Beholder 2 - illbgreat
The Wise Leader calls on every single citizen to gather in the main square to announce new preferential conditions.

👴 Alloisius Shpak will be waiting for his Sarah in Beholder, which is 82% off!

😸 The friendship of Hector and Order is the goal of your life? It’s waiting for you in Beholder: Blissful Sleep with a 65% discount!

👱‍♀️ Emma Hazer is waiting for her Peter in Beholder 2, a discount on which will be 51%!
Beholder 2 - darxtorn
The Prime Ministry has issued a new directive: extreme price cuts!

Feel like a young and ambitious trainee of the Prime Ministry? Go with Evan for Beholder 2 with a 50% discount!
Beholder 2 - illbgreat
To the attention of all citizens of the Greatest State! From this day on, the program “Competitive Environment 1.0.1” can be attended not only by the Ministry workers but also by everyone!

Watchers is a free-to-play Battle Royale top-down shooter where killed battlers enter a unique Watcher game mode. Watchers bet on their favorite battlers and influence the battlefield through different experiments. The fewer battlers are on the map, the more Watchers are out there ready to perform their experiments and turning the tide of the battle!

See you at the Ministry of Watching!
Beholder 2 - illbgreat
Attention attention! The Wise Leader is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Releases has successfully completed the development of a secret project, codenamed Space Robinson.

Progress Report:
  • The Ministry of Procedural Generation has created a procedurally generated planet.
  • The Ministry of Monsters has taken care of the diversity of the local fauna.
  • The Ministry of Energy turned off the electricity supply of the base, but did not lock the doors.
  • The Ministry of Bots has designed several unique pet-bots.
  • The Ministry of Artifacts hid the results of its work somewhere in the bowels of the planet.
  • The Ministry of Hardcore generally exceeded the plan by 200%!

Space Robinson is a hardcore roguelike on a procedurally generated planet from indie-developer Luxorix Games and publisher Alawar Premium. The cost of Space Robinson will be $9.99, and the owners of Beholder 2 will receive an additional 30% discount.
Beholder 2 - illbgreat
Hey there,

Alawar Premium together with indie-developer Luxorix Games will release a hardcore roguelike on a procedurally generated planet.

Survive on a planet full of alien monsters, restore Colony 21, find out where all its settlers disappeared.

  • several useful battle-pets
  • special night monsters
  • level bosses
  • pixel graphics
  • music that you will be whistling for a long time

Wishlist Space Robinson not to miss the release!
Beholder 2 - illbgreat
Today, the Ministry of Updates wishes to report on the progress made over the last several days.

Ministry of Innovations:
Added controller vibration at key gameplay moments.

Ministry of Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue where two visitors could come to Evan's workplace on the first floor at the same time, causing the game to crash.

Ministry of Collateral Improvements:
  • Modified controller map;
  • Optimized animations;
  • Fixed graphical issues.

Glory to the Wise Leader!

Beholder 2 - illbgreat
The Wise Leader cares of all citizens of the Greatest State. In this regard, prices for the 3 (three) vital products are reduced for two weeks!

🍉Landlord Kit Beholder is now 86% off;

🍒Rejuvenation of the Nation Kit Beholder: Blissful Sleep is 65% off;

🍓The Ministerial Newcomer Kit Beholder 2 is 40% off.

Purchase the complete collection of essential products

Glory to the Wise Leader!🌞
Beholder 2 - illbgreat
Today the Minister of Updates reported on what’s been done over the last few days.

Ministry of Innovations:
  • Added Turkish and Spanish localizations;
  • Added widescreen monitor support (up to 21:9).

Ministry of Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed problems with moving around the scenes with a mouse;
  • Fixed problem with displaying text on Linux;
  • Fixed problem with displaying some effects on Linux.

Ministry of Collateral Improvements:
  • Added clarifying information when the map is unavailable;
  • Improved controller support;
  • Improved the design of Evan’s workplaces;
  • Changed some GUI elements;
  • Optimized some scenes;
  • Added questlog status saves;
  • Improved localization quality;
  • Added missing voiceover.

The support of loyal citizens is the most important power of the Wise Leader!

Beholder 2 - illbgreat
The Ministry of Labor congratulates all citizens on the Labor Day! ⚒

To celebrate, the Wise Leader ordered to install the Universal Shredder at every house and every production for free!

Now your team is not only motivated to participate in the Supergame, but also will look forward to a spectacular demonstration of the Shredder at the end of each shift!

Hooray, comrades! Glory to the Wise Leader!ːBEjoyfulː

Beholder 2 - illbgreat

Now you can spy on your neighbors at the polar station, fighting off the monsters that have fed the monkeys!


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