Assault Spy - laura.herzberg

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Assault Spy - Valve
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Assault Spy - NISASahil
Hey everyone! A new update for Assault Spy is now available!

Build ID: 3878685

Spanish (LATAM) and Portuguese (BR) language options have been added! Special thanks to the following volunteers for making this possible!

Latin American Spanish Translation
Crimson Translations

Brazilian Portuguese Translation
Caio "Geheimen" Paiva
Lucas "halozy" Marinho
Pedro “Terra” Fortes

Some other features have been added:
-Added a countdown timer HUD when using Overclock.
-Added 1600x900 screen resolution.
-Added a message when the extra menu is unlocked.

The following issues have also been fixed:
-Fixed an issue where some videos did not play in the skill shop menu.
-Fixed an issue where the health gauge of an enemy would appear at the edge of the screen.
-The Results screen in the pause menu now displays the stage name correctly.
-Fixed a problem where some of the conversation text was missing.
-Fixed a bug where pressing the button for the skill shop and NPCs did not respond correctly.
-You can now hold down the directional pad to control the menu.
-Fixed some images in the skill screen menu.
-Fixed the Assault Spy, (Achievement) which was acquired at the unintended timing.
-Fixed the gun effect of some enemies.
-Fixed a bug where exiting Overclock would continue to slow down the enemy.
-Officer Spade’s post-attack performance and slash blade sizes were adjusted.
-Fixed Mr. Assault's Just timed briefcase move.
-Moved placement of a Negabot employee, in the Back Lot area in Amelia's story.
-Enemy lens flare placement adjusted.
-Fixed how Mr. Assault holds his briefcase.
-Fixed an issue in the Garden area. Under the 1st bridge, attacks wouldn’t hit the enemy. (They would have a guard effect.)
-Fixed an issue in the Extra options menu. If you enable a mask on, the character would be floating in the results screen after battle.
-Fixed an issue where Asaru’s boss voice volume was not correctly reflecting the sound settings.
-Fixed issue where Chidori would freeze during battles.
-Fixed issue where if you skip a cutscene and there were any voice lines after the cutscene, it would result in a static sound.
-Final Dive Business skill’s power has been adjusted. (Increased the power)
-During Kanoko’s assist bullets would still fire towards the player.
-Fixed an issue where the black monitor men's lasers would not disappear properly.
-Amelia’s Black Gale was missing hit-boxes.
-Some enemies were failing to spawn from their boxes in hard mode.
-Fixed issue where "Rush Hour" skill had a strange interaction with Chidori.
-Some missing battle voices have been added for Irene.

Thanks for playing and your continued support!
Assault Spy - NIS_Justin
Don't take our word for it, listen to user Akka's review on Assault Spy! "I love the cutscenes and the story. There's even a (dumb) smug little girl! Maximum good." Save 25% on this fast-paced game today!
Assault Spy - NISASahil
Hey everyone! There's a new patch for Assault Spy!

Build ID: 3390373

1. Added images for some event scenes.
2. Fixed discrepancies between some Japanese text and voices not matching up.
3. Fixed a bug that prevented play through.

Thanks for playing and your continued support!
Assault Spy - NISASahil
Hey everyone! There's a new patch for Assault Spy!

Build ID: 3381166

・Fixed bug that causes screen to go dark after talking to NPC on the rooftop.
・Changed direction display of enemies off screen to show only enemies who are attacking.
・Fixed bug that causes player to be unable to attack after pausing in Backyard battle.
・Fixed bug that causes player’s charge effect during total result.
・Fixed death flag of Officer Diamond in order to prevent failure of event when attacking early.
・Added Spanish and Portuguese options.

If you haven't had the chance to look at the previous patch notes, they can be found here:

Thanks for playing and your continued support!
Assault Spy - NIS_Justin

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Assault Spy - NISA_Sandi
Heyo Everyone!

We have pushed a new build onto the `PREVIEW` branch, and will post the patch notes below as well.

At this time we wanted to formally announce that the Early Access Discord for Assault Spy will be closing in 3 weeks. It's last day will be November 27, 2018.
If you have any bugs to report, please report them as soon as you can.

We also wanted to say, THANK YOU!

Your contribution to this project has been irreplaceable. It has really meant a lot to us and Wazen! Assault Spy would not have been the success it is today without you. We hope you continue to enjoy the high action comedy adventure of Assault Spy!

Build ID 3279740 (Available on Preview Branch):
- Could not obtain the achievement Overclock Overcome! has now been fixed.
- Issue where enemies would not appear on spy must die 35F was fixed.
- Added function where you an delete stage results from the pause menu.
- Fixed holes in walls in certain stages
- Bug where ranking would show during cut scene events fixed.
- Movement restrictions when talking to NPC and around elevators taken out.
- Mid air player and enemy collisions tweaked
- Added warning sounds to attacks made out of screen
- Added tutorial for understanding battle outcome
- Fixed Japanese subtitles that were out of order
- Adjusted the stuttering of wall cameras
- Amelia: fixed bug were you cannot do mid are shots
- Amelia: tweaked so when you block you recover SP
- Amelia: tweaked amount of SP taken for Corridor Smash
- Amelia: tweaked Braver Outburst skill
- During overclock made the mid-air dash unrestricted
- Changed behavior of dash during overclock
- Can now deal damage to enemies who are invincible during overclock
- Changed keyboard 4 to be able to explode business cards.
Assault Spy - (Dominic Tarason)

Assault Spy might look a little more buttoned-up than Devil May Cry with its cubicle farms and sharp business suits, but this combo-heavy brawler is ready to cut loose as it leaves early access today. Developed by tiny Japanese crew Wazen, it’s a game about silly dialogue, anime corporate espionage gone wrong and a whole lot of kicking robots (some of which are adorable) in the face, or whatever face-equivalent they’re equipped with. Check out the punchy (and kicky) launch trailer below featuring the game’s catchy soundtrack.


Assault Spy - Valve
Assault Spy / is Now Available on Steam!

Dash, evade, and smash your way to the truth as the corporate spy, Asaru; or the reckless CIA agent, Amelia! Uncover the dark secrets of the Negabot mega corporation as you save the company from a hostile takeover. Assault Spy is a stylish, fast paced, pure-action game with a dash of comedy.

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