Asura Valley - 电脑(阿法狗)
Add a map of the world, and the next year, you can complete all the challenges on the big map, beautify the interface, and modify some of the previous bugs.
Feb 27, 2018
Asura Valley - 电脑(阿法狗)
Fixed the third year of the official version of the game.ːsteamsadː
Asura Valley - 电脑(阿法狗)
Change the language in the options before the game starts.
Asura Valley - 电脑(阿法狗)
This time, I asked for an English translation.
If you have any questions, can you leave me a message?ːsteammockingː
Jan 26, 2018
Asura Valley - 电脑(阿法狗)
The game begins with an explanation of the current information,Some of the decrees promulgated by the king.
The skills and enhancements acquired before the village upgrade were random.
The English dialogue will be updated tomorrow.I have a professional interpreter.

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