Mar 28, 2018
❂ Hexaluga ❂ Witch Hunter's Travelling Castle ♉ - hede

1. Fixed: now is displayed 0/8 ammo instead of -8/8.
2. The size of the ammunition clip is changed: it now has 4 ammo instead of 8.
3. The damage inflicted by vampires is reduced from 15 to 8.
4. Added: background music.
5. Added: at the beginning of the battle, fighting music begins to play.
6. Fixed: health potions restore health.
7. Changed: to use a potion, press ‘F’ instead of ‘U’.
8. Added: the engine of the castle has received a 3d sound: now the sound of the working engine is audible only next to it or during the journey.
9. Fixed: special effects don’t disappear when the zoom ‘Z’ is used.
10. The navigation system in the construction of buildings mode is improved.
11. Added: corpses of enemies disappear with a special effect.
12. Added: when wood is cut, chips appear; when the stone is extracted, sparks appear.
13. Added: the hero summons workers to get resources with the sound of the horn.
14. Added: when workers join you, there is a special effect, sound, and a notice that says workers have joined you.
15. Added: when workers are summoned to get resources, a slider showing the distance from the workers to the resource appears on the left. And if workers can’t get to the place, a message appears on the screen that says the castle is too far.
16. Fixed: the flickering of the rock on which the castle is located.
17. Added: to change the main weapon use ‘2’ on the keyboard.
18. Added: after the death, there appears a death message and a countdown till an automatic redirect to the game menu.

Thank you all for the reviews of the game that help us make the game better. ːsteamhappyː


1. Increase the number of buildings on the map, add cities and villages.
2. Increase the frequency of appearance of giant monsters on the map.
3. Add the possibility of finding things in the buildings constructed on the rock.
4. Add new types of monsters.
5. The people you saved will walk around the castle. In Patch #3, they will give the player quests.
6. Add the localization of pictures with control buttons.
7. Fix the bugs of the male character.
8. Add a minimap to the character.
9. Add the customization of the character's parameters such as height, weight, etc.
10. Split up the characters by their characteristics: the male character will be stronger but slower while the female will be weaker but faster, etc.

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