John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Hello brain-eating, John the zombie is bringing some minor updates and improvements in control and Hud. We're also getting a promotional price, so more brains eaters can test this crazy game!
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Hello, brain eaters!

You guys have been asking for this since days one and we know that this is essential to give the best experience as possible to all of our players.

So, the zombie devs have been working a lot those last weeks and here we are with full joystick support!

Well, let's just stop talking and start eating some more brains: With a joystick now.
Jan 11, 2018
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab

I'm very hungry for brains today, so I'll be quick:
In today's update, there is a lot of new destructible props for you zombies to destroy with your zombie claws or your stolen cars! Let set this city on total chaos!

And we're introducing a new attack for John: Acid Vomiting.
Now you zombies can vomit everywhere on everything and everyone!
Jan 5, 2018
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
It's finally Friday again!
Let's enjoy the weekend the best way as possible: Eating delicious brains and creating chaos!

In this weekend's update, we're releasing new achievements for destroying things! The more you destroy stuff and create chaos, the more points make and more achievements you get!

Also, we improved the car mechanics, especially on running zombies and citizens over with cars!

It's never been more fun to run zombies over!
Dec 27, 2017
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Hey, brain eaters from all over the world!
I'm here today to announce a sweet update for all of you to enjoy even more the brain diet!

Patch Notes
- Implemented Audio Control Settings
- Fixed bug related to the graphic settings
- Improved game mechanics on collecting items
- Fixed bug on Horse Racing
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Hi, zombies!
Today we're finally releasing the achievements.
So, let's get playing this weekend and getting them all!

Also, we got some nice improvements on the zombies AI and we're making this city much more alive!
Dec 1, 2017
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
It's finally Friday and we expect you guys to be eating tons of brains this weekend. So here goes a new patch with some important fixes!

Patch notes:

- Fixed annoying glitches in the UI that were not collaborating to the brains eating
- Adjusted lots of colliders on the environment to make it feel more realistic
- Small tweaks on sound
Nov 29, 2017
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Hey, brain eaters!
Our Master John is happy to see you all eating those delicious brains.

To show his gratitude to you mere mortals, he asked our programmers to release this patch today with some very interesting improvements.

Patch Notes:

- General improvements on NPC's IA
- Fixed some issues with NPCs walking through fences and walls
- Improved some weird bugs involving NPCs hitting cars and throwing them away with the strength of a thousand angry zombies
- Fixed issue where cars would run over the horse and make him fly to the sky like a unicorn

Ok, people. Let's get to play!
Nov 27, 2017
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Let's begin this week eating some very delicious brains for dinner!
Our zombie-devs are keeping their high IQ brain diet and improving the game even more.

Patch Notes:
- Definitive fix for the mouse cursor. With the last patch, there were some situations where the cursor was still appearing on the screen. Now we've sent the cursor to far, far away from Johnwood!
- UI improvements
- Added option to back to the main menu
- Fixed bug that randomly happened in Mission 20 while trying to get in the horse
Nov 25, 2017
John, The Zombie - Minimal Lab
Hey, zombies!
We want you all eating brains this weekend and so we release the big improvement on the audio system, along with other bug fixes.

Patch notes:
- Huge improvement on audio system, including environment sounds, NPCs sounds, background tracks and much more. Everything was readjusted to feel more natural.
- Improvements and fixes on the horse mechanics

Ok, now let's get this game updated and keep eating some delicious brains!

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