Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - Havoc

Michael Flynn releases 'Gods of Havoc: Fall to Earth', a tribute to the forgotten god game genre.

A game so far removed from it's RPG Maker roots that the RM Forum staff required pictorial proof of it's construction in the engine before they'd allow it to be posted on the site.

Conceived and created by a single developer, 'Gods of Havoc: fall to Earth' is the second in a completed trilogy of games which sets the player up as a god to a fledgling civilisation.

“In a gaming atmosphere where simulation is highly regarded, the lack of traditional god games is puzzling,” said Michael Flynn. “Having grown up loving Mega-drive god games like Populous, Power Monger and Megalomania, I've never understood why the genre seemed to die out. The 'Gods of Havoc' trilogy is my solution to this gaming oversight.” Each game is set in a different era of a civilisations history, where the need for, and belief in, gods might be beneficial.

At the core of each game is a empire building simulation in which, regardless of player input, a civilisation will spread across the map, colonising, building, waging wars, creating terrible machines, and converting other races. Gods of these races will try to stop them by summoning space monsters, warping space, ordering crusades and empowering crusaders, creating magical fortresses, and causing natural disasters. As a god, the player is also equipped with these powers and must use them to counteract, and defeat the other gods and their followers.

Michael has been asked often, “why a threefold launch?”

“Creating three different games in the same engine has allowed me to cut down creation time while still creating games with very different strategies, enemies, and aesthetics,” he replied. Adding that, “it also allows players to chose their favourite setting (space, medieval, or post-apocalyptic), and enables me to offer each at a piously low priceof $7.99 per game.

He's also been asked repeatedly, “why RPG Maker?”

“The latest iteration in the series, RPG Maker MV, is quite a ways removed from the older versions. Switching from Ruby to JS means a far more versatile engine, which I hope can be seen in these games. Also, it's simply what I'm familiar with.


Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - Havoc
  • Fixes the issue with message boxes showing a blank before texts.
  • Various chests are now accessible which were being blocked by invisible characters.
  • Updated the core game files for faster running and better FPS.
  • Many small spelling errors fixed (damn my dyslexia)!
  • Other small fixes.

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - Havoc
'Gods of Havoc: Into the Void' launched today. A strategy god-game with high levels of nostalgia, and the first game of it's type to be created in RPG Maker. Take a look...

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - Havoc
Last year, I created a small, intense, strategy game for the DreamHack Austin Jam. It Won! With a little refiniement it's just been released on Steam.

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - Havoc
Firstly. The Blight DLC, has grown so big as to become an entire new game. With a landmass as big as the first, a new plot, UI, resolution, and features. This game will be released later this year alongside considerable updates to this one which will taje advantage of the new engine.

Secondly, two parts of the upcoming, Gods of Havoc trilogy, are now available for viewing, and wish listing on Steam.


If you want to stay up to date with release now, and information on the third and final game ‘Gods of Havoc: After the Fall’, click the wishlist button!
Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - The Hero Manager

Gods of Havoc heralds a return to the classic God-Game.

Gods of Havoc is a three-part series offering difficult, turn-based strategy. Each game places the player as a god in different eras of a planet’s history.

  • Fall to Earth: takes place in an early medieval setting;
  • After the Fall: takes place in a post-apocalyptic one;
  • Into the Void: takes place in a galactic scale.

‘Fall to Earth’ and ‘Into the Void’, are set to be released in August 2019 with ‘After the Fall’ to be released in December 2019.


Don't forget to wishlist for more news on all three games! Visit https://www.gods-of-havoc.com/ for more information.
Map Images from 'Fall to Earth' and 'Into the Void'
Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - The Hero Manager


Fantasy Hero Manager places you in command of a magical airship, on a quest to find the legendary land of Vrool and its Fountain of Eternal Youth.

Fly across the world recruiting heroes for your adventure. Negotiate their salaries, manage their personalities, keep them sober, and never forget to pay them. Watch as they make friends, get married, grieve the loss of comrades, and die in glorious battle… all before searching out new heroes to fill your empty bunks!

Fantasy Hero Manager has been designed to be highly accessible, with a simple and clear UI, yet broadly complicated in its mechanics. Created with a nostalgic look-back to the age of Nethack, Zork, and the golden age of gaming.

Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - Beth

Four new battles, scattered throughout the world. Each battle drops a new evolution item. These evolutions are of a new class, 'Dökkálfar' are are a sneak peek into the upcoming 'Jester of Darkwatch Wood' expansion which will take place after the main quest and involve 2 new classes, new monsters, a new area to explore, and a cool new story-line. More on that to follow in the next few weeks. For now, enjoy the new monsters, if you can find and defeat them.


A few small grammatical errors.
House 11 won't permalock after the last battle.
Mar 18, 2018
Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - FlynnFour Games

-Igloos are now numbered.


-The daily quest turnin bug has been fixed. This will no longer be an issue on new saves but for people already with the problem there is a fix. See the below thread.

-The pocketwatch will now never speed up time to x15
Mar 17, 2018
Void Monsters: Spring City Tales - FlynnFour Games

- A Kat added to the the Leskova Den which sells a special MageGem.


- It is now possible to leave the Blackroot Warehouse District properly.
- Leskova Rune Temple now spawns monsters correctly.

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