and deliver changes in areas where users are expressing inconveniences and/or concerns in & outside of the game. Let's keep the communication going!

AVA DT - Director
AVA: Dog Tag - Rob

Let the games begin!

Servers go up at:
[May 2nd]
02:00 - PDT [Los Angeles]
06:00 - BRT [Sao Paulo]
11:00 - CEST [Frankfurt]
17:00 - SGT [Singapore]

AVA: Dog Tag - Rob
We will be conducting a test season of Arena starting today! Please refer to the information below:
- Duration: May 2nd ~ May 26th
- Arena System:
  • [ARENA] is a ranked matchmaking option scheduled each month open to any qualified players. New season of Arena starts every two months. (1.5 months active season + 0.5 off season)
  • [ARENA] matches will either increase/decrease RP (rating point) based on your Arena match outcome.
  • Qualification: 1st Sergeant or above. Able to solo-queue or queue as a party.

Rated Tiers/Rewards:

Game on!

AVA: Dog Tag - Rob
Participate in our new Hog Mode for a chance to win prizes!
- Duration: May 2nd ~ 8th
- Event: Win in Hog Solo games to receive your Trophy Collector’s Badge! Collect as many badges are you can during the event period to place within the top 20 to receive special prizes!

You may check the number of badges collected in [MY INFORMATION] > [MEDALS]

※ You may review your match details in [MY INFORMATION] > [MAPS] > [SCORE MISSIONS]

Top 10 winners - 3000 R Credits
Top 20 winners - M4A1 Gold (Permanent)

For more information on HOG MODE, please check it out HERE

AVA: Dog Tag - MCJ

Join us right now for our OBT pre-access if you have previously participated in our closed testing phase(s)!

Apr 26
AVA: Dog Tag - Rob

Mode Description:
  • Hog Mode is a brand new free for all game type where players fight to collect dog tags that drop when someone is killed. Player with the most dog tags win the match.

Special Features:
  • New skill introduction: Stealth (Gauge filled via kills & stealth duration in accordance to the amount of gauge bar filled prior to use)
  • Fast paced gameplay encouraging early/mid-game kill accumulation to allow more opportunities for Stealth usage.
  • Due to the high frequency of engagements in Hog Mode and the usability of the new Stealth skill, players can expect to experience high tension gameplay where anyone can come out on top at the end of the match.
  • Solo (FFA) & Duo (teams of two) modes available

Stealth Details:
  • Stealth skill can be used by filling the Stealth gauge through kill accumulation where each kill will award 2sec worth of Stealth duration when used. (Max duration: 15 sec)

  • Movement during Stealth will allow 80% invisibility whereas being stationary during Stealth will allow 100% invisibility.

  • Sprint speed is increased by 30% of base sprint speed per class during Stealth.
  • There is a delay on weapon fire at the start of and the end of Stealth skill.

  • Dog Tags will drop from enemies that are killed. Players can pick up dropped Dog Tags to accumulate the number of Dog Tags in possession. Players will lose half of the total number of Dog Tags accumulated upon death.

  • Dropped Dog Tags will be displayed in different color scheme to identify their quantity range

  • Players are also able to manually drop Dog Tags in their possession to draw enemy players’ attention.
For more information, please check out our [Patch Notes]

AVA: Dog Tag - Rob

A.V.A: Dog Tag Patch Notes V1.0

It is with excitement that we share our first official Patch Notes (V1.0) scheduled for the upcoming OBT Launch!
We’ve seen some major changes throughout our closed testing phase. Our primary focus was to listen to user feedback and investigate each area to potentially bring about change that would improve user experience in game.
Thanks to our community members and core testers, we’re thoroughly finalizing OBT preparations.

Let’s check out what we can expect to find in the upcoming OBT!

  • All weapon modifications now impact weapon handling, distance, and damage more effectively.
  • Rifle Man & Point Man Aimpunch has been significantly reduced
    1. Equipping [Standard Armor] will further reduce Aimpunch at the cost of damage absorption
  • New Smoke Grenades have been added to the game
    1. M18 Blue – Low density; longer duration; slow expansion
    2. M18 Red – High density; short duration; rapid expansion
    3. T13 Smoke – Normal density; impact fuse (expansion upon contact)
  • New Utility Grenade has been added to the game
    1. AN-M14 – Incendiary spread upon contact

  • Smoke Grenade visual effect has been reworked to improve overall usability
  • Weapon balance changes
    1. SA58 Para recoil system has been changed
    2. OTS-14 Groza recoil system has been reworked

  • New Menu Options added
    1. Vertical & Horizontal sensitivity
    2. Team X-ray vision toggle on/off [Default: P]
  • Changes to [Sprint] physics
    1. [Sprint] now properly initiates while strafing
    2. Mouse sensitivity during [Sprint] now remains the same
  • Battle Status Board changes
    1. Damage done/received will now only be displayed upon death or once the round is over
    2. Added environmental damage description to Battle Status Board (ex. fall damage)
  • Weapon model POV changed
    1. General weapon model size has been reduced

  • Primary weapons:
    1. Pointman: 5 SMG, 1 Shotgun
    2. Rifleman: 9 Assault Rifles
    3. Sniper: 5 Sniper Rifles
  • Secondary Weapons:
    1. All Classes: 6 Pistols
  • Grenades:
    1. All Classes: 2 damage grenades, 4 smoke grenades, 1 flashbang, 1 incendiary
  • Armor:
    1. Standard Armor: Low absorption, Low durability, reduces aimpunch effect
    2. Large-Caliber Armor: High absorption, Medium durability, reduces movement speed
    3. Anti-Charge Armor: Medium absorption, High durability, reduces movement speed

Mode & Maps:
  • Demolition: 7 maps
  • Team Death Match: 5 maps
  • HOG MODE: 2 map

  • Clan System:
    1. Clan creation, application, moderation, and search function available
    2. Clan system details can be found http://playava.com/card_detail_2.html
    3. Clan Mark custom image upload (In-app purchase)

Arena System:
    1. Ranked matchmaking based on rating point (RP) accumulation through matches won
    2. Personal Arena RP is reset (soft-reset) at the end of each season
    3. Arena tiers can be found http://playava.com/card_detail_2.html
Bug Fixes:
  • Smoke Grenades:
    1. Fixed in-smoke silhouette visibility issues
    2. Fixed an issue where enemy player’s name was visible through smoke
  • Tick Rate:
    1. Modified game coding which seemed to have been impacting tick rates
  • Environmental Clipping:
    1. Removed ladder-drop sound queue when walked down (does not affect jumping off ladders)
    2. Removed prop interaction sound queues
    3. Fixed incorrect sound queues resulting from walls, steps, edges, etc
    4. Fixed irregular character interaction with breakable props (consecutive bounces, screen shakes, etc)
  • Irregular visibility:
    1. Fixed an issue where certain areas within various maps would allow character shadow to be seen through the ground/prop

Additional Fixes:
  • Fixed an irregular resolution issue upon game launch.
  • Fixed a bug where in-game whispers were creating pop ups.
Additional Known Issues:
We are currently aware of the following issues and are working towards fixed them as soon as possible
  • Black screen after entering a game
    1. Submit a ticket on our discord with as much detail as you are able to provide including, but not limited to, PC set up info, IGN, any/all error messages
  • Irregular loss of server connection and/or force closure of game client.
    1. Submit a ticket on our discord with as much detail as you are able to provide including, but not limited to, PC set up info, IGN, any/all error messages
  • Client crash after receiving an in-game countdown notice specifying disconnection from the server.
    1. Submit a ticket on our discord with the exact time of the incident along with your IGN
  • Problems associated to several AMD graphics cards.

Come and check out our [Dev Notes] for more information!


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