Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak
Tell me what you want, what you really really want!
Ok maybe not the best idea to start this off with a Spice Girls reference, but then again it kind of fits all that 90s retro vibe, I guess?

Anyways, since release I collected feedback and ideas from the community and before I dive head first into working on the game after a little summer break, I want to make sure I focus on the things that you, the players, get the most out of.

So here's a little survey, quite short and totally anonymous of course:
Crumple Zone survey

It only takes about 2 Minutes to complete and would help me a lot.
So please give it a shot and thanks a lot in advance!

P.S.: You can always provide feedback and discuss the game in the community hub, too, if anything is on your mind.
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak
Crumple Zone was a tad too "freshly released" to join the big steam summer sale, but that doesn't mean we can't have a little summer sale on our own, right? Better late than never, so here we go.
The game is 30% off for a week, so if you're still on the fence about getting it, or know someone else who is, now is the perfect time to grab it!
See you all in the derby pit!
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak
With the latest (small) update I added a special section in the credits to honor all of those Crumple Zone players who helped greatly in improving and shaping the game.
You probably know who you are if you're reading this, but have a look to make sure! :)
By the way, if you like to have a different name or maybe even your real name listed there, just let me know.

Of course, this section will be updated in the future and anyone who stands out in the community as very helpful and supportive of the game will join the hall of fame in the credits! You guys are great and I don't want to leave that unmentioned.

There is another small improvement in this update concerning screen resolutions, well more precicely "uncommon" screen resolution that aren't part of the basic set of supported resolutions.
Basically what it does is add the native desktop resolution in case it is not part of the default resolutions.
I haven't tested this extensively so I hope it works as expected and fixes some cases of players reporting they can't play with their native resolution on laptops (1366x768).
Screen ratios other than 16:9 aren't officially supported yet but I will try to make the UI responsive at some point so nothing weird happens in other aspect ratios.

There are more announcements coming at the end of the month, so stay tuned and happy car smashing! >:)
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak

Your wish is my command, and a couple of you requested a handbrake feature, so here it is!
Just tap it to provoke oversteering and get quicker around tight corners.
In arenas, you can use it to make quick 180s at slower speeds.

Use the "B" button on Xbox Controllers, right Control on Keyboard... or equivalent (?) on other controllers (too much to list).

There are also a couple of more "moving objects" added to some levels. I will not spoil anything, try to spot them on your own. I can only say... Yvan eht nioj! (No I'm not having a stroke)
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak

Notice something different in the image above?

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all enjoying the game. I just uploaded a small update containing these fixes:
- fixed a few typos
- shortened the first campaign cutscene
- added a fullscreen switch in the graphics section
- standard graphics level after installing the game is now "high"

... and as these are all rather unspectacular, I added a little gimmick as well: on the Hilltown Speedway, there's a plane cruising around now. I plan to add a few more moving objects to the levels to make them more lively, and this is the very first one (well technically the beach volley ball action was the first one, but these other ones will be much more spectacular...).

See you all later!
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak
Crumpe Zone has just been released!

For a very reasonable price, you can re-live the golden era of over-the-top senseless car smashing.

Please keep in mind that this is only the beginning. Don't worry, I promise you get a complete coherent experience when you buy the game today. But there's much more that can be added and improved if you support the game and it's development in the future.

So if you like the game, connect with other players and the devs in the community hub and spread the word about Crumple Zone in streams, chats etc.

Let's make demolition derby games great again!
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak

Hang on to your helmets as Crumple Zone will release on Steam next week!

It is currently in Valves review queue, not entirely sure how long it will take, but the game should be ready around May 31st, give or take a few days.

I am very excited and hope you'll have as much fun playing this game as it was developing it.

Get ready to crumple!
Crumple Zone - musclecarfreak
EDIT May 16th: Ok, for the "final final" beta phase, there are some more keys available. Just add a comment and I will contact you. Happy smashing!

EDIT May 25th: Beta phase is over and the official release is VERY soon, so stay tuned!

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