Patchman vs. Blue Squares - NaturallyIntelligent

Stephen Sheepleberg ain't got nothin on Patchman!

Well, except maybe a couple hundred million dollars budget.

Help us bring Blue Squares to life by backing us on Kickstarter! Under two weeks left:

cheers!! :)
Patchman vs. Blue Squares - NaturallyIntelligent

Have you heard the old saying: "The Sheeple want a hero but walk past Patchman every day"?

Well, it's happening right now. Our next episode is on Kickstarter and not getting the attention it deserves, so I triple-double dare you to check it out! Why? Because we put so much effort into it, you'll assuredly be impressed!

Plus, for only five bucks you can pledge to get this episode on Steam! :)

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