Aug 19, 2018
Lifeblood - Homage Studios
Patch 1.0.1
-Updated Movement Sounds
-Added Ability Sounds
-Fixed Martyr's Wake, it should now correctly redirect damage to the Crusader
-Increased scaling of all Crusader Healing Abilities.
-Light's Grace's tooltip now correctly shows its scaled healing done
-Reduced Armor Scaling
-Attempting to use an alternate arrow when not in the Aimed stance should now provide a descriptive error message.
-The action bar should now provide a much more reliable heads-up of the abilities usability by stance.
-Reduced Armor Scaling
-Reduced Armor Scaling
-Fixed a bug causing Temporal Resonance to echo into eternity.
-Reduced Armor Scaling
-Reduced Armor Scaling
Equipment Changes:
- Equipment now auto-equips if something is not already in the slot upon crafting
- Reduced HP scaling on Mail armor.
- Increased HP scaling on Plate armor.
UI Changes:
- Removed Blue Beam Player Marker
- Added Compass
- Added Compass Color setting in the Game Settings menu
- Added Player Direction Markers to compass
- Added Friendly Player Nameplates
- Player Icons in the party menu now reflect the class that the player currently is.
- Windows may now be moved from any non-reactive portion of the window
- Action Bar is now much more reactive
- The Exit Game Button is no longer available in-game.
- The In-Game System Menu has been re-arranged
- Your reported placing on the stats window should now be correct
Shroud Changes:
- Shroud damage after the first tick has been quadroupled
- The Shroud visuals should no longer fail to activate or fail to deactivate on the final circle
Etherium Changes:
- Etherium boost event is over, Etherium rewards have returned to normal levels. Stay tuned on the Discord for the next boost event.
Matchmaking Changes:
- It is no longer possible to "Double-Queue"
Aug 16, 2018
Lifeblood - Hudolus
New Class - Crusader

Few remain as righteous and vigilant as the Crusader; those who believe in a higher purpose,
to give protection to the weak and mete out justice to those deemed unworthy, find themselves
seeking the path of these saviors. As upholders of the sacred teachings of the Gods,
Crusaders shield allies from harm and bestow their blessings upon others.
- Uses Sword/Shield and Plate Armor
- Primary Stat: Strength/Intellect Hybrid
- Resource: Divinity
- Crusaders generate Divinity passively and by taking damage
- Primary Attack Deals damage and heals for 50% of the damage done
- Secondary Attack Deals damage and slows enemies hit by 40% for 4s.
Inquisition - Cost: 0 Divinity - Range: 30m - Cast Time: 2s - 45s Cooldown - The Crusader
teleports all enemies within range to their location as well as destroying any temporary player objects.
Hallowed Ground - Cost: 0 Divinity - Range: 30m - Cast Time: 1s - 30s Cooldown - The Crusader slams the ground at their feet knocking down all enemies within range.
Aegis - Cost: 0 Divinity - Range: 0m - Cast Time: Instant - 25s Cooldown - The Crusader places a holy barrier at their feet that lasts 15s that destroys enemy projectiles that hit it without triggering any of the projectiles effects.
Bolstering Presence - Cost: 500 Divinity - Range: 30m - Cast Time: Instant - 3s Cooldown - Reduces damage taken by friendly players within range of the Crusader by 10%. 500 Divinity per Second
Light's Grace - Cost: 750 Divinity - Range: 30m - Cast Time: Instant - 3s Cooldown - Heals friendly players within range of the Crusader for x every second. 750 Divinity per Second.
Martyr's Wake - Cost: 500 Divinity - Range: 30m - Cast Time: Instant - 3s Cooldown - Redirects 40% of all damage taken by friendly players within range to the Crusader. 500 Divinity per Second.
Crusade - Cost: 250 Divinity - Range: 30m - Cast Time: Instant - 3s Cooldown - Increases movement speed of all friendly players within range by 30%. 250 Divinity per Second.
Seraphim - Cost: 0 Divinity - Range: 0m - Cast Time: Instant - 90s Cooldown - Reduces damage taken by 20% for 6s. If the Crusader takes fatal damage during this effect, instead the Crusader heals for 20% of their maximum health.
Retribution - Cost: 0 Divinity - Range: 0m - Cast Time: 1s - 30 Cooldown - The Crusader teleports to a friendly player healing them for x and granting the Crusader 1000 Divinity.
UI Changes:
Added Class Customization Window to Lobby:
- The Class Customization window will be used to select talents for classes and customize the visual appearance of your abilities.
- You can currently find descriptions of Classes and their abilities so that you may learn more about a class before playing it in-game.
- Fully upgraded items no longer show an upgrade info section in their tooltip.
- The error message received when upgrading a Tier 3 item is now correct.
Skin Changes:
- Skins may now be salvaged upon opening if they are a duplicate
- Skins may now be transferred to your steam inventory if they are a duplicate(Skins in the steam inventory that are not in game do not currently transfer, this will be rectified in a coming minor patch(1.0.1))
- Skins are now organized by set
- Consumables now automatically equip when you pick up your first of the game
- All abilities that knockdown now have a universal 15s internal cooldown per player. ex: Player A is a Berserker and Player B is a Berserker, Player A kicks Player C, Player C gets knocked down. Player B follows up with his kick, Player C is immune.
- Increased hit radius of Hamstring
- Reduced damage of Primary and Secondary attacks by 50%
Bug Fixes:
- Resolved Issue of being able to see chests from great distances
- Tooltips no longer get stuck open when using the Mouse Lock Keybind

Added Several anti-cheat measures to immediately VAC ban players that attempt to tamper with data in transit.
Resolved a bug that caused players to be silently removed from queue when players left their matchmaking group.
Lifeblood - Homage Studios
New Class - Assassin

The remorseless Assassin seizes any opportune moment to bury their daggers into those foolish enough to turn their backs on these stealthy assailants.
As masters of avoidance, Assassins can escape from the heat of battle and quickly recover before returning to finish off their victims.
- Uses Daggers and Leather Armor
- Primary Stat Agility
- Resource: Focus
- Assassins generate Focus by using their primary and secondary attacks or by certain abilities.
- Primary Attack deals damage and generates 10 Focus.
- Secondary Attack deals half of its damage up front and the other half over 5s. Generates 10 Focus.
Infiltrate - Cost: 0 Focus - 1.5s Cast - 20s Cooldown - 30m Range - Jump and teleport to an enemy dealing X damage and increasing the physical damage the Assassin does to the enemy by 25%. Generates 25 Focus.
Vendetta - Cost: 15 Focus - 1.0s Cast - 60s Cooldown - Increases movement speed by 75%, Crit Damage by 50% and Crit Chance by 10% for 5s.
Hamstring - Cost: 5 Focus - 1.0s Cast - 6s Cooldown - Hamstring an enemy reducing movement speed 60% for 3s.
Numbing Blade - Cost: 25 Focus - 1.5s Cast - 15s Cooldown - Strike an enemy dealin x ddamage, poisoning them causing them to take 6% less damage for 6s but reducing their haste by 90%.
Dashing Strike - Cost: 50 Focus - 2.0s Cast - 20s Cooldown - The Assassin performs a dazzling chain of strikes dealing X damage per strike and then dashing forward 10m.
Feinted Blows - Cost: 35 Focus - 2.0s Cast - 20s Cooldown - The Assassin performs a series of blows dealing x damage per strike ending with a knockdown.
Assassin's Resolve - Cost: 10 Focus - 1.0s Cast - 30s Cooldown - The Assassin performs a targeted strike that deals x damage and generates 25 focus per second for 8s. Increases movement speed by 25% for 8s.
Pickpocket - Cost: 25 Focus - 1.0s Cast - 15s Cooldown - The Assassin performs a strike that deals x damage and saps 25% of the enemies maximum resource while returning 10% maximum resource to friendly players within 30m.
Smoke Screen - Cost: 90 Focus - 1.5s Cast - 45s Cooldown - 5m Radius - Conceals an area in dense smoke for 8s, any projectiles entering the smoke are redirected back out the direction they came. Redirected projectiles are Bannerless and may damage any player.
UI Changes
- The crafting window is now equipped with intelligent categories, you can click the hammer icon on a given category to craft all items of the category that you do not already own.
- You can click the arrow to expand the category to craft an individual item.
Character Profile
- Removed the Belt Bar while in Battle Royale Mode
- Greatly increased the size of the stats pane button
End Game
- You can now open a stats pane after death that will show you some interesting statistics about your game, as well as the amount of Etherium and Experience you earned.
- You will no longer be thrown to the title screen immediately after recieving a game over message.
Class Changes
Greatly reduced mana regeneration from spirit for spellslinger.
Greatly increased the damage of the spellslinger secondary attack.
Supernova is now no longer capable of dealing its damage multiple times to the same enemy.
Greatly reduced supernova damage.
Greatly increased the projectile speed of Arcane Orb.
Greatly increased the damage of Arcane Orb.
Supernova mana cost increased to 7500.
Temporal Shift mana cost increased to 5000.
Greatly reduced Fury regeneration from spirit for Berserker.
Greatly increased the projectile speed of Rage Burst.
Slightly increased the damage of Rangers basic attacks.
Greatly increased the projectile speed of Ranger Arrows, Driving Shot and Shimmering Shot.
Increased the collision size of Ranger Arrows and Driving Shot.
It is no longer possible to shimmering shot through the ground.
Shrine Changes
Shrines will now correctly be active 50% of the time.(This is a tentative number)
Shrines will no longer incorrectly double spawn.
Shrines now show a second smaller beam to show what type of shrine it is.
The number of shrines on the map has more than doubled.
You now follow the camera angle of the person you are spectating.
Map Changes
The Artists have been hard at work slicing the map into more easily loadable chunks to greatly increase the performance and visual quality of the map.
Bug Fixes
The Consumable bar no longer steals your precious FPS.
Steam purchased chests will now correctly be openable.
Pressing the "Okay" button after a failure to connect will now correctly return you to the main menu.
Lifeblood - david
- Charge should no longer send you through the map when charging against a hill.
- Wormhole should no longer teleport you through the map
- Shimmering shot will no longer fail at extreme angles
- Prevailing Winds should now correctly affect all teammates
Bug Fixes
- Consumable Slot should no longer appear to be unusable when you have enough potions.
- Having a long term speed boost will no longer sometimes cause your movement to feel "Jittery" when it ends.
Lifeblood - Homage Studios
- Charge now happens almost instantly and is much more reliable on hills, Charge no longer causes visual artfacts and knocks down enemy players when hit.
- Auto-attacks have been made much more visible.
- Wormhole can now be cast up hill, its portals are now ALWAYS aligned in the correct direction
- Supernova has had its damage reduced slightly.
- Reduced the cost of Prevailing Winds.
- The camera should no longer jitter when ADS.
- Driving Shot no longer causes hit players to get stuck simulating the knockback.
- Driving Shot no longer fails to cleanup when colliding with objects
- Shimmering Shot no longer fails to cast when the ranger has more than 35% Haste.
- The ranger now correctly produces humanoid sounds
- When the ranger is downed during ADS, you now correctly switch back to your usual camera.
Bug Fixes
- You can now correctly rebind movement keys
- It is no longer possible to "lose" keybinds
- Energy potions now correctly restore energy instead of HP.
- The consumable bar now correctly shows if you are out of the equipped potion.
Lifeblood - david
New Features
New Default Reticle with hit marker visuals and sounds.

Changed detection box size for Deer
Ranger Spirit scaling for moxy regen has been doubled
Ranger Abilities now Correctly scale with Haste
Rangers now regenerate moxy when they land basic arrow attacks. Rangers will regenerate 25 Moxy per negative effect on the target plus 10.
There are now more deer located around the map.
Leather costs have been unilaterally decreased.
Leather yield from harvesting has been increased.(edited)

Bug Fixes
Resolved Knockdown Locking issue
Resolved Ranger Aim jitter
Arrow Speed for Rangers increased Slightly
Deer Harvest Lock Resolved
Driving shot will no longer cause a player to be permanently cc'd
Lifeblood - david
Class Added:

Ranger Abilities:
Cinder Shot - Cost: 25 Moxy Instant Cast Imbues the next aimed arrow shot with a flame effect burning enemies for x damage over 10s.

Venom Sting - Cost: 25 Moxy - Instant Cast - Coats the Rangers next aimed shot with venom, poisoning enemies hit. Deals x damage over 10s.

Razor Arrow - Cost : 50 Moxy - Instant Cast -Swaps the Rangers next aimed shot with a razor tipped arrow, enemies hit take 20% increased physical damage for 10s with a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Explosive Arrow - Cost: 75 Moxy - Instant Cast - Swaps the Rangers next aimed shot with an explosive tipped arrow that explodes 3s after hitting an enemy or a solid object dealing x damage to all enemies hit and increasing magic damage taken by 10% for seconds and having a cooldown of 8 seconds.

Volley - Cost: 100 Moxy - 1.7s Cast - 15m Range - Releases a volley of arrows in front of the Ranger for 3s dealing x damage to all enemies inside its area each second.

Driving Shot - Cost: 100 Moxy - Instant Cast - 30m Range - The Ranger fires an imbued arrow that deals damage to all enemies in its path and knocking them to the side and has a cooldown of 45s.

Shimmering Shot - Cost: 25 Moxy - 1.0s Cast - 30m Range - 25s Cooldown - The Ranger fires a magical arrow, upon impact or reaching its maximum range the ranger teleports to the arrows location.

Prevailing Winds - Cost 150 Moxy - 1.75s Cast - 30m Range - 60s Cooldown - Infuses the ranger and their allies with the power of the wind. Increasing their movement speed by 50% for 10s.

Added control: Mouse Unlock
Allows you to unlock your mouse without having a UI window open. If a UI window is already open it closes all open UI windows and relocks the mouse. Default key binding is "Tab" this key binding currently cannot be changed.

Added Control: Camera Unlock
Allows you to unlock your camera to get better view with a freelook style camera. Default Key binding is "\"

New Feature: Shrines
Shrines can be found in the inner rings of the map, at shrines players can exchange a portion of their health for accessories. Shrines have a limited number of uses and will deactivate once fully used up.

New Equipment Type: Accessories
Accessories are rings and necklaces, these special types of equipment possess stats that currently cannot be acquired anywhere else such as Life steal, Spell Resist or Parry.

Added UI Element: Menu Bar
The menu bar can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the in-game UI, this element allows you an at a glance view of the key bindings associated with your UI windows. You can also use the buttons to directly access these windows with a mouse click.

Added UI Element: Kill Feed
This element can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the in-game UI, this element allows you to see who died, when and by whom.

Added Game Setting: Motion Blur toggle support was added.

Game-Play and Visual changes:
Visual Effects should no longer default to the lowest setting when optimizing video settings.
Increased Visibility of the spellslingers primary attack.
Improved Accuracy of the shrouds damage effect, it should no longer wait until players are 15m + inside of its bounds to start dealing damage.
Spellslingers Supernova has been revamped, it now no longer pulls players in instead it deals more damage and only pushes back enemy players.
Berserkers Charge has a new visual effect and now happens "almost" instantly, this greatly reduces the visual impairment involved and provides a much smoother and more predictable experience.

Sound Additions:
Footstep sounds have been added for the various terrain you may be walking on, and is hearable from a distance.
Battle Royale has added Match begin music as well as Match loss, and Match won music.
Numerous menu interaction sounds have been added.

Bug Fixes:
Resolved a bug causing player movement to feel sluggish after equipping a weapon.
Resolved a bug causing player movement to feel jittery as if rapidly desyncing.(You weren't we promise)
All classes have been heavily rebalanced to accommodate the new class balance environment.

Steam back end services replaced (Massive)
Lifeblood no longer uses steam for any of its backend services such as matchmaking. All in-game purchases are still processed via steam. The ability to put skins into your steam inventory will be returning soon with the overhaul of the skin management system. This major overhaul was an extreme effort to provide the most seamless matchmaking and stress-free experience possible. This new backend lays the groundwork for some really cool features coming in the near future. This also brings a few bug fixes.

Back-end Fixes:
Resolved a bug causing player currency to not update appropriately after a game.
Resolved a bug causing games not to start due to player information not making it through the steam pipe.
Resolved a bug causing "dead" player parties to congest and break the matchmaking system.
Resolved a bug causing duplicate UI elements and the "all black" character phenomenon that left players without any customization data.
Resolved a bug causing chests to not correctly purchase when using in-game currency.
Reduced the time required to open loot crates due to not waiting on steam.
Player Customization information is no longer stored locally and therefore no longer need the steam cloud to function.

Map Updates
Green Mountain Falls BR map has had a number of updates in preparation for the ranger patch.

Shrines have been added to the inner rings of the map, there are currently 11 to locate!
The center has been chopped from one large piece into 64 smaller pieces this should dramatically improve end game performance.
The spawns for the first 20 players have also been chopped up into another 64 smaller pieces, this should dramatically improve load times and overall performance of the game.
The areas that have been chopped received some aesthetic updates to include cliffs, rocks, and painted variations of landscape.
There is a new water feature in the first set of mountain ranges, I will be adding more around the ring as well as other unique areas of interest in future patches.

Map Fixes
A few areas where you could get stuck in holes descending the cliff face have been filled.
3 complete towns were missing loot chest spawns which have been fixed.
Some trees that were clipping into towns and rock cliffs have been cleaned up.
Some areas where large trees should not be growing have been removed.
Jun 23, 2018
Lifeblood - david
Community Feedback

The community has spoken and in our upcoming ranger patch we will introduce a map for reference and team waypoint sharing.

Class Changes

Fixed a bug causing the Temporal Resonance ability to not limit its echos.
Fixed a bug with berserker where Crushing Blow was causing half of its expected damage.

Client Changes

Fixed an issue with stale steam authentication preventing a game from starting, players that miss this check will be returned to the lobby.
Fixed several character animation locking issues with respect to interaction and player input. Players will no longer experience an inability to attack.
Fixed several UI issues regarding UI elements not "Sticking" to the mouse when moving and not saving their locations between sessions.
Fixed a bug causing mouse sensitivity to not save correctly.

Server Changes

Severs have been switched to Duo only until we introduce the ranger class next week.
Servers will now start after 2 minutes no matter how many players have joined, however if 100 players have joined the match will start in 10 seconds.
Shroud visual effects are now triggered from the client side to ensure its accuracy in timing.

Known Issues

On clients that fail steam authentication when joining a game, resulting in a character that didn't load properly (bald for example) we are retrying the authentication however, under certain conditions the player customization or healthbars will not load fully. A load failure will not prevent the game from starting. In other situations the player and their party might be rejected by the server, this is only temporary until we can collect more information about this joining issue.
Jun 16, 2018
Lifeblood - david

- Equipment re-rolling is now possible.
- Added Player beacons for party members that can be seen from across the map.
- Leather Gear Implemented but not yet available (Pending Ranger class).
- Two new weapons implemented but not yet available (Pending Ranger and Assassin classes).
- Footstep sounds for different physical materials have been added.
- Added 6 new Gear Stat Variants for use in the re-rolling system.
- Added 3 new skin variants for cloth.
- Added a message before the round starts of how many players have joined.
- A help dialog was added to the lobby to give new players more information about how the game mode works and to give them a general idea of what to do.


- Players for a period of time will receive a 5x boost in rewards for participating in Battle Royale games to celebrate the launch.
- Equipment tooltips will now display upgrade\re-roll costs when the equipment is being worn.
- Map updates to add more player paths from the mountains to the center area. (Ongoing effort)
- Fixed several bugs surrounding combat that had never actually been seen.
- Heavily re-balanced and reworked stats as a whole.
- Jumping now correctly interrupts resource gathering.
- Deaths are now being batched which should no longer allow players to appear standing while in a dead state. (Not confirmed)
- Fixed several ability sound attenuation issues so you should no longer hear abilities being used from across the map.

Known Issues
- We are currently tracking an issue with the shroud position not damaging players, we have added some logging so we can get that dialed in.

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